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Created On: 2007-08-08 12:09:06
Members: 62
  • Joe McKinley
    United States
    San Jose
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Description Edit | History

Guild for organizing and scheduling online games of Diplomacy. (Any online Diplomacy site, not just Dipbounced.) Join if you are interested in playing Diplomacy online with other BGG users.

More Information Edit | History

New players and veterans are welcome!

Playing a game of Diplomacy online is a serious multi-month commitment. Please only request to join a game if you are committed to logging in at least every couple of days to send press to the other players and to submit your orders.

The BGG users who volunteer as (Dipbounced) GMs are generally very willing to schedule recesses if anyone needs to schedule a break for vacations, or being unavailable for any other reason, as long as you give them at least several days notice.

Generally, the games are setup as standard private (not counted for statistics) games with random Power assignments, 48 or 72 hours between deadlines, 24 hours for retreats, no deadlines falling on weekends, and gray press permitted. However, you can negotiate different setup parameters with the other players and the GM before the game begins.

Once the game begins, all communication between players should take place exclusively on the (Dipbounced) website. BGG geekmail and/or forums should not be used.

If you are interested in playing check the latest forum threads for games that are starting, or create your own thread.

If you do reply to a thread indicating your interest to join a game, please also subscribe to the thread so that you will be aware when seven players are available and ready to start!

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