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Created On: 2012-06-30 04:52:16
Members: 298
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This guild is primarily for the purpose of providing a place for Female members of BGG to discuss topics of interest to them (with each other) that are not specifically about gaming.

It is being created to provide a very safe zone for women to have potentially detailed discussions with each other about life, family, women's issues, health issues, personal problems, general chit chat and whatever else happens to come up that really doesn't fit into the "gaming" focused forums.

Who is welcome:

All women are welcome in this guild.

Every country, every race, every ethnic group, every sexual orientation, every type of Transgender/gender-queer that ultimately considers themselves female, every political leaning, every religion, every gamer type, or whatever other possible difference that makes up the wonderful diversity that can be part of women.

I will hopefully never even have to delete posts in my duty as moderator of this space, but if I did have too it would be for the content of a specific post being mean or personally attacking on another individual or dismissive of an entire group of others. Even that would not make the individual woman who wrote it unwelcome here. Some specific types of interaction are not welcome here, but all individual women are.

Hugs, Love and ACCEPTANCE for who we honestly ARE is the core goal of this guild.

I hope that helps everybody understand this guild's role as our "safe space" for women, ALL women, better.

      • FOR THE RECORD - Safe means that we request men don't post here... however this is still an entirely "public" venue and ANYBODY can read what is posted here. And these posts could easily come up on GOOGLE or other word engine searches. SO DON'T post ANYTHING that needs genuine privacy in here.
More Information Edit | History

This bit is still under construction so consider it a draft in progress until I remove this line!


Details about How the Guild Functions and what the expectations for behavior are in this Space:

There are 3 sub-categories to post into in Guilds. Individuals can subscribe to those sub-categories individually. In fact if you want to have all the post from this guild show up in your "subscriptions" you have to have to subscribe to each section.

In this Guild, because our purpose is a gathering space within BGG and not an organizational tool for in person table top regional gaming groups or convention organizers we are tasking the 3 sub-groups a bit differently than other Guilds might.

General: This is where the vast majority of post should go!

News: While it wouldn't be wrong to post them in the General section if desired ... This space is most likely to be used to announce events that you want all the guild members to be aware of. So contest announcements. Or some new Podcast or Survey notice. Or if somebody were organizing a regional get together or wanted to start a Women Only tournament on etc. Those kinds of announcements and discussions would fit best under the "News" heading.

Off-Topic: This Sub-Category has been Re-purposed to be the place were threads that are becoming too contentious in the W&G public forum can be moved so that I can follow and moderate them using a higher standard of expected behavior than the public parts of the site.

Men will be allowed to continue posting in these moved threads as long as the posts are productive and polite.

Women will ALSO be held to the SAME higher standard being enforced within the guild.

If I deem a post to be unproductive or impolite I will send the Poster a Geek-mail and give them a short time window to "Edit" it. If they do not edit it to meet my expectations I will delete the entire post.

If the thread becomes so contentious that I decide it is too far gone to moderate I will lock it and/or delete the entire thing.

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