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Created On: 2012-04-04 08:30:20
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  • Dan Patriss
    United States
    North Carolina
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A Guild for listeners and fans of The Geek Allstars Podcast. Or those who just feel like talking about all things GEEK!

We are a podcast about Board gaming, video gaming, MMO's, movies, TV, tech, sports, and all things geek that come to mind.

We have a unique make up of hosts and special guest All-Star appearances.
Dan or (GeekJock) has been the main host for the entirety of the show but his 2nd chair is none other then Chris "Dice Hate Me" Kirkman Game Developer/Designer ,Blogger/Reviewer

Joining these two "Schmoes" in the 3rd and or 4th chair is a rotating group of great peeps including:
--Matt Wolfe, Game Designer, Total hipster gamer.
--Adam O'Brien Owner of 500+ games and vet of just about every CCG ever made
--Paul "Red" Hetrick Blogger
--Todd Russell Movie Director,Game Junkie --back from working in Antarctica (Yes you read that right) and re-located to the west coast (get back soon man!)
--Tiffany "Socially inept Gamer" Bahnson-- Orchestra teacher by day, asskicking gamer blogger/podcaster by night and a great great great person!
Josh Augustine Video Game Journalist/MMO Developer, Blogger, Podcaster, Dan's Personal League of Legends Mentor
Tom G Blogger, Board game designer/enthusiast
Ben Pinchback/ Matt Riddle --> The "Fleeples" Game Deigners/Enthusiasts and all around kick ass guys.
TC Petty III/Darrell Louder/Shawn Purtell --> More of the "Dice Hate ME Crew" Game Designers/Enthusiasts/Collectors some of the best friends and co-hosts a guy could ask for!
Daniel Solis Game Designer, Member of the "Game design every minute" club

The Geek Allstars GAME OF THE YEAR Winners
(Our judging "fiscal" year goes from the beginning of Essen of one year to the start of Essen the judging year)

2021-- Witchstone
2020-- The Lost Ruins of Arnak
2019-- Fleet:The Dice Game
2018-- Coimbra
2017-- Gloomhaven
2016-- Terraforming Mars
2015-- Codenames
2014-- Imperial Settlers
2013-- Keyflower
2012-- Lords of Waterdeep
2011-- Eminent Domain

Draft's Done and Winners!

1. Pick up And Deliver -- Winner Josh Mills
2. Thematic Games--- Winner Jerry
3. Dry Soulless Euro Draft-- Winner Ben Pinchback
4. Campaign Game Draft-- Winner Dan Patriss
5. Knizia Draft-- Winner Matt Riddle
6. Halloween Candy-- Winner Matt Wolfe
7. Christmas Movie-- TIE-- Riddle/Kirkman
8. Best Game Designers/Mt. Rushmore of Game Designers-- Riddle** (by alleged Voter Fraud)
9. Best Comedies of the 80's-- Winner Dan Patriss
10 Fantasy Rock Band -- Winner Marty Connell (Landslide!)
11 Fictional Lawyer Draft -- Chris Kirkman
12 Fictional Sports Teams Draft -- Josh Mills
13 Horror Movie Draft-- Chris Kirkman
14 Space Ship Draft-- Justin Jacobson (Serenity, Nostromo (Alien), Nell (Battle beyond the stars-- Ship with Boobs), Event Horizon)
15 Sports Uniform of all time -- Andrew Bucholtz
16 Pirate Theme Game Draft-- John D. Clair
17 Disney Song Draft -- Chris Kirkman
18 Horror Movie Draft Year 2! -- Chris Kirkman
19 Cereal Draft -- David Waybright
20 "Film Festival" Draft-- Dan Patriss
21 Console Games over time Draft-- Dan Patriss
22 Satr Trek Draft -- Buckeye Fitzy
23 Horror Movie Monster Draft -- Marty Connell
24 Fictional Vehicle Draft -- Dan Patriss
25 TV Theme Song Draft-- Dan Patriss
26 Robot Draft -- Brad Smoley
27 Games Based on Cities Dan Patriss
28 Draft IT 2023 w/ Riddle/Scott Morris-- Matt Riddle
29 Halloween Game Draft -- Dan Patriss

March Madness of Board Games Winners!

2013 Worker Placement: Stone Age
2014 Dice: Castles of Burgundy
2015 Filler: Las Vegas
2016 2000/2005/2010/2015: Fresco
2017 2001/2006/2011/2016: Thurn & Taxis
2018 Card Games : Diamonds
2020 Sitcoms : Seinfeld
2021 Sports Movies: Major League

Support the Allstars and grab some Gear--- Shirts here! --->

Feel free to check out our site at and look for us on iTunes.

Start any thread you like about any game topic or topics/questions you would like to hear on the show. And of course feel free to give us any and all feedback you would like!

The Geek Allstars on Facebook

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