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Created On: 2011-02-14 10:43:11
Members: 428
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Father Geek is a guild dedicated to teaching children important life lessons through games and by way of play. Better parenting through games and geekiness is our slogan and our goal!

This guild is open to anyone and everyone. You don't have to be a father or even a guy. Mothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and anyone who is interested in promoting games as the medium in which to teach children important life skills are very welcome and encouraged to join.

We at Father Geek have always said we are not experts. It takes a village to raise children at times. We can learn and benefit from each other. Share your stories, your victories, and parental disasters! We all have them...

Welcome to Father Geek!

More Information Edit | History

Father Geek's Geek List of Game Reviews

What an absurdly long title... Based on popular demand, we have started to put our game reviews into one massive Geek List. We will populate it with our latest-and-greatest and add our massive backlog of game reviews into it, too. You will now have one really BIG LIST of games we have reviewed. Enjoy and thanks for the suggestion!

Game Reviews by Father Geek

Additionally, you can look at a list of our game reviews using the following sources:

o Sortable and searchable list of games with summary information available on the Father Geek web site
o Unordered list of games on Board Game Geek

Father Geek Image Gallery

You are welcome and encouraged to upload your own pictures of you and your little geeks "geeking it up" whenever you like!

Sites of Great Parental and Geeky Interest

If you are a guild member and want to list your web site, you are very welcome to do so. Simply send fathergeek a message and he'll add it to the list as soon as possible. Remember: while this guild is managed by the Father Geek web site, the guild is about all parents and geeks. And, yes, occasionally a really good beer.

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