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Created On: 2013-06-23 05:03:08
Members: 27
  • Addr1: Kulturzentrum Bahnhof Langendreer
  • Addr2: Wallbaumweg 108
  • City: Bochum
  • State/Province: NRW
  • Country: Germany
  • Postal Code: 44894
  • Hippodice Spieleclub e.V.
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Description Edit | History

Guild: Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V.

The Hippodice Game Club was founded more than 25 years ago. We meet every other friday in the "Kulturzentrum Bahnhof Langendreer" in Bochum, Germany.
We are best known and famous for our "Hippodice Autorenwettbewerb", with this contest the club intends to bridge the gap between game designers and publishers and to initiate contact between designers and players. We want to help editors and publishers to sort out all these newly developed games and we also want to help designers find their way to the publishers. The Competition is open to all kinds of ready - to - play prototypes. An experienced committee of publishers will select a winner. Only thoroughly tested and selected games will be recommended to the major game publishing companies.

More Information Edit | History
Hippodice Game Designers' Competition 2019

The 30th Game Designers' Competition of Hippodice Spieleclub has started on July, the 15th.
The deadline for the application for the 2019 competition was October the 3rd, 2018! We wish all participants good luck!

Year by year over 190 applications are submitted to the organizers from which the best titles are selected for participation in the main round of the competition. For the 2019 competition, the organizers again expect many new ideas from the game designers; be it strategy, family, or children's games, board games or card games, long or short games.
Previous successes confirm the competition is a major opportunity for game designers. Many titles from the competition have been published in recent years - titles that otherwise may not have reached the public.

More information about the competition and how to apply can be found, when the competition starts, on our website.
The rules and further information can be found here.
The application process has been simplified. Interested game designers must apply for the competition using the form found at the above link. The members of the Hippodice Spieleclub e. V. are looking forward to an exciting and imaginative competition in 2018 and wish a lot of fun and success to the designers!

Autorenwettwerb (AWB) Award Winners and published Finalists

Guild: Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V.

For the complete list of Winners visit this BGG Wiki page.

Winner Final Round: Belratti - Michael Loth

Board Game: Belratti

Longplayer: Raiatea - Jan Schmidt

Board Game: Raiatea

Recommended: Castell - Aaron Vanderbeek
Board Game: Castell

Recommended: Clans of Caledonia - Juma Al-JouJou
Board Game: Clans of Caledonia

Winner Final Round: Calimala - Fabio Lopiano

Board Game: Calimala

Longplayer: Queen Anne’s Revenge - Dan Keltner
Kids: Määäääääh - Wolfgang Lehmann
Recommended: Agra (Vom Dorf in die Stadt) - Michael Keller (II)
Board Game: Agra

Final Round: West of Africa (Lancelotto Malocello) - Martin Schlegel

Board Game: West of Africa

Longplayer: Aotearoa - Didier Rikelynck
2 Player: Minions! (Glade) - Gilbert Walker
Recommended: Solarius Mission (Dice for the Galaxy) - Michael Keller (II) & Andreas "ode." Odendahl
Board Game: Solarius Mission

Participant of Final Round: Heldentaufe - Simon Junker
 Missing Image

Participant of Final Round: Barbie: Wer packt zuerst seine Koffer? (Zwerglispieli) - Daniel Fehr
Board Game: Barbie: Wer packt zuerst seine Koffer?

Participant of Final Round: Gute Nacht Monster (Fallobst) - Hartwig Jakubik
Board Game: Gute Nacht Monster

Final Round: Erik der Rote - Christian Scheibner
Longplayer: Dilluvia Project - Alexandre Garcia
Board Game: Dilluvia Project

Participant of Final Round: Haleakala (Das Haus der Sonne) - Florian Racky
Board Game: Haleakala

Final Round: Roma: Kampf um die Überreste Roms - Steffen Brückner
Second in Finale: Steam Noir: Revolution - Daniel Danzer

Board Game: Dark Empire: Revolution

2 Player: Pagoda (Die Pagoden von Dra Chen) - Arve Daniel Fühler
Board Game: Pagoda

Longplayer: Heinrich IV:Ein König auf Reisen - Christian Scheibner

Final Round: Brethren of the Coast - Brett Gilbert

Board Game: Brethren of the Coast

2 Player: Lamello - Klaus Salzmann
Longplayer: Kohle & Kolonie - Thomas Spitzer
Board Game: Kohle & Kolonie

Final Round: Afrika 1830 - Alexander Pfister

Board Game: Mombasa

Kids: Bienchen Bande - Carsten Schauf
Longplayer: Ruhrschifffahrt - Thomas Spitzer
Board Game: Ruhrschifffahrt 1769-1890

Final Round: Camel Drive - Hans Reinhard Gottwald
2 Player: Moeraki–Kemu - Stefan Kiehl

Board Game: Moeraki: Kemu

Longplayer: Altiplano - Louis Malz & Stefan Malz

Final Round: Noblemen - Dwight Sullivan

Board Game: Noblemen

Kids: Ententeich - Stefan Breuer
Board Game: Ententeich

Longplayer: Macht$piele (Die Firma) - Maximilian Thiel
Board Game: Power Struggle

Final Round: Agora - Harald Lieske

Board Game: Agora

Kids: Elfi - Kirsten Hiese
Longplayer: Cuzco - Antti Lehtinen & Juha Linnanen

Final Round: Marburg - Markus Brand & Inka Brand
Kids: Backe Backe Kuchen - N/A
Longplayer: Caribè - Rob Bartel

Board Game: Caribé

Final Round: East India Railway - Thomas Odenhoven
Kids: Husch hinter’n Busch - Udo Peise
Longplayer: Planet Steam (Planet Mars) - Heinz-Georg Thiemann

Board Game: Planet Steam

Final Round: Square on Sale - Taiju Sawada

Final Round: Emira (Harem) - Paul van Hove & Liesbeth Vanzeir

Board Game: Emira

Final Round: Aquadukt - Thomas Rauscher

Final Round: Maya (Herrscher der Anden) - Bernd Eisenstein

Board Game: Maya

Final Round: Hekla (DinXX) - Martin Schlegel

Board Game: Hekla

Final Round: Koggen - Hendrik Cornilly

Final Round:Das Kollier - André Frobel

Board Game: Das Kollier

Final Round: Kontor - Michael Schacht

Board Game: Kontor

Final Round: Blindes Huhn - Michael Schacht

Board Game: Blindes Huhn

Final Round: Boomtown - Berhard Weber

Final Round: Interreg - Robert Puaschitz

Final Round: Das Spiel der Weinberge (Vino) - Christwart Conrad

Board Game: Vino

Final Round: Charlys Pub - Stefan Dorra

Final Round: Burgen am Rhein - Reinhard Herbert

Final Round: Trophy Cup - Thomas Wewers & Karl-Heinz Reinelt

Final Round: Käpt'n Flints Kumpane - Franz Josef Lamminger

Final Round: Coconuts - Franz Josef Lamminger

More published games

Hansa Teutonica (Wettstreit der Händler) - Andreas Steding

Board Game: Hansa Teutonica

Blokus 3D (Rumis) - Stefan Kögl

Board Game: Blokus 3D

Chinatown (Achterbahn AG) - Karsten Hartwig

Board Game: Chinatown

Mississippi Queen (Rafting) - Werner Hodel

Board Game: Mississippi Queen

...and many more!!!

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In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V.
In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V. In guild Hippodice Spieleclub  e.V.
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