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# War of the Ring # Online Client
634 members
●●● Press "Join This Guild" and "Subscribe" above to see updates ●●● This Guild is for War of the Ring boardgame and the play over internet Java cli...
39 members
For the IRC channel #boardgames on freenode.
#GeekOUT - A Guild for LGBTQ+ Gamers (and our Allies)
199 members
Because we've always been here, it's time to come together as a vocal part of the gaming community to make ourselves visible. We'd like to be a hub of support and conversation for ...
5 members
Mise: a. (verb) To obtain something good, especially in a manner that is fortunate and/or timely. b. (noun) Something obtained in this manner. mise: An IRC channel. A way...
*GG Frozen Synapse Guild
6 members
For all you Frozen Synapse players, come join! Those new to the Shape and experienced Tacticians alike, all are welcome! Come join us in slaughtering countless vat-bred mind cont...
*GG Minecraft Server Guild
105 members
GameGeek Minecraft Server Guild Welcome to the GameGeek Minecraft Server Guild. This guild is for members of the GameGeek community (BGG, RPGG, & VGG) who play ...
3D Print Guild
484 members
This guild is for those who love 3D printing.
3M Game Collectors
8 members
A place where those interested in 3M games and 3M game collectors can post research/information and ask questions about 3M games. I know there aren't many of us out there, but mayb...
A Couple of Gamers
2662 members
This guild is for gamers who like playing games with their significant other. The focus of this guild is on games that play fantastic for two players, games that have cooperative m...
A Game of Marketing
5 members
This is the Guild page for my game marketing blog. My blog is focused on marketing in the board, card, or tabletop gaming hobby. I am a marketing professional, musician, crossfit...
A Guild of Their Own: By Women for Women
301 members
This guild is primarily for the purpose of providing a place for Female members of BGG to discuss topics of interest to them (with each other) that are not specifically about gamin...
149 members
Abecorn is an automated barter exchange service (with a unicorn). Our hope is to make everything more streamlined so more people can participate in trading their games. There are ...
Abecorn data and polling
1 member
This page is for displaying suggested usage data, polling, and feature suggestions for improving math trades. Results to trades are now posted in the abecorn results guild! https:...
Abecorn Trade Results
113 members
This page does not exist. You can edit this page to create it.
Actual rugby fan guild
18 members
From time to time there's some Rugby chatter here on BoardGameGeek. So I thought I'd create a guild where fans of "the running game" can hang out. It does not matter if...
Adrenaline Gamers
3 members
Real time games and the weirdos who love them.
Adventure and Exploration Boardgame Guild
70 members
Come here to discuss all aspects of games with adventure and exploration. Generally more abstract than tactical combat in a confined/gridded space, but includes anything rpg-ish (...
Agricoholics Anonymous
34 members
Agricoholics Anonymous is a voluntary group set up to support those gamers, geeks and assorted Hobbyists who find themselves still wholly involved in collecting, playing and - in s...
Amateur Radio
19 members
This is a guild for amateur radio (ham) operators. If you already have your license, are interested in getting your license, or just interested in amateur radio, then this is the ...
Amiga Owners
6 members
Once upon a time, a computer often had a C as a logo: The Commodore company have reached an almost epic state - and we are here to hail the last, great Commodore line: The Amiga! ...
4 members
Guild del canal de Youtube: Análisis-Parálisis
Android: Netreader
24 members
Welcome to Android: Netreader, the Cyberpunk Book Club! This club was started on the Android: Netrunner forums as a way to investigate the literary roots of the card game that we ...
Android: Netrunner Tournament Scene
82 members
This is a guild to help facilitate the Android Netrunner Tournament scene. Tournament related content, including metagame discussions, are encouraged here.
Android: Netrunner Webcam Gaming
65 members
Android: Netrunner is one of those rare game where each player has her own supply of game components. Because of this, we are able to play opponents over the internet in real time...
Andy's Super Duper Cold War Guild
2 members
A guild for me and my friends to discuss the Cold War and even a little bit more.
121 members
Enthuse about Japanese animated media.
Anti-Social Dead CCG Collectors and Would be Players(?)
3 members
Look at those piles of cards. Nothing to do with them (outside of the few games that have solitaire rules). Hard enough to find someone to play even for those who don't find deal...
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Board Game Collectors
15 members
This guild is intended for those with an interest in collecting the many board game titles and their various editions, versions, and expansions published by The Avalon Hill Game Co...
Axles & Alloys Brain Stormers
3 members
A place to discuss scenarios and rules for Axles & Alloys.
66 members
A place for all lovers of bacon, crispy or floppy, to discuss bacon recipes, organize bacon-related events, brag about amounts of bacon consumed, complain about the lack of bacon c...
Banner Makers
61 members
The Banner Makers Guild supports RPGGeeks and the various play by forum games by providing beautiful banners to represent player characters in the PbF posts. Player Character Ba...
Baseball Geek Clubhouse
13 members
A guild for fans of the game of baseball. To discuss teams, players, leagues, and competitions for baseball. Major Leagues, Minor Leagues, NCAA, Little League, Nippon Professiona...
Beer and Brews
155 members
The Wonderful World of Beer! Inspired by geeklist/44831 "Your favorite beers and how they (don't) relate to this list of games!"
BGG Beta Testers
394 members
This is the place to discuss beta features!
BGG Fallout Appreciation Guild
8 members
A Guild for all of those who are fans of the Fallout Video Game Series and it's associated multi-media. Please respect other people's views and opinions. Some people think Fallout...
BGG for Android
464 members
Home of the unofficial BoardGameGeek application for Android Link to Google Play store → (TBA – see this and that thread) Current release: 6.8.2 (Jan ...
BGG Guild of Martial Artists
5 members
A Guild for those of us who love Martial Arts and Board Games All Martial Arts and styles welcome Note Please respect other people within this forum. There is to be no "my ...
