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Created On: 2016-06-24 09:44:20
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Game On is a Podcast dedicated to everything gaming. Originally started back in 2012 and focusing mainly on video games, it has evolved over the years to be much more focused on Board Games, Tabletop Games, and Card Games while still talking about the occasional Video Game here and there.

I also do Board Game Reviews in both text and video format that can be found here, as well as play throughs, How to Plays, general Gaming Blog posts, and more.

This Guild is just being created, so bear with me while I get everything set up, but for now, you can check out my existing content over on my YouTube Channel -

I'm also currently working on a website for myself, but it is still in the early stages. Eventually it will have its own domain and be linked to all my related pages for my reviews and the podcast. If you really want to take an early look at it, you can head over to

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Originally known to the online world as Ender, I started my online gaming career with Mechwarrior 3, on the old Battle Zone leagues and then moved up to Mechwarrior 4 and started playing in the Mechwarrior Leagues (MWL). During my time at MWL, I learned about podcasting (long before it became as popular as it is now). I became a DJ for Mechwarrior Leagues Radio, doing both music shows, and live play by play coverage of league matches in the early 2000's. Not long after that, I began designing maps and went on to start my own league Mechwarrior Underground (MWU).

I co-hosted a weekly podcast about EverQuest 2 (EQ2'sDay) for several years before starting up my own show, "Game On" which covers all things gaming from tabletop to PC to card games and more. All the while I had a big interest in Tabletop and Board Games.

Over the last few years I have been focusing more and more on that aspect and turned my YouTube channel into a Board Game Review channel. Now it is a home for the Game On Podcast, Board Game Reviews, Game Play Videos and more. Soon I will be starting some "How to Play videos" of some of my favorite games as well as some new upcoming games from Kickstarter and other sources (like a few local game developers and more).

My main Focus is on SciFi related games as well as Fantasy Dungeon crawl types. I prefer Co-op or non direct direct player vs player games. I don't mind PvP occasionally, but they tend to be played a lot less among the people that I play with, so they are less likely to hit the table here.

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