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Created On: 2012-08-01 06:50:37
Members: 63
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  • City: Southampton
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  • Country: United Kingdom
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Description Edit | History

A weekly Southampton based board-gaming group

Hosted Monday evenings from 7 till 11'ish

For the latest news please check our Facebook page (you don't need a Facebook account to see the discussion, but you will do to contribute)

A Board Gaming group that meets at Board in the City in Southampton every Monday evening from 7pm to play a diverse and wide variety of board and card games ranging from the most conflict heavy Ameritrash to the brain-bending heavy Euro to laugh out loud Party & Filler games. There's a £3 entry for Board in the City as they are community interest company working to bring gaming to schools and the community of Southampton.

The group is open to all, we're always looking for new members, we're friendly people (honest!) so if you want to join, feel free to simply turn up and introduce yourself!

Most of the weekly planning happens over in our Facebook group, so pop up and say hello over there. There are few lurkers here in the BGG guild who don't do the Facebook thing so say hello here too and join the guild so we can have a nosey at your collection!

Guild: Southampton On Board

This group is intended to be for all Southampton gamers, we know there's a University of Southampton group for example. All events can be put up on the calendar so everyone in Southampton has a massive range of events to go to.

Other Southampton Groups

Eastleigh Message Paul Clarke for info.
Tuesdays (19:00-23:00) Eastleigh Railway Institute, Upstairs Room 1, SO50 9FE.
Art House on Board Facebook
1st Tuesday Month (18:30-22:30) Art House, 178 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DW
Southampton University Games Society aka GameSoc Website | Facebook
We are usually in either building 34 or 58 on Highfield Campus, University Rd, Southampton SO17 1BJ
Wednesdays (14:00-18:00)
Saturdays (14:00–18:00)
Boards and Beers Facebook
Sundays (13:00-?) The Shooting Star 40-42 Bevois Valley Road, Southampton SO14 0JR

More Information Edit | History

Games Played and Session Reports

For lists of the games played and discussion around them see the Games Played at Southampton on Board - Master List

Once upon a time we used to keep a record of the games played, but this hasn't happened since Monday 21st July 2014, due mostly to the size of the group.


Are you designing a board game?

Do you need help playtesting? Want to chat with other local board game designers? Well then! Stay tuned for news about forthcoming Playtest events in the Southampton/Hampshire area.

With a burgeoning community of board game enthusiasts and designers we (primarily Sam, Adam, and other SoB members) are planning to run a afternoon event dedicated to playtesting prototype games in all their various stages.

So: playtesting, design dicussions, probably a Saturday, probably in the afternoon (12-5pm'ish), more details and discussion soon. Spread the word.

Game Suggestions & Trading

Have a game you want to play? Suggest it in the Weekly game suggestions thread [Page ...18,19,20].

Games to sell or trade? Pitch up in the Games for sale/trade thread.

Other Points of Interest

There's currently some discussion about a potential "league" or competition. Current game suggestions drawing attention are Summoner Wars and Race for the Galaxy. Think another game would be better? Have some ideas on how to organize it? Or simply think it's a good/bad idea? Join the discussion in the Competition? thread.

These are a few of our favourite things:

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