BGG Silent Santa Support
2 members
This is the group to support each other with our silent Santa. No mail from Santa? Don't worry, we can mail each other so we see the new mail when logged in. No taunts? Don't worry...
BGG Smashmouth Fantasy Football League (US)
6 members
Thought it would prove useful to have a guild as a means of communication, organization and league participation on the BGG Fantasy Football League which was member created and hel...
BGG Snail Mail Cassette Mix Club
64 members
SMCMC. The name is kinda stupid, I know. Even in the 80s/90s, it was a 'mixtape', not a 'cassette mix.' I guess in the 2020s, it is now a 'cassette mix.' That's what I'm calling it...
BGG UI Customizer
28 members
BGG UI Customizer makes it easy to fit BGG’s user interface to your needs. Features: Change of colors & fonts, dark mode, front page with 3+ columns, less whitespace, hid...
BGG Weight Loss Self Help Guild
15 members
Many of us fight a daily battle with our weight. Hardly any overweight people want or choose to be this way. There are many roads that lead to overweight and the journey back is a...
39 members
This guild is for BGG'ers to discuss fitness, share motivation and tips, and plan fitness based meetups at boardgame conventions.
BGG1tool Users
75 members
BGG1tool is a Windows freeware application for downloading games' info from BGG. Download links: Version 1.27.5 - 64 bit Unicode: Versio...
53 members
This is a small sub-forum to discuss the bgg2pdf tool. The tool enables you to export your BGG collection to a PDF document, in a easy and very configurable way. This sub-forum is...
Bitcoin Loving Gamers
30 members
BGG seems like such a natural place to find like minded people who would be interested in being part of the Bitcoin community. This guild is meant to facilitate the sharing of ide...
Board Domination
1 member
A series of reviews of games played by me with my family, with their opinions included to give a more rounding view of the game.
Board Game Charts
26 members
Community page for where users can request features, report bugs and talk about anything related to the site. Old discussion can be found at the old forum ...
Board Game Hour
21 members
The guild for both the weekly Twitter discussion and podcast
Board Game Revolution
18 members
more info coming soon
Board Game Squad
1 member
THIS IS AN ACCIDENTALLY DUPLICATED GUILD. Please join the other Board Game Squad Guild:
Board Game Squad
4 members
When people from all walks of life come together to play, discuss, and enjoy board games, that’s amore. Check out the Board Game Blog. Recent Posts & Rev...
Board Game Stats
1257 members
Welcome to our Board Game Stats guild! What is Board Game Stats? Board Game Stats is an easy to use app that keeps track of your Board Game collection, plays and s...
Board games and mental health recovery
24 members
This guild is for discussion and information sharing on mental health recovery and using board games to facilitate recovery. I started this guild following on from a geeklist I wr...
Board gaming hobby software
5 members
Guild for discussion, development, discovery and enjoyment of software related to the board gaming hobby.
Board Gaymers
63 members
UPDATE: WE'VE MOVED! #GeekOUT - A Guild for LGBTQ+ Gamers (and our Allies) Please join us in our brand-new, inclusive home. We will be ...
Board Together
13 members
A group dedicated to 2-player gaming
Board with Life
256 members
Welcome to the guild for Board with Life! We are primarily comedy web series based around a gaming groups weekly board game night. We also do short sketches, tabletop news, inter...
1 member
A guild to discuss playing games with your spouse and kids while avoiding the dreaded Monopoly!
Boardgames Expert
25 members
The Boardgames Expert group was born out of the desire to discuss boardgames more seriously. The group will focus on scientific and academic studies related to modern boardgames, a...
Book Lovers
351 members
A place for those who love several genres of literature to talk about their latest novel loves and lasting author addictions.
69 members
For the 2R1B community to have a home outside of the PBF forums. If it has to do with Two Rooms and a Boom, put it in that forum. If it has to do with Boomers (the users in the gu...
47 members A website to easily view stats based on play data you have submitted to BoardGameGeek. If you have suggestions for improvement...
Brains !! Zombie Gaming - All the time.
13 members
This page does not exist. You can edit this page to create it.
BSoMT (both sides of my table)
16 members
All things boardgamey in a solo-ish fashion. Updates & discussion points for the solo boargaming website Both Sides of My Table.
Buddhist Gamers
13 members
Let us discover all that is fun. Hopefully this guild can explore how the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eight-fold Path, and of-course Karma impact the way we play and the way we d...
Bunny Rabbit Pets!
17 members
This is just a guild for BGGer's with pet bunny rabbits to congregate. Feel free to talk about most anything bunny and pet related, but here are a couple limits: No discussions of...
Burning Man Gamers
11 members
Board gamers who attend Burning Man, Regional Burning Man, Decompressions (AfterBurn), or other pagan, artistic, new age related events.
Cardboard Clash
10 members
A guild where you can interact with David from Cardboard Clash, a reviewer who focuses on 1 and 2-player gaming experiences in both a written format and, as of April 2018, in video...
CardMaker Users
159 members
CardMaker is an open source application for assisting in the creation of graphic files through the visualization of data. That's a fancy way of saying it makes cards! You can find...
CardPen Users
2 members
Discussion and support for CardPen, an HTML playing card generator.
Cardwarden User Group
152 members
Collaboration space for Cardwarden users, could also be useful for organizing games or events.
Cartographer's Guild
5 members
Guild for BGG members interested in developing maps for boardgames and RPGs
Christian gamers
208 members
This guild is for Christians to discuss issues with gaming connected with their religious faith. Issues such as gaming at church, balancing work, gaming, and spiritual life is an e...
COIN Gamers
7 members
This BGG supports GMT Games' COIN series of games.
Colourblind Gamers
192 members
A guild for colourblind gamers and for those who are interested in the topic. We share solutions related to games and gaming: modifications to existing game equipment, alterna...
