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Created On: 2013-02-27 11:19:16
Members: 62
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  • City: Godamling
  • State/Province: Surrey
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Postal Code: GU7
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Description Edit | History

We meet every Friday in Aldershot, Ash and Godalming for boardgaming with other events in and around the area.

Group members play a wide variety of game styles and weights so there should be something to interest most gamers.

More Information Edit | History

We're a friendly gaming group in the Surrey/Hampshire Borders. We meet regularly to play games in Aldershot, Ash and Godalming.

We love playing epic Board and Tabletop games, but mostly hanging out with nice people and having some fun.

We play games for all tastes and interests, so if you have a game you think we'd like, let the group know what it is, and we can get it onto a table somewhere and play it!

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