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Created On: 2012-05-25 05:49:57
Members: 7
  • Addr1: River Tigris
  • Addr2: River Euphrates
  • City: Kniziopolis
  • State/Province: Mesopotamia
  • Country: Sweden
  • Postal Code: BGG Number 1
  • N/A
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Welcome to the Tigris & Euphrates Guild, dedicated to all things T&E, hopefully with contributions from players of all levels, and even curious bystanders who wonder what the fuss is. Hey, we'll even be interested to hear from the naysayers and critics of the game too. Both internal and external conflicts are good in here! Hopefully this place can become a nice resource to collate some interesting ideas to explore, discuss, play, and generally eulogize this wonderful Reiner Knizia design that has grabbed hold of me completely and utterly with its wonderful thematic intensity, simple and transparent gameplay, and rich, deep strategy.

Please bear with me while I put together a few items, pages, forum topics and things to get us started, and I hope then that you will help me with ideas for content, join in the activity here, and make this a thriving community.
Feel free to sign up the guild but please let me get everything set up before posting or adding, in case I move things round a bit. Please geek mail me with ideas, suggestions, feedback etc

Thanks for stopping by and hope you will enjoy what you find here

Guild Logo
to decide between these two (other suggestions?) Geekmail trioker / johncarlton for permission, then add logotype to image


also check out the Microbadges and see if we need to make a new one


Please follow the posting guidelines as described below, designed only to keep the information as clearly labelled and identified as possible

Hotlinks to Subscription Threads

Wherever I use a single thread to collate, e.g. Game requests, or geeklists to thumb track e.g. variants, include a hotlink here so no need to dig through the forums

Member Introductions

Please use the Member Introductions thread which you can subscribe to in order to keep track of new users as they join the guild. What you include in there is of course up to you, but a little bit of information about your playing habits, and desires for future playing habits for Tigris & Euphrates would be useful, also an honest appraisal of your experience and skill with the game (even play count is helpful). Also, if you're lucky enough to be part of the iOS community, please post your game center ID if you are interested in joining fellow guild members for Tigris online via the iPhone/iOS. Finally, why not include your timezone and availability if you are interested in learning, trying or playing the BGG implementation of Tigris which features turn by turn play for different player numbers, and includes a handy chat box for both tutorial and trash talk :)

General Posting Guidelines

- set up a number of permanent subscription type threads and try to get [label] tags on others to keep it clean

Scheduled Competitions

- regularly scheduled T&E games via BGG, perhaps trying to split players into factions like the game "Bull", "Archer", "Potter", "Lion" etc to separate different skill levels
- perhaps even an organized competition / league / ladder


- commentary and discussion of various sessions
- unmoderated avenue to contribute reviews, opinions, discussions of any kind

Session Reports

- another series of fully annotated games


- small number of good representative images to filter out the mass on game page

Audio & Video

- some audio / podcast content roundtable discussion

Strategy (Spoilers)

- discussion of strategy for those that don't mind spoilers
- critical analysis of what makes the game tick

Game Pimping

- gallery of homebrew versions, micro and full pimps


- perhaps an interview with Reiner Knizia if I can get hold of him
- interviews with the "Centurions", who've played the game 100 times
- Derk / Aldie interview (celebrity session?)
- trying to place T&E within Knizia's evolution as a designer, and how it fits into the genealogy of games from before, and games that followed on
- collection of content rounded up from BGG, e.g. filter out the image gallery, links, reviews etc so it's easily available in one place

Tutorials & Teaching Guides

- Teaching guides and tutorials, from others and new, even hands on teaching games via BGG


- T&E "Puzzles" like those chess "mate in 3" problems, analyzing a single position, common tips, tricks and pitfalls


- expanded recommendations for games similar to, in some way, to T&E


If possible, can you start a separate individual thread for each variant an include [Variant] at the start of the thread title (in general forum), this will allow us to use thumbs to track the most interesting ones, and to have a separate discussion / feedback for each individual variant idea
e.g. [Variant] Catastrophe Tiles drawn from bag

- ideas for variants and fan made custom content and ideas

Game Announcements

Please use the labelled threads for game announcements, I will include one for both iOS and BGG, feel free to reply to either post with a specified time (please indicate timezone), how many players wanted, skill level, and any password you use to make the game private, and any other pertinent details such as 'learning game wanted' or 'social game' etc. You can subscribe to this thread if you're interested in keeping track. At some point I hope we will be able to set up some regular competitions, leagues and ladders and track the results and statistics here.
It would be very interesting if we try at least some of the time to follow up the games with some comments or discussions, whether we want to post to a report/session thread here but link back to the main page forums, or include them here, we can decide later


- and lots more, hopefully!

Cheers, and enjoy this great game
Lee Ambolt


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