Comics Guild
19 members
This is a place to talk about the comics we are reading (and possible offshoot discussions of the movies and TV shows made from comics).
Comics, Graphic Novels, Bande Desinée, Manga - the 9th Art
158 members
This forum is dedicated to everything related to comics in the broadest sense. You can for example inform your fellow geeks of new titles you like, write reviews, start discussions...
Cooperative Game Geeks
137 members
We love cooperative games, that is, games that either all players win together, or lose together. We might even enjoy - our at least tolerate - the occasional semi-cooperative gam...
68 members
We love to travel, and we are sure many other users here on the geek do as well. And one goal for us has always been to meet people of the country we are visiting. And what would b...
Cricket Guild
57 members
This guild is intended to be a place for BGGers to discuss any and all aspects of the most noble sport of cricket, be it test, ODI or T20 or any other format - including (very) ama...
Crokinole Board Artisans Workshop
40 members
A guild for board builders and artists to share materials, methods, tools, and techniques.
5 members
This guild is dedicated to the promotion and organization of online Play By Forum games and tournaments of the boardgame Cthulhu Wars.
Culinary Guild
207 members
A place to discuss cooking, share recipes, and talk about food. Bon appetit!
Cult of the Critical
153 members
The "Cult of the Critical" are self-identified gamers with a shared interest in promoting critical analysis and discussion of boardgames and the boardgaming hobby. The p...
13 members
This a guild for those of us that enjoy getting out and participating in any type of cycling. It can be road, mountain, or unicycle. We can share routes, tips, discuss gear and t...
Data Mining / Data Science
125 members
Inviting anybody with expertise or interest in data science (munging/wrangling, analysis, visualization, machine learning / statistical modeling, communication etc) to congregate a...
Deal Hunters
6 members
This guild is for the smart shoppers, the savvy, the proud, the DEAL HUNTERS.
4 members
Board, card, and tabletop gaming guild for demosceners. Like the demoscene and like to play these kinds of games? Join us! We might somehow someday eventually schedule a meetup for...
Depression, Anxiety and Gaming (Support Group)
282 members
This is a place to gather for anyone who enjoys gaming and deals with depression or anxiety in some form. Share ideas, give support and help each other out!
Designing Cardboard
2 members
Discussion group for game designers centered around the articles and content of Designing Cardboard. Discuss current content as well as suggest topics for future articles.
Dice Lovers' Guild
225 members
A guild to celebrate all things dice! If you collect dice, like to play dice games, or simply appreciate dice or dice-related items, this guild is for you.
Dice Makers
10 members
The Dice Makers Guild (DMG) is here to support players by creating custom-faced dice for play by forum games. Many role-playing and boardgames have unique faced dice, which are us...
Digital Wargame Development
65 members
For anyone interested in the technical side of making digital versions of wargames, as a hobby or professionally, of any skill-level, on any platform. A place to ask questions or r...
Direction Jeux
9 members
Home for the Direction Jeux website and some game tools. Don't hesitate to join !
Disabled Gamers - Accessibility & Inclusion
8 members
Disabled people often are great problem solvers and planners, living in a world that doesn’t fit our needs very well. We enjoy Boardgaming as it (usually) creates a level pl...
Disc Golfers around the Globe
62 members
A place to talk about Disc Golf. Great courses, claims to Aces, Techniques. Videos and Photographs. Online vendors, product reviews. But just generally about worshipers of the c...
Discounted Games
46 members
A guild dedicated to locating discounted board games within the United Kingdom.
Doctorin' the TARDIS
164 members
Fans of the BBC series 'Doctor Who' (classic and modern) and its spin-offs.
DorkPassenger Site
1 member
A website dedicated to using combining a group of user's BGG collections into one for searching/sorting.
Dougmysticeye Guild
4 members
A place where I will post information and discussions regarding my Youtube gaming videos.
Efficient Gamers
9 members
Our aim is to take an analytical approach to playing games as efficiently as possible -- faster and higher! What is the fewest number of turns to finish game X? What is the highes...
Electronics and Board Games
18 members
This guild is for board game designers and players who use electronic components in their games. We explore the way we can use LEDs, sensors, and microcontrollers to make more inno...
Encyclopedia of Mechanisms Discussion Group
312 members
A group for discussing the list of mechanisms used here on BoardGameGeek, which are based on the book Building Block of Tabletop Game Design: An Encyclopedia of Mechanisms. This is...
European Math Trades
67 members
About this guild The main intention of this guild was to help European math trade organizers to avoid overlaps and timing conflicts when scheduling new math trades. But of course...
Existentialists' Guild
2 members
Gather, all existential thinkers of the non-absurdist persuasion! Here, we leave our politics in the foothills, where they belong; if we pause to observe them, it will be a view on...
Extended Stats: Friendless' Play Statistics
298 members
For years, Friendless has been running a separate site that takes our BGG play-data and lets us run all kinds of fun numbers on them. The URL has changed a few times, but the lates...
Facebook Board Game Trading and Chat UK/EU
75 members
'Board Game Trading and Chat UK/EU' is a Facebook closed group established by Chris Bromley for selling and trading board games in the UK as well as general News and chat. This gu...
Fans of Tabletop Miniatures Wargaming - Rulebook Overviews/Discussion/Recommendations/Reviews
6 members
Love tabletop miniatures gaming? Have you found an amazing ruleset or are you looking to find a game that scratches the itch? This group is for you!!! This group is here to create ...
Fantasy Lovers
213 members
A guild where people who love books, movies and other genre of literature set in a Fantasy world/setting.
Fantasy Sports Players
102 members
A guild for BGGers who play various fantasy sports leagues (online). This will provide a central set of forums for us to hang out and [-]talk smack[/-] discuss results.
Fanzine Secret Society Shhhhh (Sponsored by GLarg!)
