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Created On: 2018-09-20 16:21:28
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  • Addr1: Snowdonia National Park
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  • Country: Wales
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Description Edit | History

A 3 night/4 day tabletop gaming event in a remote cottage in stunning Snowdonia national park, Wales.

15th - 18th February 2019

A place for attendees to discuss the event, swap ideas, discuss games and introduce each other

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User: biffta


I have been into board games most of my life, I would save up paper round and sometimes even dinner money to purchase board games with my brother as a kid. We had Tank command , Crossfire

User: biffta
War of the Daleks, Swindle, Subbutteo and the staples of Monopoly and Cluedo.
As I grew up I still purchased the odd board game that came to light, pre- internet it would be from a tv add ( Atmosphere I'm looking at you, you can be the chosen one!) or a more obscure title advertised in a magazine.

It was not until around 2010 that I really started to explore buying board games for my family to enjoy.

User: biffta
This started out with me looking on eBay for games I owned as a kid and then searching the Internet for any new ones that may be out there. Like the rest of us, all roads lead to the amazing boardgamegeek.

When I first stumbled upon boardgamegeek, I was not anywhere near aware of its potential and thought there must be many similar or different web sites out there. I was wrong, boardgamegeek is the site for everything board game related on the web.

User: biffta

I played games almost exclusively with my immediate family for a few years, gradually bringing in extended family and friends into the delights of Agricola, Puerto Rico, Alien Frontiers and so on.

I became more and more active on boardgamegeek

User: biffta
and fully immersed myself in this great hobby of ours.

My first real experience of gaming away from my family base was receiving an invite to a board gaming weekend event from Paul Grogan (of gaming rules) at his cottage in Devon "Gridcon" , standing for Gaming Rules in Devon.

My brother in law travelled with me to Devon and we spent the weekend gaming with around 20 other like minded people. Highlight of that weekend was playing keyflower, reef encounter and an unreleased key to the city London ,with the designer of those games Richard Breese. ( very nice man).
This mini Con had opened up a new world to me and shown me that there was so much more of the hobby to explore.

User: biffta

I got to know a good few people from chatting on bgg who have now become good gaming friends that I meet up with on a monthly basis.
I have monthly sessions at Neil's farm house in Lancashire and game with another character, Vaughan who lives close by, who I started going to game clubs with.

Soon we were having monthly gaming days that I organised and a few years back started going to the UK games expo where it was so much fun to meet many of the game designers and publishers I had come across or chatted with on bgg.

At this time I also started to do some board game related videos , mainly unboxing ones , with the odd game play or review video.

I have also now been working part time for a board game company for a couple of years and was lucky enough to have a great indie designer/publisher sponsor my board game videos.

On board game geek I came accross the fantastic Flag counter guild and this rapidly became my very favourite part of board game geek. We truly are like a little family on that tiny part of the Internet and many of us post about our daily lives on there, not just about board games.

A year or so ago I got an invite to join the Chester Centurions and Ellesmere Port board game club, run by John Roach and Aynsley. I play games at the club most Wednesdays and we have all day Saturday gaming events and go to various cons together.

Recently we have been to a brilliant con at Field of games in Silverstone ( a board game and camping 3 day event) and also a great board gaming weekend run by Spirit games in Burton.
Inspired by field of games, we recently put on a board game and camping event in Alvanley Cheshire.

I had been going to Snowdonia since my early 20's, climbing Snowdon and spent countless weekends over the years camping in Beddgelert forestry commission camp site. For many years now I have wanted to combine the magic of Snowdonia with the joy of board gaming, but I really wasn't sure if or how it could be done . (A suitable venue is not easy to come by).

Fast forward to the beginning of this year where I stayed at an old crofters cottage in the Conway valley that had no electricity other than a solar powered light and was heated by "big bertha" , a coal fired stove.
It took an hour and 20 minutes to hike to the cottage from the car park and while fun, in no way was it large enough or suitable for a Board game event. ( we did play some board games there).
My interest to find a suitable place to board game in Snowdonia was renewed and through a link to the crofters cottage, I became aware of a large sister cottage, hand built by the Rugby mountaineering club for its members, started in 1960 and completed in 1965 ( the year I was born ). Another fun fact is that my wife Donna is from Rugby.

User: biffta

Having recently spent a day and night at the cottage in Snowdonia to asses its suitability, it became very clear while there that it is just about perfect. The cottage sleeps up to 30 in 3 dorms, although I had assessed that a maximum of 20 could could game there due to table space.

One problem is the strict rule that one of the larger dorms that sleeps 12, is for travelling mountain club members only

User: biffta
( they can walk in and simply use the cottage). This would not be a great situation if we had every table and took up all the space in the cottage.
Thankfully after a few conversations , we were able to negotiate hiring the complete cottage solely for board game attendees for the event.

A further problem to overcome was how 20 people would do the half mile walk to the cottage carrying all their supplies and 4 days of food!.

User: biffta
Not only that, but the bottleneck and chaos in the kitchen of 20 different people cooking different meals, would make for an unpleasant experience.

Donna simply loves cooking ( it is her hobby) , so the natural solution was to offer the event fully inclusive , so food was something people did not have to carry and no chaos in the kitchen!

Another "sizeable" problem was how would we get oil filled radiators to compliment and a very large quantity of food the half mile from the car park to the cottage. Fortunately we were able to track down the farmer and negotiate with him, so I could drive our vehicle loaded with stuff through his farm and up to the cottage.

Snodcon was to become a reality!

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