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Created On: 2008-01-01 17:14:58
Members: 45
  • Addr1: Stamford Hall,
  • Addr2: University of Leicester,
  • City: Leicester
  • State/Province: Leicestershire
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Postal Code: LE2 2ND
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Description Edit | History

ManorCon is a large board games convention that has been running since 1983. The 200-250 attendees each year stay and play in a large, modern University Hall of Residence with bar and canteen facilities and ample room for both tournament and open gaming. There is free car parking available and the site is also within easy reach of public transport and the City Centre of Leicester.

ManorCon features a large array of different games and tournaments, from old favourites such as 18xx and Diplomacy, through classic German games like Settlers of Catan, St Petersburg, and Puerto Rico, to more recent hits such as Agricola, 7 Wonders, and Dominion. A few of the tournaments are formally organised, with games starting at specific times, but most are played on an Ad Hoc basis - just find a group of players to play, write the result down on a results sheet, and put it in the appropriate envelope for scoring at the end of the weekend.

If such competitive play is not your scene, the vast majority of play is just of anything a group feel like playing, invariably featuring a wide mix of old and new, serious and silly (especially late at night when lots of alcohol has been consumed by some!), long and short. Or alternatively, play one of the games which has a tournament, but agree beforehand that the game will not be entered.

More Information Edit | History

The current Committee are:

Steve Jones (Chairman & Treasurer): SveaRike
David Norman (Webmaster): DavidNorman99
Gary Duke (Bookings & Registration Desk): Gary Duke
Mark Stretch (Publicity): Stretchy
Nick Harrison
Dave Simpson : BrightonFoxDave

Note that not all of the Committee necessarily check BGG frequently, so don't assume that BGG's internal mail system is a good contact method!

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