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Created On: 2015-08-21 21:57:48
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Introducing Charla and Justin, a husband and wife team that love to play board games together.

We are delighted to introduce you to our new obsession:

It's a great hobby for a husband and wife, especially introverts who find making friends difficult. When my husband and I sit down to a great game, I am reminded that we can still be besties after 20+ years together. Our board game collection has grown by leaps and bounds, but our group of friends has also grown significantly because of the gaming.

Our goal is share our thoughts about the games we play from the perspective of a husband and wife. We will also be doing live streaming games.

Our point of view will be half serious, half silly, and -we hope– all entertaining.

We hope you will join us on our journey through gaming.

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Justin Killam
Nova Scotia
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RPG Designer
RPG Publisher
Microbadge: D&D fan (5th edition)Microbadge: Vampire: The Masquerade fan - Clan NosferatuMicrobadge: Star Wars: Rebellion fanMicrobadge: Ninjato fanMicrobadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level I - One small step for geek... One giant leap for geek-kind!

The comprehensive list of all things SHoR:

YouTube Channel
Our main site, in which you shall find many many many videos of us being fools and playing games! Also overviews and reviews.

Blog Posts
We blog from time to time, here is where you shall find our words.

Podcast Channel
We have started a Podcast to go along with our videos. They can also be found embedded in our blog, but can also be found here.

Join the Council of SHoR at:

If you want to gab at us, this is one place you can do so.

Twitter @SHeartsOrRivals
This is another place you can gab at us.

No food pics here, just lots of board games and cat eyes.

More board game pics!

Super short videos, some of them entertaining!

Don't forget to give us a HEART us... often!

It was requested, so it has been created! Get all your SHoR Swag here! Also, there is no markup on any items.

Board Game Arena Group
Justin plays turn-based games on board game arena all the time. You can join our group of friends here, hit us up to play a game!

Geeklist of all our Videos
All of our videos in an awesome Geeklist!

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