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Created On: 2012-03-30 07:42:16
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  • David Dockter
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Guns, Dice, Butter is a podcast of a series of conversations with members of the wargaming tribe.

As of NOV 2020: 64 guests have appeared on the show, 5,280 minutes of content (88 hours...avg episode is about 3 hours) aired, 30 episodes published, 140k+ downloads and about 8,ooo regular listeners: a legion!

Episode I: March 29, 2012: Mark Herman/Jim Doughan

Episode II: April 1, 2012: Ed Wimble/Bob Heinzmann

Episode III: April 24, 2012: Amer Rev War Panel (Herman, Wimble, Mulholland)/Jeff Paull

Episode IV: May 11, 2012: Victory Games' Vietnam and Shenandoah Studio (Nick Karp/Nels Thompson)

Episode V: May 25, 2012: Empires in Arms/World in Flames/Australian Design Group (Harry Rowland/Team Flip Attack)

Episode VI: July 19, 2012: World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) preview (Kaarin and Stuart Tucker). Panel discussion with Marty and Enrico regarding 2011 and 2012 wargames.

Episode VII: August 31, 2012: WBC 2012 Recap (Kaarin). Jim Doughan (WBC 2012 & Virgin Queen). John Alsen (Game Development, Monstercon 2012, Amateurs to Arms). Kevin McPartland (Amateurs to Arms: War of 1812).

Episode VIII: September 18, 2012: Panel discussion (Enrico, Marty, Nels) regarding wargames in the pipeline. Scott de Brestian, designer of Kingdom of Heaven.

Episode IX: November 18, 2012: Conversation with game designer Richard Berg...great stories.

Episode X: Dec 7, 2012: Conversation with Mercury Games and insurgencies and wargames panel discussion with Mark Herman, Brian Train and Volko Ruhnke

Episode XI: Jan 8, 2013: Conversation with Fred Schachter, designer of Siege of Jerusalem. Conversation with Enrico Viglino (game reviewer {video BGG} extraordinaire) regarding wargames covering the ancients period: Rome and Greece.

Episode XII: Jan 16, 2013: Conversation with Jim Dunnigan, a co-founder of modern wargaming and SPI.

Episode XIII: Jan 30, 2013: Conversation with Don Greenwood, holder of the wargaming torch, and Nels Thompson, friend of the show.

Episode XiV: June 6, 2013: Conversation with Shenandoah Studio (Eric Lee Smith and Brad Cummings) and a survey of WW2 Tactical wargames (Dan Dolan Sr and JR Tracy)

Episode XV: June 14, 2013: Conversation with Al Nofi (SPI and Imperium Romanum) and John Alsen (Consimworld Expo 2013 and War of the Suns)

Episode XVI: July 31, 2013 (Hayakawa/Staniend: their new entry into wargaming & Herman/Train/Ruhnke regarding games/media of the Third World War)

Episode XVII: SEP 11, 2013 (Herman, Wimble, Beach, Smith American Civil War)

Episode XVIII: JAN 13, 2014 (Rowland: ADG, EiA, WiF, Tracy/Doughan wargames 2013)

Episode XIX: APR 4, 2014 (Hull {Musket & Pike series, Fields of Fire and Won by the Sword preview} and Lt Jason & Gordo regarding 1st MN Historical Wargaming Society and expanding the hobby)

Episode XX: APR 16, 2014 Eklund (High Frontier, PAX + 28 other HIGH STORY games), panel on War by Other Means (Doughan, Herman & Train) and Train (New game on Ukrainian Crisis)

Episode XXI: June 17, 2014: Greenwood (WBC 2014), Raicer (Paths of Glory, Dark Valley, Drive on Moscow and his pipeline), Alsen (Consimworld Expo 2014 AAR)

Episode XXII: July 4, 2014: Balkoski (SPI, AH, VG, The Vietnam War, Great Battles of the American Civil War, Atlantic Wall, etc), Karp (Shenandoah Studio pipeline, Desert Fox), Herman/Enrico/Marty panel on "perspective", Vasta (Unconditional Surrender)

Episode XXIII: FEB 17, 2015: Baer (WBC stories), Butterfield (SPI, VG, Ambush, Hell's Highway, Freedom of the Galaxy, RAF, D-Day Omaha Beach), Collars (Greenville Mafia, WBC the Boardgame), Albright/Herman/Dr panel on "supply & logistics in wargames", Hayakawa & Stanienda (Red Winter, Tonkin, Gameon.con, the ASL room (eegads!), entering the hobby from non traditional avenues, Ancients games, Poniske designs)

Episode XXIV: NOV 5, 2015: Guns returns! Berg & Herman. GaGa (top 50 games of last 10 years, as measured by lust & fanboy factors) panel: Marty Sample, John Alsen and Wendell Albright

Episode XXV: Easter 2016 (MAR 27): Esteemed historian Adrian Goldsworthy, game designer extraordinaire Mark Herman and Fran Diaz (Polis).

Episode XXVI: May 12, 2020: Guns, Dice, Butter returns after a four year break in the conversation. Conversation with Mark Herman regarding Richard Berg...and a segment with Herman and Berg...a panel discussion regarding "So, what wargames published 2016 - 2020 should we be playing?" (given that GDB missed the last four years).

Episode XXVII JUN 2 2020: Gareth & Curtis discuss fantastic WBC The Napoleonic Wars tourney, Jeff Lester talks Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 and his game in development, The Manchurian War, Swampcon crew (JR, Young Chris and Roberto) continue the panel discussion regarding "Which wargames published 2016 to 2020 should we be playing?": ACW through WWI, I wrap it up, shout out, spout off. Harry Carry sings, as does the CLASH!

Episode XXVIII AUG 24 2020: Guns, Dice, Butter continues in the summer of 2020...Conversation with Ed Beach: game designs published (Here I Stand, Great Campaigns of the American Civil War, etc.)...point of origin...current GCACW WBC BPA tourney finals match...Swampcon crew resumes panel discussion of "Which wargames published 2016 > 2020 should we be playing?"...discussion resumes with Between the Wars...WW2...modern.

Episode XXIX SEP 15, 2020: Guns, Dice, Butter continues in the summer of 2020...Conversation with game designer Ben Madison and a panel discussion (JR, Mark Herman and WBC Curdis {aka Curtis Bauer}) regarding OCS (Operational Combat Series).

Episode XXX NOV 11, 2020: On this episode, game designer Kim Kanger and a panel (Roberto’s The Good, The Best, The Glorious game club) discussing GCACW (Great Campaigns of the American Civil War) from Avalon Hill and MMP and Ed Beach and I do our final die roll in our final of the GCACW BPA tourney: the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

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