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Created On: 2014-12-03 10:16:56
Members: 239
  • Brandon Kempf
    United States
    Jefferson City
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Description Edit | History

A guild for the folks who follow the WDYPTW geeklist and podcast! Come on in, pull up a chair and let's talk some games.

This podcast was created after hosting the WDYPTW geeklist from Feb 2013 - Jan 2016. I wanted to try sharing my thoughts via audio form instead of typing it out every week. Along the way, we've built a wonderful group of friends and contributors on the podcast and here on Board Game Geek while chatting about what we've played.

So, What Did You Play Last Week?

Links to the show: iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher / Player FM / RSS Feed
WDYPTW also has a website, and a Facebook page.

More Information Edit | History

Contributors and when they started appearing on the WDYPTW

Ray Shell, Episode 33
Eric Booth, Episode 39
Patrick Hillier, Episode 42 (Meet the Gamer: Episode 22)
Chris Renshall and Joe Brogno, Episode 47
AnnaBeth’s Story Cubes, Episode 48
Kerensa, regularly around Episode 49
Derek Davis, Episode 53 (Meet the Gamer: Episode 71)
Mike Risley, Episode 72
Jessica Wade, Episode 77 (Meet the Gamer: Episode 74)
Travis Hill, Episode 78 (Meet the Gamer: Episode 25)
Mason Weaver, Episode 80 (Meet the Gamer: Episode 70)
Carl Gannon and Aly Sedelmeyer, Episode 84
Jamie Maltman, Episode 86 (Conversation: Episode 83.04)
Eric Buscemi, Episode 88 (Meet the Gamer, Conversation Thing 117.27)
Paul Grogan, Episode 91 (Appeared in Episode 38 talking about Gen Con)
Craig Marks, Episode 94
Adam Connell, Episode 98
Joe Wiggins, Episode 101
Spencer Kellis, Episode 102 (Meet the Gamer, Conversation Thing 117.27)
Johannes Lindrupsen, Episode 105
Bill Corey Jr, Episode 107
Donny Behne, Episode 111
Levi Mote, Episode 115
Marc Gurwitz, Episode 128
Joshua Acosta, Episode 131
Aaron Cassidy, Episode 136
Chad McCallum, Episode 152
Denman Scofield, Episode 158

Links to the show: iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher / Player FM / RSS Feed
WDYPTW also has a website, and a Facebook page.

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