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Created On: 2011-06-24 19:22:17
Members: 199
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  • City: Tokyo
  • State/Province: Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba
  • Country: Japan
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Description Edit | History

Japan`s International Gamers Guild founded in 1992 by our spiritual leaders Steve Brown and Kevin a.k.a. greatpowers1, has been Japan's largest and longest running English speaking and bilingual gaming group. Do you live in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba or the surrounding Kanto area and were looking for a group to play your favorite games? Then the JIGG Tokyo guild is what you have been looking for. We play roleplaying games, boardgames, CCGs (Collectible Card Games, i.e., Magic) historical simulation games (wargames), miniatures games (including historical miniatures and games by Games Workshop), and traditional games like chess. Regular meetings are organized at least once a month. Just bring your favorite board game and there will definitely be someone willing to try it with you.
Are you visiting Tokyo on vacation/business trip and need a game fix? JIGG Tokyo caters also for you, come play board games in Tokyo with us!

JIGGとは、言ってしまえば毎週末に集まってボードゲームをやってるグループです。名前にインターナショナルと付く通り、参加者は海外の方が多いです。と はいえ、日本にお住まいの方々ですから大体日本語はわかりますし、「英語全然しゃべれない!」と心配する必要は無いです。




mb JIGG member

More Information Edit | History

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Some must visit pages!

Kevin's blog:

JIGG outside the greater Tokyo area

JIGG Kansai
This meetup group is primarily for JIGG Kansai which encompasses Osaka and its surrounding prefectures (mainly Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto).

JIGG Tokai
The Tokai Chapter of JIGG, mainly encompasses Nagoya but has active members from Mie and Shizuoka prefectures.

JIGG Shinshu
This branch of JIGG covers the Nagano and Niigata prefecture areas. Most gamers are located in Nagano city and Matsumoto city and regular events are held in Nagano.

And how it all started!

JIGG Tokyo game days

Please Visit our meetup page for more info

JIGG Tokyo game day Geeklist list Archive

Games played at JIGG Games days, 2013
Games played at JIGG Games days, 2014
Games played in 2015

JIGG Kanagawa game days

Please Visit our meetup page for more info

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