1 member
A society for people who make zines or like them or are thinking of making one of even thinking of liking one. All zines related business but please shush it's a secret, the first ...
Fighting game fans
2 members
If you like Tekken, Mortal Kombat and so and think you are the best there is then this Guild is for you. Tekken pros please join as well, I would like to try online version with yo...
Film Lovers
168 members
A guild for anyone who loves movies. Feel free to post just about anything related to any motion pictures, from nitrate film to youtube to the flipbook animation that you made in ...
FIRST Robotics Players and Mentors
22 members
This Guild is for FIRST Robotics (at all levels) to get together and discuss the competition games, events, and all things FIRST.
Five24 Labs Play Testing Central
9 members
This guild is designed to give a central location for play testers and Five24 Labs to openly discuss upcoming games from Five24 Labs.
11 members
Foldit is not just a game, but a contribution to science as well! The concept behind foldit is based on proteins that are found in plants and animals (i...
50 members
Welcome to the FORMULA 1™ guild! This guild is for all fans of FORMULA 1™ motorsport—whether you have been following F1 for decades or are just exploring the sport for the f...
FTL Regulars Guild
12 members
This Guild is setup to be a safe haven for the old ones from the FTL thread who prefer a more private place to share more intimate stuff with each other.
Funorb Guild
0 members
This is a guild devoted to talking about and discussing Funorb Games. If like Funorb, then Join! Hope to see you soon.
Game Boy Geek
61 members
This is a guild for the Game Boy Geek
Game Collectors Guild
69 members
Many of us have a lot of games. But if you take pride in showing your friends your game library, finding the esoteric title at a game convention you know you'll never play, and you...
Game Genome Project
136 members
The Game Genome Project is a project to come up with a detailed set of game features that can be used to classify, compare, and recommend games. These features may include the kin...
Gamers who love someone with Autism
4 members
Come together to discuss our gaming hobby and share stories of success and struggle with our unique loved ones.
Gamers With Jobs
70 members
This guild is open to all members of, affectionately referred to as "Goodjers" (sometimes abbreviated to GWJers). Use it to schedule online night...
Gameschooling Australia
15 members
Gameschooling Australia is a Facebook group for the buy, sell and trade, and discussion of games suitable for kids aged 4+ for Australians in Australia. This group is run by and pr...
Gaming Beyond 6 Feet: Social Distancing & Remote Play Support
31 members
The purpose of this guild is to help people adjust playing games of interest to fit the social distancing guidelines. Included in this is remote play support. Please post requests...
Gaming Challenge Community
343 members
There is a group of us on BGG who love doing Challenges on BGG. Here we can talk about old and new challenges, our progress on challenges, and even bounce ideas off each other for ...
Gaming for Justice
4 members
A blog aimed at discussing social justice, inclusion, and equity issues in board gaming hobby. Twitter: @_gaming4justice ...
Gaming Rules!
2044 members
Guild for discussion of anything related to Gaming Rules! Discussion of rulebooks, videos, podcasts, anything really.
GDCR Discussion
81 members
The GDCR is no longer online. See the details here: GDCR Closed Down All old content is just preserved for anyone interested in taking a trip down memory lane. Discussion area for...
Geek Gold Bank
5 members
The objective of this guild is to get Geek Gold from contributors in order to redistribute it to other users that need some geek gold in order to acquire a microbadge or an avatar....
Geek Interactive Fiction Club
192 members
Welcome to the Geek Interactive Fiction Club! This club is free to join - simply click the Join This Guild button in the upper right of this page. Be sure to check out our curre...
Geek Tools
839 members
This guild is set aside for the developer community building apps or tools for BGG and its sister sites, using the XML API or other data from BGG. It also welcomes developers build...
39 members
GeekDad® is a parenting, technology, and culture blog staffed by a diverse team of contributors, working together on a shared platform to inform, educate, and entertain parents...
1558 members
Discussion and updates about! A web app for smarter BGG collections, ratings, and plays. View user, group, and geekbuddies profiles, with dozens of filters, s...
31 members
A guild to ask and answer GeekQuestions! Ask everyone a question.
28 members
A new guild for GeekQuestions! >> Please *ONLY* use this guild's forums for asking/answering questions << To see our main guild, The Fallout Shelter, please go here: ...
GeekQuestions Fallout Shelter
90 members
This is a guild for GeekQuestioneers and the probing crap they query. To be a member, you must know the GQ song by heart: We represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop... Ok m...
Gen X Games
12 members
Did you grow up with Dungeons & Dragons? Car Wars? Advanced Squad Leader? Cosmic Encounter? Gen X Games is for all those games created in that very exciting period of the ...
Geocachers Hideout!
92 members
A gathering for those who also have hobbies OUTSIDE! Discuss tricks, tips, products, creative hides, and great 'cachin' locations.
German Math Trades
144 members
About this guild The German Math Trades are being run without a fixed schedule, but around bi-monthly. If you have no idea what a Math trade is, then have a brief look at the BGG...
Girls' Game Shelf
49 members
A place to discuss all things related to the GGS web series and more!
Gobsmacked by Gifts and Grace: Assisting Women to BGG.CON
7 members
A guild born of the W&G BGG.CON Scholarship Program to assist women in their dream of attending their first BGG.CON A place to find information about hotel room reservation da...
Good Fight Gaming
6 members
1 Timothy 6:12 "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession befo...
Graphic Designer Guild
4 members
Graphic design is not only present in the card and box art. Design encompasses everything on or in the box. Good graphic design can make or break the ability to understand a rulebo...
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War Guild
1 member
The Great Campaigns of the American Civil War is a series of games by Multi-man Publishing that covers operational level games during the American Civil War. This guild specifical...
Great Guild of Grognards, Gurus, and old G.O.A.T.s
3 members
Dedicated to a space for Elder Gamers, those who began gaming when 'Old School' was "New School" and cut there teeth on such companies as SPI, Avalon Hill, Task Force, Me...
