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Created On: 2009-03-10 03:43:11
Members: 205
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  • City: Nottingham
  • State/Province: Nottinghamshire
  • Country: United Kingdom
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  • Rich Chamberlain
    United Kingdom
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User: itchyrichy
User: itchyrichy
User: itchyrichy

The Friendly Association of Nottinghamshire Gamers

A gaming group for Nottinghamshire and East Midlands gamers.

We play Euro and American games of all types and complexities.
Wargamers are welcome but we are not a group focused on that aspect of gaming so you may be lacking for opponents of suitable calibre.
Ideally the games we will play will be multiplayer rather than 2 player, all the better to encourage a lively atmosphere.
Currently we do not include Role Playing Games nor miniature/Warhammer type games.

Players of any skill level are welcome. We also welcome novices to the hobby and will gladly teach new games. Please note that some of the games we play may not be novice friendly but we will always try to bring along some titles suitable for newer players.

To us gaming is not about winning - it is about enjoying a challenge, having fun, and laughing a lot.
Come join us!

Click here for the FANG Facebook Group

FANG's Game Selling GeekList Here!

User: itchyrichy

More Information Edit | History

Editing my woefully out of date information!

From humble beginnings in Luckyjim's lounge to an explosion of gaming across Nottinghamshire FANG has grown far more than I ever expected. We have many opportunities to play games now it's hard to find the time;

FANGcons - every 4-8 weeks in Lady Bay Nottinghamshire
Mondo Comico, Stoney Street Nottingham will soon be hosting a regular gaming evening and ultimately a once per month Saturday gaming day - check the forums for details.

Second Star Games ( will deliver all orders for free to Lady Bay FANGcons, be on site for on-the-day purchases (cash only currently please). Best of all, FANG members can get special preferential rates on orders and pre-orders. Geekmail Smossifer for further details.

Also FANG is a forum to set up your own gaming sessions. Say when, what, and where and people will appear as if by Magic.
Without exception we have found a wonderful group of people who share in this passion so come and join in.


There will be no Guild stock of games so we encourage everyone to bring their own titles when they come to play.
Everyone is welcome to join the guild but game days are operated strictly on a first come first served basis.
Make sure you "subscribe" to the Forums so you can keep track of the talk.
You are welcome to join even if you will hardly ever come to an event - just stay in touch.
Have fun. That's an order.

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