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Created On: 2014-06-11 04:21:22
Members: 353
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Welcome to Tube Tables!

This is a guild that is a collection of uTubers who make videos focusing on Board Games. The idea is to give our viewers a place to chat with us and each other in a format that is far superior to uTube comments or Google+. Also the uTubers themselves will be able to mix with the viewers and mix viewers. We think this will lead to some very fun interactions. As lets face it, comments is a utube addicts crack!

The idea is for this to be a communal guild, anyone may join and we hope to eventually have a nice showing of the uTube scene.

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH!

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Active uTube Channels

Here is a list of YouTube Channels whose creators hang out in this forum!

Want to make videos?

If you would like to join as a active uTuber then do it! This is supposed to be a open community, not a club. The more uTubers and their viewers who hang out the better! All we ask is that you have some history of videos already released! So lets say 500+ subs.

Just make a post or send a PM to get your chan on he wiki page above!

Tube Tables Asks: ???

We started a forum game where we ask questions about the hobby and all the members discuss it. It has produced some cool chat and we thought it might be fun to archive the threads for posterity! The latest "Tube Tables Asks" should be at the top of the forum, so jump in! When you have replied do a D100 die roll. The winner of the roll gets to pick the topic of the next chat!

Tube Tables Asks: ??? - The Archive

Useful Threads

Any particularly useful threads for the guild will be linked here for prosperity.

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