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Created On: 2017-01-24 15:12:01
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GloryHoundd Presents is a female-led Video Production that focuses on Kickstarters, live plays, box openings and other geeky things that we love. While featuring many different types of gamers and their experiences. We’re not just looking to inform the community but also keep things fun and exciting for everyone!
GloryHoundd is also a photographer and loves sharing her photos of games with the community as well as the director, producer, and technician of all of our content.

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Hello Everyone!

I’m a Kickstarter addict and I have a little show I do live every Friday at Noon MST. It’s partly about hanging out with the community and talking about the board games that are featured weekly but it’s also about informing the community.
We have a Strategic gamer, an Ameritrash gamer and a Euro gamer on the show regularly with varying levels of interest in Kickstarter. Sometimes we don’t agree on games and sometimes we do. Sometimes the Kickstarter looks amazing to one of us while the others see red flags.
You guys get to comment and interact. So as a community we can navigate the Kickstarter market and match the right games to the right gamer.

We also like opening boxes, doing reviews and live gameplay!

We appreciate anyone who takes a moment to view our show and if you’re interested in following along with our weekly Kickstarter updates make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as we always have a ton of fun interacting with you guys and hope to see more of you on the show!

<3 GloryHoundd

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GloryHoundd - I enjoy long walks through monster-infested dungeons, good ole fashioned tabletop duels, Hosting Videocasts aka cat herding and quietly managing my epic console adventure addiction.
Twitter: @GloryHoundd
Facebook: @GloryHounddPresents
Instagram: @GloryHoundd
YouTube: GloryHoundd Presents

DrGloryHogg - Father, Veteran, MTG dueling specialist and a hardcore gamer with a mouth that offends even the filthiest of rogues.
Twitter: @DrGloryHogg
Instagram: @DrGloryHogg

Greg Dickson - Podcast Host from Hooked On Geek.
Twitter: @GregcDickson
Twitter: @HookedonGeek
Instagram: @GregcDickson
Instagram: @HookedonGeek

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