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Created On: 2015-02-05 21:13:37
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"I used to encourage everyone I met to make [board game podcasts], I used to think everyone should do it. I don't do that so much anymore." -Banksy. This is The Guild for the new podcast The Good, The Board, and The Ugly. Do you like rolling dice? Do you need little wooden cubes in all your games? Do you like giving people crap for taking their cube pushing so seriously? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this is the podcast for you! We talk about our thoughts and reactions to games, as well as topics within the hobby. We love talking about amazing experiences that games have made for us. We also do not shy away from the not-so-glamorous moments in games (like that 4 hour game of Dominion that made you swear off playing with THAT guy). We have a blast shooting back and forth opinions. And if you like listening to disagreements, this is the place for you! We are distinct gamers with our own views, and every one of us knows we are right.

Twitter: @goodboardugly Facebook: The Good, the Board, and the Ugly

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A weekly board game podcast that centers on discussion and reviews. Games of all types, especially heavy games, are favorites of the GBU. Come join hosts Joe, Trent, Andy, and TC and celebrate all the diverse perspectives we bring to the hobby!

Hope you like our podcast, and comment on our forums!

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