GrEEK Guild Retro
103 members
Φίλες/φίλοι, σας καλωσορίζω στο Gr...
Grey Labyrinth
6 members
A guild for members of the Grey Labyrinth puzzle (etc.) website.
Guild of Wizards at InGameUK
2 members
Become an InGameUK Wizard. In this little corner of BGG you will find everything you need to know about InGameUK, threads on; The Videos we produce, News, General chat and our acti...
29 members
This guild is the place for all guitar players - whether you're a long time professional or an absolute beginner - here on Boardgamegeek. A friendly place to discuss instruments, ...
Gun Geeks Guild
49 members
Legal and responsible firearm ownership is a beautiful thing. Here we celebrate things that go bang! Whether you're tacticool or a fudd, all gun owners and enthusiasts are welcome ...
HAM Players
7 members
For those Amateur Radio Operaters (HAMs) that play or want to games by HAM Radio by voice, CW (morse code) or by digital(packet radio, pactor, etc). The Group at is http://...
Health and Pain/Disease Management
19 members
For people trying to be more healthy or dealing with chronic pain or disease.
Heavy Metal Music
185 members
By the response that the occasional Geeklist gets we have quite a few metalheads on BoardGameGeek. Let's have a guild of our own! This guild will allow discussion on all metal st...
Home Coach Advantage -- The Sports Sim Guild
31 members
This is a guild for fans of sports simulation games, both tabletop and on PC. Chat about the games and the sports they simulate, explore new titles, share projects, discuss your le...
Homeschooling: Education and games
32 members
This is a group that can discuss their homeschooling experiences, and can serve as a place for homeschool families to share and discover games that may help with the educational pr...
Hot Peppers
13 members
This is the place to talk about all things related to hot peppers, from growing to consumption.
I Play Red
2 members
A place for followers of I Play Red's content
In the hall of the Cardboard King: Game-wrights and Glue-mongers
201 members
A guild for all users who enjoy customizing their games. Share your secrets or show your current projects, post or ask for sources of special material, create teams to work on game...
121 members
Users of the free vector drawing application Inkscape.
Into Board Games
3 members
With over a thousand board games released every year, there has never been a better time to explore the world of hobby board gaming! With all the choice available it can be overwh...
iOS Gaming
100 members
The iOS gaming guild is intended to foster engaging discussion and provide useful information about the rich gaming ecosystem on Apple's iDevices. Specifically, the guild is meant ...
15 members
iSlayTheDragon is a collaborative blog about games, gamers, and those who tolerate them (namely, gamers’ spouses and families). We provide news, v...
Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers
104 members
For people who enjoy building jigsaw puzzles and want to talk about various topics related to this hobby.
Journaling and planner enthusiasts guild
18 members
A guild for people who are into the hobbies of journaling, bullet journaling, using planners, sketchnoting, creating visual notes and keeping diaries (for games or any other purpos...
5 members
A guild for those who wistfully remember the good old days of: 1. Joystiq. 2. The Joystiq Podcast. 3. The Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group. 4. The Joystiq Podcast Appreciation G...
Kalimba players
3 members
Guild for kalimba players. Microbadge:
Katie's Game Corner
6 members
Katie Aidley talking wargames/boardgames/mental health • promoting an inclusive gaming community •
Kickstarter Games
337 members
Developers networking together to support Kickstarter or other crowd-funded game projects. We want to take pride in showing off our indie ventures with each other and with BGG at l...
Kickstarter Investors (Tabletop Games)
4 members
Welcome! This is a guild where we discuss past and present Kickstarter campaigns in the games category, particularly tabletop games (which includes board games, card games, war ga...
Kickstarter Worsties
67 members
A place for deep-dive discussions about the projects featured on the 'Worst Kickstarter Ever?' thread. Sometimes a "Worstie" project comes along that... invites a lot of...
Kiva Team Boardgamegeek
18 members
In essence, through KiVa, you (and I, and we) lend small amounts of money (min. $25) to small enterprises around the globe who would otherwise be taken out by loan sharks, thereby ...
3 members
Kokooman pelit
1 member
Support group for the Swedish wargaming forum A safe place whenever goes down. Please join & subscribe to the guild.
Lagoon: Next Level of Druids
3 members
This is for taking Lagoon: Land of Druids to the next level. I want to turn out modules for mostly solo; but also Co-Op. Joining and contribution is specifically for this game, a...
Lego a Go-Go
100 members
Whether you're an active or lapsed builder, or even if you just appreciate the Tao of the Brick, this is the guild for you!
0 members
For people who identify with being or are share interests with Latino Fat Neckbeard Computer scientist with a degree in Physics Brazilian who has 2 dogs and 1 cat And wish to dis...
Live Action Spam Hunting
208 members
See spam on the site? Report it here and help the forum mods find it that much quicker! Welcome: How to Start and What to Know The LASH guild and "the naughty list" ar...
Logophilia - The Word Game Lovers Guild
19 members
A conclave of ludophiles and logophiles. Which is to say, a place for BGG Members to gather and discuss all things related to Word Games! From Etymology logo- +&l...
Lore Mystica
1 member
We are a group of friends who love to play good and nice board games.
Love 2 Hate
6 members
YouTube channel with reviews, playthroughs, unboxings, and general discussion videos with a focus on helping gamers find games to play with non-gamers. Videos are created by husban...
16 members
This guild is for discussing all things Ludii. Ask for help, share your projects, tell people about fun games and useful features.
Ludobits Tabletop Terms
1 member
Questions and discussions about board game language. Because a community also defines itself through the language it creates, adopts or revives.
Man-O-Centric Maleocracy
1 member
A place where men talk about being gamers.
