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This MetaList is a current collection of Active GeekList Auctions. By posting your auction here, all subscribers will be notified of your sales.

BGG is a great avenue for finding the board games that you want. Most players take care of their games allowing for decent re-sale value. However, BGG in its current state is not an ideal place to host an auction. The community has developed a work around to make this feasible for as many people as possible. Because of the limitations, certain guidelines are needed. Please follow the rules below for all roles that are applicable to you.


Instructions for Sellers wrote:

After you have created your GeekList Auction, please post a single GeekList item linked directly to your auction GeekList. At the bottom of this header do the following: "Add Item > GeekList > enter GeekListID #" (The GeekList ID # can be found as the series of numbers in the URL of your auction.)

Please include the following:
* End date (in bold or highlighted text)
* Any or all Items listed in the auction (you may use the GeekList ImageID to highlight an item)
* Indicate in your own GeekList that BGG is to get their 3% commission and that your list is NOT set to private (other wise it will appear as not existing to us)
* Any other relevant information or special exceptions to your auction, such as...
** Shipping restrictions
(US Only? Local Pick-up available?),
** Payment options (Buy-it-Now prices? PayPal only?)
** Trades considered, etc.

Please modify the content of your GeekList Item ONLY ONCE (preferably within 24 hours remaining in your auction). This will notify all people that are subscribed to this MetaList.

For additional information, corrections, or reminders of end times, please only post as a NEW COMMENT to your GeekList Item.

Be advised that if you break this rule, you will most likely receive GeekMail(s) reminding you of this guideline. Multiple infractions will result in your GeekList Item being deleted from the MetaList.

Once the auction has been completed for a few days, please delete your GeekList Item on this MetaList so this MetaList can remain free of old content (do NOT edit it to mark it "CLOSED").

Editing the title of YOUR GeekList to show it is closed is the best way to notify the community your Auction is closed. You should not delete your GeekList until all items have been received by bidders and any issues resolved.

If you plan on doing a follow-up auction of unsold items, you may either post a new entry (preferred) or modify the original (indicating it is a new auction in the posting). Periodically, the list will be scrubbed of auctions that have been closed for several days.

It is requested (but not required) that you link this MetaList in the comment section of your auction. This will help advertise this MetaList to the benefit of future sellers just as those that came before have helped you! This is GeekListID# 66420.

If any thing is unclear or you have a question, please contact me via GeekMail prior to posting your Auction here.

Instructions for Potential Bidders wrote:
Potential Bidders:

If you would like to be notified of new auctions, please subscribe to this MetaList.

* If you do not want to be notified of comments, you will need to modify the subscription by clicking the down arrow to the right of "Unsubscribe" in the header, then clicking on "Edit Subscription", then selecting "No" as a drop down under "Comment"; or try this link:
** This is strongly recommended if you do not want the "noise" generated by user comments.

* Please also click the above link or "Edit Subscription" below to ensure that your personal default for "GeekList Item" does not resolve to "No" despite having subscribed. Otherwise you may not be notified of new auctions.

* If you would like to be notified of new information of a specific auction, please also subscribe to that specific GeekList Item. This will override the general subscription setting of the MetaList. Any comment to that item will notify of the new content.

* User jdludlow" built a tool that consolidates all of the auctioned games that can be found on this MetaList. You can search for your own username, and then you'll only see those auctions for games on your wishlist. Save the RSS feed into your news reader if you're so inclined.
** Auction Aggregator

* For discussion relevant to the general auction process, please comment at the bottom of this MetaList only or Geeklist Auction Discussion Thread. For discussion relevant to a specific auction, please comment under that specific GeekList Item as well.

Miscellaneous Instructions wrote:
Miscellaneous Instructions:

* Please only add a GeekList Item if it is your auction. Sellers should have control of their own info. Instead, invite them to this thread to advertise.

* The rules included here are meant as a guideline for posting to this MetaList. For further guidelines on creating auctions, please see the wiki:

* Feel free to comment under any items but realize that each comment will trigger all those subscribed to that item. Please keep it on point. It would be better to post any questions to the auction itself so anyone monitoring just that auction sees the discussion.

* If you want to comment on something posted under an auction that is not relevant to most subscribers (including rule infractions or discussing the infraction), consider sending a polite and private GeekMail instead in order to avoid triggering a subscription notification.

* As manager of this list, I reserve the right to make adjustments to the MetaList when deemed necessary. By posting on this MetaList, you are accepting these terms & conditions.
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