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Created On: 2016-02-24 18:12:26
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  • David A. Xavier
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    Once Upon a Die is a solo gaming podcast and Twitch stream.
    Once Upon a Die is a solo gaming podcast and Twitch stream.
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Once Upon A Die is a podcast about solitaire board games, thematic or otherwise. It is created, presented and edited by D.A. Xavier.

Once Upon A Die began with a single episode in May 2015, after which David learned a lot of lessons by making a lot of mistakes! As of 2016, he is aiming to release an episode every three weeks, or every two if possible.

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Once Upon A Die Website

D.A. Xavier is a board game lover, and someone who enjoys playing solitaire as much as with friends. In this podcast, he looks at one game per episode. Discussion on the game will include a rules overview (abridged - this is not a how-to podcast), examples of gameplay, and a comparison of the solitaire and multiplayer experiences.

Every even-numbered episode includes a dramatised radio play, the script for which is written by David based upon a single playthrough of the game in question.

- "Working with David...was a ton of fun. His skills as a storyteller and editor really set his podcast apart." - Matt Leacock, designer of Thunderbirds (Episode 8)

- "I listened and I absolutely loved it." - Michiel Hendricks, designer of Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crécy (Episode 6)

- "I would highly recommend listening, or submitting a game. You will not be disappointed." - Conor McGoey, designer of Summit (Episode 2)

- "A wonderfully narrated and organized video. What a joy to watch!!" Alan Emrich, commenting on the livestream of Nemo's War

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