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Created On: 2008-10-18 10:20:40
Members: 206
  • Addr1: The Red Herring pub
  • Addr2: 49 Gresham St
  • City: London
  • State/Province: England
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Postal Code: EC2V 7ET
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Description Edit | History

London on Board is a group ( that .... plays board and card games!

We meet most nights of the week and all day at weekends in pubs in central London (check the website for dates and venue details).

New members are always welcome - all you have to do is register at and come along!

More Information Edit | History

London On Board:
We're a mixed bag of game players. Some of us have been playing board games for aaaaaages, some of us have only just begun to discover the wealth of board games that is out there. Some of us prefer Euros, others are more interested in the American style, dripping with theme board games. Some of us like abstracts. Some of us just like everything. All of us like to play games and just having a good time. We come from all over London, and interestingly enough, we've been gathering players from all over Europe - and beyond!

London On Board's primary "home" is the website and of course the pub where we meet weekly to play games. This guild is used as a supplementary tool to keep a "library" listing of the members' games; and to give those of the group's members who are also users, easy access to find each other and to see each other's games etc. However, please note that many/most of the group's members are not users, so only specific messages etc. should be posted here. All general messages should be posted on the group's website.

London On Board website - start and join here:

London On Board calendar:

London On Board message board:

London On Board members:

London On Board facebook:

London On Board twitter:

London On Board Games Played meta List:

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