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Created On: 2018-01-09 21:15:45
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  • Thomas Grogan
    United States
    North Carolina
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What is a Mega Meeple?

A Mega Meeple has an insatiable appetite for all things board games and the social interaction that results from such things.
The Mega Meeple is a show all about gamers and the games that bring them together.

Do you like color commentary about hobby games and RPGs, hearing directly from industry leaders in game design and creation, and watching videos of board game bling?

Would you rather play a 4 hr game instead of binge watching Stranger Things (altho we have done both, who’s kidding who)?

You’re cordially invited to join us at the tavern that is The Mega Meeple. It’s a weekly podcast with lively banter and interviews. It’s a YouTube channel with unboxing, reviews, and How To Plays. It’s a website with News, Blogs, and Reviews. It’s the launching pad to everything Mega Meeple.

Because after all, every great adventure begins at a tavern.

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Meeples of the world unite! The Mega Meeple Podcast is a show about the community of gamers & the boardgames that bring them together. Join our hosts Thom and Al each week as we go thru news, reviews, and previews in the world of tabletop gaming. We showcase the Cult of the New & Kickstarter as well as revisit some old favorites from the past. Topic discussions and opinion polls along with interviews with gaming industry designers and creators as we get a peek of what's coming down the pipeline. If you love anything gaming, whip up some Mac & Cheese, grab a Mountain Dew and pull a chair up to the gaming table as we explore this fun & creative community that is The Mega Meeple. This podcast is a supplement to the blogs and video content that can be found on our website, Facebook, and YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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