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Created On: 2008-01-19 15:41:27
Members: 729
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List of features:

  • runs on any version of Windows, no needs of runtimes or libraries
  • runs on OSX or Linux using WINE software
  • it doesn't need to be installed, can run from an USB stick
  • the scripted syntax lets you to modify several cards with a small effort
  • deck size limited only by free space on disk
  • card size can go up to 1m x 1m (or more, the limits came from video memory and O.S.)
  • sizes can be specified in cm, mm, or inches, at any DPI
  • can link to data in text or spreadsheet files: Excel (both xls and xlsx), and OpenOffice (ods)
  • internal editor for csv files
  • real-time rendering option
  • can read image files in various formats: bmp, jpg, png (with transparency level), gif, and tiff (and use placeholders for missing files)
  • can read text files in rtf and html formats
  • can print texts with all aligments (left, center, right, justified, top, center, bottom)
  • can import svg (vector) images
  • the output can be to printer, pdf or single image files (can also write the deck to a multipage tiff or an animated gif)
  • integrated help (and guided input for directives' parameters)
  • can print pages of card with fronts aligned with backs
  • virtual table option to playtest your deck(s)
  • visual editor for creating cards without writing code
  • multi file environment (with the option of comparing decks)
  • combinatorial engine
  • templates for The Game Crafter, Printer's Studio and Artscow
  • can upload directly to The Game Crafter site
  • automatic layout option
  • option to create and roll dice
  • can create composite images for deck loading into Tabletop Simulator or Tabloro
  • can create QR-Codes that can be read with smartphones
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