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Created On: 2013-11-12 22:53:17
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  • Jeffrey Bourbeau
    United States
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    Board Game Publisher
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We hold this truth to be self-evident: Not all games are created equal!

Power to the Meeple was created Jeffrey Norman Borbeau and co-host John-Michael Gariepy, both former founders of the MGP: Session Impressions podcast. We’re advocates for the little meeple. Each episode is a strike at the heart of bourgeoisie gaming, and a vote for the proletariat. Down with Big Brother! Up with the Meeple!

Our episodes are filled with game reviews, news, discussion and interviews from within the nerd-verse.

Since the revolution will not be televised, we need your help. Don’t forget to like and share liberally with your fellow citizens. Be vigilant, and stay tuned to our channel, website, and BGG Guild for further podcasts. Be good to one another. That is all.


More Information Edit | History

Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau:
Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau is the Editor in Chief of Power to the Meeple. He is a Game Designer, Developer, Podcaster, Journalist, Time Traveler, Marketer, Writer, Father, Smooth Talker, Object Lifter, Litter Box Scooper, and Friend to Man and Beast. He obtained a degree in creative writing in his early twenties, studying the art under such talented personalities as Andre Dubus III (author of the House of Sand and Fog) and Richard Snee (award winning actor and playwright).

He has contributed thousands of reviews and news articles related to board and card games on the former GameSalute News website, now known as In addition, he is a founding member of the MGP Session Impressions podcast which features over 250 reviews and interviews related to the board game and hobby industry.

He is also a former member of GameSalute LLCs fulltime warehouse and studio support staff, which included such duties as year-round convention coverage, sales support, and game submission approval.

You may find him on Twitter @Not_Jeff

John-Michael Gariepy:
John-Michael Gariepy is a writer and journalist with years of experience covering the hobby and games industry. He’s a founding member of the MGP Session Impressions podcast, which features over 250+ episodes.

Over the years, John-Michael has been a game guide, a tournament organizer and a game store owner. His prolific writing about the games industry may be found over on the main portion of his blog at, where you can check out his game philosophy and reviews, or browse through his popular, According to Gatherer series, which rates the best and worst cards that Magic: the Gathering offers.

Known simply as Joe, he joins the Meeple with having several years behind the scenes of the video game industry. Joe has been no stranger to the ways of board games, or role-playing games for that matter. Or card games, miniatures games, hell, any game he will put fourth a try and give you an honest answer telling what he thinks.

Mike is the latest to join the cast of Power to the Meeple. Mike has been gaming both digitally and in analog forms for many years. He brings a vast knowledge of technological wizardry to the cast, and plans to spruce up the website. He is also one hell of a cook.

Ricky Bernadi:
Ricky Bernardi is the youngest member of the Meeple crew and while he has much less experience in the industry, he has a burning desire to learn and play all sorts of games. He plays video games, board games, card games, miniatures games, role-playing games, games with mallets, games with kites, games with bean bags and games about other games. He also has a sexy pirate picture that you can save as a desktop picture or whatever. He wouldn’t mind. He swears.

Ricky has taken a brief hiatus from Power to the Meeple to go attend college like a smarty pants. What a nerd.

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