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Created On: 2017-09-20 09:02:16
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Family: Adventurers League: Storylines

Combining the story-forward and mechanically-rich world of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, the streamlined organized play of Adventurer's League, and the robust community of RPG Geek, this guild is the landing page for any and all DDAL Play-by-Forum (PbF) games and resources. Threads here are launching points for new and active games, character help, theory-crafting, image files, and general discussion.

RPGG is one of the kindest and most helpful online RPG communities, D&D 5e is a solid, expansive game, and PbF is a fabulous platform for narrative and character development. When all three of these come together, it's a recipe for lots of memorable fun!

All players are welcome, and there is no such thing as a dumb question!

Guild Resources (look here, first!)

PLAYERS LOOKING FOR GAMES GEEKLIST (post here to get slotted into a game!)

Some Important Rules for AL
Character Sheet Metalist
D&D Adventurers League PbF Character Sheet Template

D&D 5th Edition Resources

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Basic Rules for Players and DMs (FREE)

D&D Adventurers League Resources

OFFICIAL Adventurers League site (Links and Downloads)
Adventurers League Player Pack
Adventurers League Dungeon Master Pack
Adventurers League Catalog (DDAL)
Adventurers League FAQ
A Guide to Factions in Faerun
Volo's Guide to Monsters - A D&D Adventurers League Reference

Other Invaluable Resources

Adventurers League Organizer Support
Facebook - Adventurers League Group
Facebook - DM's League Group

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