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Created On: 2011-01-22 11:18:59
Members: 313
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  • City: Edinburgh
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An informal group intended for BGG members that play Board Games within the Edinburgh area.

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Edinburgh Gamers Guild

Guild: Edinburgh Gamers

The Edinburgh Gamers Guild (EGG) is a place on Board Game Geek (BGG) which Edinburgh based board games players can use to arrange games, discuss games and generally interact with like minded gamers.

The EGG does not have a 'management team' as such so it thrives on individuals making contributions and taking an active role. Members are encouraged to use the forums for arranging games, making suggestions, passing on news (relevant to Edinburgh gaming) and general chat of interest to fellow members.

Please use common courtesy and common sense when participating in the guild. Remember this is an open forum viewable by anyone and so only post personal details after consideration of this!

We now have a Microbadge (thanks Goose!) Microbadge: Scotch EGG - Edinburgh Gamers Guild Get it here:

How do I get involved ?

If you are someone who is looking to meet up to play board games in Edinburgh then please sign up to Board Game Geek (BGG) and then join this guild by clicking the link at the top right of this page. Also sign up to Meetup and/or our Discord (see below) which is where a lot of the events are now being organised.

Subscribe to the Guild Forums

Once you have joined please 'subscribe' to this home page using the link also at the top right of the page. This will send you an email when new forum threads are started - note that you won't be notified of any replies unless you subscribe to the thread itself. If you want to easily be notified of every post and reply without needing to subscribe to individual threads then click 'Browse' in the forums header bar. On the next page 'subscribe' to each of the three types of post: General, News and Off Topic.

Also see this post for more detail and other BGG tips: How to use Board Game Geek efficiently - top tips

Introduce Yourself

Once you have joined please introduce yourself in this thread: Introductions or just post a new thread in the forums.

Regular Gaming Opportunities

For more details see the section indicated next to the day.


Monday - Meetup
Tuesday - FAQ
Wednesday - ad hoc
Thursday - Meetup
Friday - Meetup
Saturday - Meetup (occasionally)
Sunday - Meetup


There is a Meetup group dedicated to Board Gaming. This group attracts a wide range of people from complete novices to seasoned gamers. If you join the group then you will get notified when the next Meetup happens, or keep an eye on the forums here as often someone will point out that a new Meetup has been scheduled.

The Meetup group also has a linked Facebook group here:

Join our Discord chat group

The group use a real-time chat application called 'Discord'. This is something like WhatsApp but has a lot of features to help organise conversations into separate topics. Most of the chat is text (typed) but it has Voice channels to allow multiple people to talk (verbally) to each other at the same time. Also it is usable via any web browser and using phone apps. Click this invite to join us:

Game Play Venues/Shops

We use various venues for gaming but there are a few that are dedicated to gaming, these venues offer 'turn up and play' or table booking for playing games. They also sell a large range of gaming stuff.

Edinburgh Games Hub (Edinburgh EH3 9JB)
The Hub does food and proper coffee and has a games library of 300+ games. The Games Hub was the first dedicated board gaming space in Edinburgh so in the early days I created a Microbadge which people can buy to support it: Microbadge: Fan of Games Hub Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Get it here:

An informal group paradoxically known as 'Groupless Gamers' meets in The Hub, usually on Thursday, this is now being organised via Meetup (see above). Just go downstairs in the Hub and call out "who's Groupless?" or something similar! Goose gave us a little write up on this geeklist:

Red Dice Games (Leith EH6 5JP) /
This venue/shop has a large games library and plenty of space with large tables. Ideally placed for those at the Leith end of town.

Mox in the Hole (Edinburgh EH3 9NB) /
This venue/shop is mostly focussed on collectable/living card games (Magic etc.) but has plenty of table space that can be used by board gamers. There is a board games library (work in progress at the moment).

FAQ (Edinburgh University Board Gaming Society)

FAQ is a student led Board Game Society meeting during term time in The Southsider pub (EH8 9EF) on Tuesdays from 6pm to around midnight. Although FAQ is run by students it has a large number of non students members. You can just turn up and play but if you become a regular you need to pay your annual subs which is about the price of a pint for students, or two pints for others. They have a Facebook group here:

Other Resources

There is a great list of anything to do with Edinburgh gaming maintained by Bill Heron (admin of Orc Edinburgh, a role playing group) here:

Lastly ...

If anyone has any questions or suggestions that cannot be put into the forums then please send me a GeekMail.

Ian B
United Kingdom
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