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Created On: 2007-06-13 20:12:07
Members: 50
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Guild: LupusLanding

This guild is for members and friends of LupusLanding. You do not have to be a LupusLanding member to join.

LupusLanding is C187 on Brettspielwelt (BSW) - a town formed by a group of friends who got to know one another playing Werewolf on BGG.

To visit LupusLanding in BSW, type /room C187

There are usually some of us in the BoardGameGeek channel, if you are looking for a game. To enter the channel, type /channel BoardGameGeek (If you want to automatically go back into the channel every time you sign on, type /save after you have done that).

Town members
Game Rooms

More Information Edit | History

City Council:

Mayor Geniesse
Deputy Mayor Werbaer
Ambassador MooseHead
Reeve worshipsf
Treasurer bluelise
Storekeeper SuperChutney

LupusLanding Prop File
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Very Useful Links
How much are people playing? (new)
Who is playing what? (outdated)
What games are we playing? (outdated)
Other Info (outdated)

Witch House Progress (LupusLanding Witch House Progress)
will return once we have more income.

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