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Created On: 2018-07-03 07:06:13
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A podcast all about chatting and tabletop.
We take the best people from the hobby and we sit them down for a chat about how the world of cardboard influences their lives.
Sometimes they have a project to chat about, sometimes they are making media themselves and we can't always guarantee we'll actually speak about what they came on the show to talk about. We normally always have a good time and everyone is normally never a wizard.

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First of all, thank you for even stopping by..
The name 'We're Not Wizards' came about after Richard confessed at work that he was going to a BoardGame Club (The Wonderful DWARF) on Friday nights.
After several weeks of being continually asked if he was fighting dragons with spells and had a pointy hat and a staff, he proclaimed in a loud voice that they never played Dungeons and Dragons and he played many games but was NOT A WIZARD.

For some reason that planted a seed that culminated in him and Colin recording their first ever podcast in February 2016.
Now over four years on, with too many episodes done for it to be claimed to be an accident, the show comes in a couple of different formats.
Colin and Richard have their own episodes where they talk about games they've been playing. Games they would like to play and Kickstarters they noticed that might be fun.

Then there is Work in Progress, where they interview people from the industry about their involvement in the hobby, and any current projects they have running.

Friends of the show invites on people that they know, that love all things table top to have a chat about.
It's all wrapped up in nonsense and tangents and Richard trying to be funny and rolling a Nat 1.

If you would like to hear some of the episodes then please check out our website
IF you would like to read our reviews then please go to

Remember, that we are many things but We're Not Wizards..

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