2 members
Gruppo di amici con il piacere comune di trovarsi intorno ad un tavolo per mangiare, giocare e divertirsi.
2 members
Main Language: German Hallo zusammen, Herzlich Willkommen zur "Gilde von Mangohuhn". Wir entwickeln, bauen und entwerfen eigene Spielideen. Das ganze machen wir vor all...
Math Trade Austria
64 members
Math Trade Austria Willkommen in der Gilde für österreichische Math Trades! Worum geht es hier? Math Trades be...
Math Trade Tools
52 members
This guild is for tools (software) used in the organizing and running of Math Trades. TradeMaximizer TradeMax, as well as any future replacements of those is specifically on topic...
MechWarrior Online
4 members
A guild for those of us playing MechWarrior Online.
Meeple League
2 members
The Center of the Board Game Tournament Universe Building a home for competitive boardgaming. Event ListingsOnline Tournament Play Live Meeple League tournament events Magazine A...
Meeple Position - Fans of Professional Wrestling
11 members
Join us between the ropes as we discuss a variety of topics from large and small wrestling promotions such as WWE, NJPW, Lucha Underground, ROH, TNA and others.
Meerkat's Gang
18 members
Place for discussions with people from around the world about meeting while traveling for mini-Meerkat Cons To set up travel, discuss convention plans etc. Secondary purpose... t...
10 members
Guild for Microsoft employees
Military History
261 members
A guild for people interested in world military history from ancient times through the 20th century.
Miniature Painters Guild
3038 members
A place to discuss anything painting related. Show off your handiwork, ask for advice, offer tips or anything else you can think of. Doesn't matter if you paint wargame, boardgame...
Miniature Skirmish Gaming Guild
57 members
A place on BGG for Miniature Skirmish Gaming which is a specific genre of board gaming that's growing in popularity. What's a Miniature Skirmish Game you ask? A loose definition w...
Miniature Wargaming
227 members
Welcome to the Miniature Wargaming Guild. If you’re gaming in miniature we would like to hear about it, traditional miniature wargames and board g...
Minimalist Gamers
420 members
Buy Less, Play More. Spending more time purchasing games than playing them? Do space or financial restrictions force you to keep a small collection? Are you thinking of shrinking ...
Ministry of Board Games
2 members
The Ministry of Board Games is a Small online board game Shop in the south of devon setup to sell great board and card games to the community. I also try and run events and attend ...
MotoGP Interest Guild
10 members
I did a bit of a search and could not find a MotoGP discussion Guild. However MotoGP popped up as being discussed quite a bit in other forums. So I'...
9 members
Movember is about raising much needed funds and awareness for men’s health – specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. Important when you lear...
Multideck Users
52 members
Multideck is a Macintosh application for creating custom card decks for game prototypes. Tutorial videos and example projects are available on our website at http://www.semicolon.c...
Music Makers
97 members
A guild for musicians, composers, singers, music makers of all kinds to gather, share and swap stories, advice and maybe even music. Talk about instruments, amps, gear, software, g...
Musical Exploration
81 members
A guild for musical explorers. The 'Musical Exploration' Guild is intended for discussion of non-mainstream musical 'discoveries': from obscure noise to J-pop; from Siberian chant...
My Board Game Collection
73 members
Automatically create a board game catalog with your BGG user name. Description The catalog consists of personalized front and index pages, basic collection statistics and of cours...
nanDeck Users
852 members
nanDECK is a Windows freeware application for designing custom cards, counters and boards; it's highly recommended for do-it-yourselfers who customize board games and for people wh...
Nat Pagle & The Anglers
1 member
Are you hooked on fishing? Then this might be your guild: Here we can talk about fishing, brag about our catches, whip out out rods and show it to each other! Come, be lured into...
National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
51 members
National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 50,000-word first draft of a no...
NeoGAF Boardgamers
97 members
Boardgamers from the NeoGAF videogame forum & friends.
Next War Series Guild
2 members
The Next War series of games from GMT Games is supported through this guild covering all released games to date including: Next War: Korea Next War: Taiwan Next Wa...
NFL Talk
124 members
A guild for friendly discussion and good-natured smack talking about everyone's second favorite past time..."Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!?"
No One Asked For This
1 member
A guild for the No One Asked For This website.
Not Bored Gaming
25 members
Welcome to the BGG guild for Not Bored Gaming - a new Youtube Channel devotes to the Solo Gaming experience. Join Mark as he takes you through news, reviews, playthroughs, unboxin...
Nuklear Winter 1968 Vassal players
3 members
Click Subscribe and join to get updates from people wanting to play the game.
Obsession for Windows
53 members
The place to come with questions, answers, ideas, bug reports, and enhancements for Obsession for Windows. Learn the ins and the outs of the program directly from the developer, La...
Octopus Overlords
1 member
This group is for members of octopus Overlords. A place for OOers on BGG.
1 member
OGs: Old-school German-style Games
1296 members
For enthusiasts of Old-school German-style board and card games. With the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, hobbyists began to discover wonderful board games from other parts o...
Old Fogies
3 members
A place where tabletop gamers 50+ can gather and compare notes on topics such as: How difficult it is to retrieve dice that have fallen to the floor The irony of board ...
On The Game
4 members
Board gaming website designed and run by a group of friends and gamers with a selection of reviews, news, interviews and features.
On-Line Want-List Generator (OLWLG), for Math Trades
278 members
The On-Line Want-List Generator (OLWLG for short) is a front end for a back end math trade trades finder. Currently that is TradeMaximizer. There are a several BGG wiki pages tha...
Open Games Guild
120 members
Promote the Creative Commons/Open Source movement! This guild is for game designers, artists and playtesters who want to share their work with the greater community. Create games t...
Order of the Gate
31 members
News and requests and whatever else for members of the Order of the Gate.
62 members
For those of us who enjoy paper folding. If you've ever folded an extra or missing game piece out of paper (or ever wanted to!), then this is the place for you. Microbadge for Ori...
