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Created On: 2015-02-05 14:30:21
Members: 103
  • Addr1: Kassenberger Str. 94
  • Addr2:
  • City: Bochum
  • State/Province:
  • Country: Germany
  • Postal Code: 44879
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Description Edit | History
Can you remember what it was like? Can you recall what it felt like the first time you crossed the threshold to the NCR safehouse in New Vegas? Or returning from your Skyrim adventures to the warmth of the cooking fire of Breezehome, laden with booty?

Such a place we can offer you. Spacious, with a high ceiling, two window fronts and bright lighting. Six tables provide ample space for up to 16 gamers; more rooms are available if needed.

What kind of gear do you need to bring along?

No more than one of your own games and openness to new players.

We enjoy games brimming with theme and RPGs and would love to share our enthusiasm for modern games and provide suitable space for gaming into the bargain. Therefore we welcome everybody who enjoys gaming for reasons of good company, fun and interaction.

You are invited to join in with your board games, card games, table top and RPGs. We meet every Wednesday from 17.00 – 23.00 h.

Please give us a shout so that nobody is left standing outside the gates – for there be dragons!
We are looking forward to meeting you.
You can contact us via our web-site:


Due to a very friendly contact at the Spiel Essen we are now officially listed on the web-site of
This platform is supported by the publisher Merz, the same publisher that organizes the Spiel Essen every year.

You can find our details at:


On Facebook, too:

On Meetup:


Another important step for us has been made:
The good fight for the better board game was taken up by our fellow member saint3010 near Frankfurt/Main.
Our branch is meeting on Thursdays twice to thrice per month in Hattersheim.
As is true with our main group, the focus of those Hessian board game warriors lies in the more thematic and engaging games.
So do not expect to be confronted with a party game there.
The number of places is limited and therefore the organization of those meetings calls for the politeness of princess: punctuality!
If you would like to join the gaming group in Hattersheim please contact saint3010 via Geekmail!

More Information Edit | History

Dice & Mystics Fringe 2019

What could be worse than a large box with a wonderful, exciting, brand new game inside – and no table to put it on and enjoy? We can help.

During the SPIEL ESSEN the Dice & Mystics provide gaming space (155 places) on Saturday night, October 26th. SPIEL visitors can take their loot straight to our location in Bochum - just 15 to 20 minutes by car - and sit down comfortably at one of our many large well-lit tables, safely unbox and - play! Meet fellow gamers from both sides of the gaming industry from all over the planet.

There is no entry fee. Tea and coffee are free.

"The Dice & Mystics Fringe" is non-commercial. All we want to do is give our fellow board gamers from home and abroad a chance to try and enjoy their new games and exchange their experiences of the fair.

There is space and time to play from 16.00 to 24.00 p.m. If you have questions, you can contact us via our website

We hope you all have a good time! Good play - better day!

See you at the 4th "Dice & Mystics Fringe"!


About us:

Who Dice & Mystics are

Dice & Mystics are a guild on BoardGameGeek and are listed on NRW Spielt, a German platform for gaming events in North Rhine Westphalia. We are on facebook, meetup and run our own website

We are not a club but an informal group of board game and RPG lovers without membership fees, officials or obligations and no rules except those of common courtesy and respect. Our aims are good games, good company, and lots of fun. We host game nights on a regular basis in Bochum, NRW, Germany. All ages are welcome. We speak German and English (and French at times, too).

All the games we play are privately owned. We operate exclusively by our Game Host System (nicknamed the GHoSt) which means you can bring your own game and play. You allow anybody to join you and you are very welcome to join in at any other game, provided there is a place for one more player. If you do not have a game to bring along, join in anyway. Our Dice & Mystics group will always be present.

We have spacious well-lit rooms with large tables, generously made available to us free of charge. You can bring your own food and (soft) drinks and borrow cutlery etc. from the kitchen (provided you also wash up). There are a small pizza parlour and a kiosk for drinks, sweets etc. practically next door and delivery services nearby.


What else do Dice & Mystics do?

Dice and Mystics attend the SPIEL ESSEN every year. We are fortunate that the SPIEL is virtually at our doorstep, so on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays after the SPIEL we organise the “Dice & Mystics Eat & Greet” at a popular local diner where board game lovers and SPIEL visitors can grab a bite, talk and enjoy good company. On Saturday afternoon and night during the SPIEL we hold the Dice & Mystics Fringe which aims at providing a gaming area for board game lovers while the SPIEL is on. It is entirely non-commercial and we charge no entrance fee. You can come to our gaming location, unbox and try out your purchases from the SPIEL, join other gamers and exchange your experiences and information.

Every Wednesday we have a game night from 17.00 p.m. to 23.00 p.m. at our location (during German school holidays we may sometimes also meet elsewhere).

We regularly attend board game related conventions and the annual Japan Day in Düsseldorf and generally collect information to keep updated.

We have other annual events at our location:

Every spring we host a gaming weekend, our "Dice & Mystics Double Feature" to put those loved but large and vastly time consuming games on the table; we play Saturdays from 14.00 p.m. to midnight and Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. The games can stay setup overnight.

At the parish festival of St. Engelbert in our city we are present, running game rounds and promoting the idea of board gaming in general and especially introducing modern theme based games to children and to those who, sadly, stopped playing games as adults. This has become one of the Dice & Mystics traditions by now.

For matters concerning the "Dice & Mystics Fringe", "Eat & Greet", our other events and game nights and everything non BBG related, please go to or visit us on facebook.

We think that board gaming is an intelligent, creative, cooperative and highly communicative hobby which allows many very different people of all ages to socially meet and have fun together. We cherish the idea that anybody can simply come to us and play and share our great hobby.

Dice & Mystics say: Good play - better day!

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