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Created On: 2008-01-19 15:41:27
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nanDECK is a Windows freeware application for designing custom cards, counters and boards; it's highly recommended for do-it-yourselfers who customize board games and for people who design board games.


Online version:

Current version: 1.27.2 (2023-04-10)

Microbadge: Microbadge: nanDECK user

Tutorial for starters

Tutorial for starters (video)

Tutorials made by Calvin Keeney from Streamlined Gaming:

How to Make Trading Cards using NanDeck
Print 9 cards to a page and set units to inches (Unit and Page directives)
Print on the Back of your trading cards (Print and Duplex directives)
How to add mana cost to your trading cards (Icon and Icons directives)

Tutorials made by Ludo Lodge:

Introduction and Overview
How to Sync nanDECK to Google Sheets
How to Export nanDECK cards for Tabletop Simulator
How to Add Icons in nanDECK
How to Make Tiles in nanDECK

Discord server:


Current beta:


More Information Edit | History

List of features:

  • runs on any version of Windows, no needs of runtimes or libraries
  • runs on OSX or Linux using WINE software
  • it doesn't need to be installed, can run from an USB stick
  • the scripted syntax lets you to modify several cards with a small effort
  • deck size limited only by free space on disk
  • card size can go up to 1m x 1m (or more, the limits came from video memory and O.S.)
  • sizes can be specified in cm, mm, or inches, at any DPI
  • can link to data in text or spreadsheet files: Excel (both xls and xlsx), and OpenOffice (ods)
  • internal editor for csv files
  • real-time rendering option
  • can read image files in various formats: bmp, jpg, png (with transparency level), gif, and tiff (and use placeholders for missing files)
  • can read text files in rtf and html formats
  • can print texts with all aligments (left, center, right, justified, top, center, bottom)
  • can import svg (vector) images
  • the output can be to printer, pdf or single image files (can also write the deck to a multipage tiff or an animated gif)
  • integrated help (and guided input for directives' parameters)
  • can print pages of card with fronts aligned with backs
  • virtual table option to playtest your deck(s)
  • visual editor for creating cards without writing code
  • multi file environment (with the option of comparing decks)
  • combinatorial engine
  • templates for The Game Crafter, Printer's Studio and Artscow
  • can upload directly to The Game Crafter site
  • automatic layout option
  • option to create and roll dice
  • can create composite images for deck loading into Tabletop Simulator or Tabloro
  • can create QR-Codes that can be read with smartphones
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