Patzers Club
16 members
Originally intended as a chess club, Patzers Club has become a motley crew of individuals who discuss board games, video games, puzzles, wordplay, and furries.
Pen & Ink
52 members
This is a guild about stationery, pens (including fountain pens), pencils, ink, paper and any related items.
Pet and Animal Lovers
34 members
For all of us who love animals!
Photoshop/GIMP tutorials!
91 members
This guild serves to educate its members on the various capabilities of each program. This shall be taught by video and written tutorials. It also specializes in Avatar, UberGeek...
191 members
A place for those who care about PIFF to meet discuss and be nice to one another. What? You don't know about PIFF? Check us out here: PIFF 2.0 Some current musing the ...
Pimp It Up A Notch!
8 members
For those wanting to pimp out their games and miniatures. Show off your stuff, get critiques, and find something new.
Pinball Fans
29 members
Real games start at 250 lbs? No matter if you own a collection of pinball tables or just like to whack around small steel balls around occasionally - if you like to play and talk a...
Pipe Smokers Guild
92 members
For gamers who indulge in tobacco pipe smoking. A place to discuss pipe smoking, pipes, tobacco & tobacco shops.
Playing Card Games Enthusiasts
293 members
A discussion board for those who love talking, playing, and designing playing card games of both the traditional and non-traditional variety that use a deck of some kind of playing...
Playstation 3 Users
14 members
Those Boardgame Geek members who own or are interested in all that is Playstation 3
55 members
This forum is for information about Table Top game devices. The original device in the category was "Playtable", which later became "Taptop". The company that...
224 members
A Guild for Designers: Find Playtesters for your games by posting a thread here.
Prehistoric Times
1 member
Never lost that love you had as a child for those "terrible lizards"? Join others like you and discuss the latest dinosaur discoveries, controversies, and theories. As we...
Progressive Rock Fans
96 members
From Yes to Dream Theater, Henry Cow to Renaissance, Can to Zappa to Wobbler and Kayo Dot ... this Guild is intended for fans of Progressive Rock. We'll be open to discussing all ...
Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Czars
80 members
Welcome my fellow Czars to our R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Czar guild. In this we will give you tasks that benefit the Videogamegeek. Soon all members will get a new shiny microbadge () but b...
Puzzle fans
34 members
This guild is for fans of puzzles of all types, from jigsaw, to 3D puzzles like Rubik's Cube, to Sudoku and Crosswords and more. Several things about the group: Feel free to...
Ratildy Guildy & Affiliates
2 members
A place to save games lists, post pics and arranging gaming days.
39 members
Recommend.Games is a board game recommendation engine that finds personalised recommendations based on your ratings here on BoardGameGeek. See the original announcement thread. It...
7728 members
This is the matching guild for /r/boardgames on reddit. Microbadge:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
48 members
A guild for people who want to "go green" to help protect the environment, who wish to promote organic food, or who are interested in fair trade products. This is where w...
Reiner Knizia Enthusiasts
401 members
This is a special place, separate from each individual game forum, to discuss and praise the work of master game designer Reiner Knizia.
Research about Board Games and AI
105 members
This guild is for discussing academic (and hobbyist) research work involving the study of board games and artificial intelligence. The aim is to gather a community of people with ...
Reviewers Corner
36 members
I occasionally write reviews for games. I have been frustrated by the lack of response I've gotten for my reviews. I spend a lot of time and effort on them, but I rarely get more...
Riskzilla - Rules Guild No. 1 for Contributors A-M
8 members
This is a rules guild for the fan-created, crowd-sourced "Riskzilla" project. SPOILERS INSIDE!!! Only members of Rules Guild No. 1 for Contributers A-M should enter this...
Riskzilla - Rules Guild No. 2 for Contributors N-Z
4 members
This is a rules guild for the fan-created, crowd-sourced "Riskzilla" project. SPOILERS INSIDE!!! Only members of Rules Guild No. 1 for Contributers A-M should enter this...
Robert Oren
411 members
A place to talk about painting miniatures, playing all types of tabletop games and stuff to do with our Community and YouTube Channel.
Robert SoloPlay
34 members
Hírek, információk a Robert SoloPlay csatornával kapcsolatban. Társasjátékokkal kapcsolatos beszélgetések.
RPG Guild
78 members
A Guild about all Roleplaying Games. Discuss your favorite Systems, the best Editions, the latest modules, adventures, and supplements. Get feedback for your GM skills or help to ...
RPG Newscasters Guild
9 members
For discussion of interest to the RPG Newscasters.
RSP Guild
502 members
Welcome to RSP! This guild is the new home of the once Religion, Sex, and Politics subforum, which was deleted in mid-2020 but then rose again 3 days later. (Guild ...
16 members
A guild for those of us who like to run.
Scenario Design Center/Centre
4 members
Formed in conjunction with the site: . The mission statement description from the site: -Scenario Design Center aims to provide you with utilities and ideas to creat...
Scene in the Wild!
2 members
We who search for awesome deals on great board games in thrift stores are looking beside, beneath, and behind one awful mass market game over any other... Scene It. When you&rsquo...
Science Fiction
375 members
Welcome to the Science Fiction Guild on I've posted links to some of the better maintained geeklists about science fiction and additional content there is always...
Scotch Whisky Enthusiasts
56 members
This is a Guild for people who love Scotch. Perhaps you have been a drinker of this fine libation for eons, or maybe you recently stumbled upon uisge-beatha. No matter, join our me...
Sentinels of the Multiverse Modders
3 members
We mod Sentinels of the Multiverse with custom heroes, villains and environment. We make them printable so all can enjoy them.
Serious Games and Simulations
62 members
The concept of "Serious games" is those games where the main purpose of the game is not pure entertainment. These games can be used for educational or training purposes,...
Shadows of Brimstone
48 members
A central location to talk about Flying Frogs Shadows of Brimstone (& Forbidden Fortress) games.
Shinto - The Way of Kami
3 members
Shinto is a religion that draws heavily on the history and culture of Japan, and is also a nature-based faith. While Shinto is usually said to belong only to the Japanese people, J...
14 members
Shrimprefuge BoardGameGeek Guild joooooooo
Single Boardgamers
9 members
A year ago a Houstonian started a Forum thread about him looking for a gaming mate. I believe his right to play blue, always, was non-negotiable. It was a lovely discussion and e...
Slashing Through Cinema: The Guild
103 members
Welcome to: This is a place for fans of horror cinema to chat about and discuss all aspects of horror movies. Slashing ...
162 members
Hello! This is a guild. In this guild you can talk about things that you like to talk about and be nice and stuff. Like any other guild really...only this one was made by ME! Main...
Slot Car Fans
6 members
For anyone who likes slot-car racing, modeling, track design, landscaping, etc. Open to all brands and scales.
SoccerGeeks F.C.
216 members
A guild to discuss the beautiful game played in any corner of the globe. Discuss leagues, clubs, players, moments and major competitions as events unfold.
SoftBoard Game Development
175 members
Porting cardboard to digital. A forum for hobbyist and professional programmers, and general enthusiasts to discuss development of computer version of board and card games. Goals...
Solo Game Design Guild
271 members
This guild is for discussing solo game design ideas, concepts, and whatnot.
Solo Roleplaying
1715 members
Welcome to the Solo Roleplaying guild!A place where soloists can discuss solo roleplaying, and share their adventures on the Solo RPGs on Your Table geeklist. Solo ...
23 members
Minecraft 1.19 Server for BGGers and friends of server. Whitelist Hard difficulty Vanilla One person sleep Enderman griefing disabled Fire tick set off Mob heads loot table Seed...
71 members
This guild is for those following the use and development of the play logging utility SPLU.
Squib Users
57 members
Squib is a tool for prototyping tabletop games. Write a little bit of Ruby, define your deck's stats, then compile your game into a series of images ready for print-and-play or eve...
Star Wars: The Card Game Webcam Gaming
35 members
Star Wars: The Card Game is one of those rare game where each player has her own supply of game components. Because of this, we are able to play opponents over the internet in rea...
Starting Roll
1 member
Our new show 'Starting Roll' dives deep into how board games inspire creators to find their dreams and change their lives. Each episode will feature a new guest.
Stevenson Family Guild
1 member
Only for personal use - please don't join without permission.
Super Amazing Sexy Awesome People
7 members
Are you super? Amazing? Sexy? Awesome? Then join us and we shall be super amazing sexy awesome people together!!!
Survivors Together
18 members
This guild is to provide a group for avid gamers in the BGG community who are dealing with or supporting those with health difficulties. I want people to post that are dealing wit...
Svenska Spelutvecklare
30 members
Denna Guild är för dig som utvecklar spel eller vill utveckla spel. Kanske är du bra på idéer och spelmekanik eller så är du illustratör...
Swedish Math Trades
82 members
A place to discuss and announce math trades conducted in Sweden. The information will all be in Swedish as this is a guild about math trades for people located within Sweden only....
Tabletop Simulator
233 members
Discuss all things related to the Steam application Tabletop Simulator. Explore new games available Get help converting/creating your own games Find online players an...
Tactical Wargamers Guild
26 members
The Tactical Wargamers Guild support wargamers who are into tactical wargames like: A Las Barricades! Advanced Squad Leader Squad Leader Combat Commander ...
Tea Time Tea Drinker's Guild
9 members
Do you like a lovely cuppa with your game? Are you constantly on the search for the perfect Sencha or looking for that elusive Lapsang? Join the Tea guild! Discussions about tea a...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventure Guild
90 members
This guild is here to discuss all things TMNT related to the games. Especially since there are three games and counting. I thought it would be nice to have a single place to chat a...
Terrain Creation Guild
111 members
A guild for people who create any form of terrain and modelling for tabletop gaming, whether it's scenery bling for a boardgames, scattering terrain and buildings for wargames, bas...
Test Guild
13 members
Please do not join this guild.
Textile Crafters
43 members
This is for people who create crafts out of cloth or yarn. It would include quilting, knitting, crocheting, plastic canvas, sewing, weaving and anything related to these fields th...
The Acres of Diamonds Project: Great games people didn't know they owned.
30 members
Edit: If you like the idea of this group, please go over to the Cult of the Old group and post there. Acres of Diamonds Project has been inactive. Cult of the Old is here, and co...
The Ancient and Loyal Order of Thrifters
2238 members
Behold the hallowed halls of Thriftdom. Built by heroes of old, hewn from the great rock of discarded games. Enter its hallowed caverns hewn from musty cardboard, throw some more...
The Big Guild - BGG's Noir Alley
1 member
'The Big Guild' is a light name for a dark guild. It's a riff on how often 'The Big' is used in film noir titles. THE BIG BLUFF (W. Lee Wilder, 1955, USA) The Big Carnival (altern...
The Boardgame Group
328 members
The Boardgame Group Guild is the BGG extension of a wonderfully inclusive group of table top gamers who have banded together on Facebook. Originating in the dark corner of a Yahtze...
The Church of the Sockpuppet
14 members
The Church of the Sockpuppet is a grand place. Here, we have unraveled the secrets of the universe, and determined that the true powers of the cosmos are shown in the form of sockp...
The Climbing Guild
10 members
A guild to discuss climbing games, give an annual award to Tichu for being the best climbing game ever and enjoy the camaraderie of enthusiasts of the genre. What is a Climbing Ga...
The Dusty Cave
5 members
A hobby game group that plays board games, miniature games, & RPG. We play a lot of Dust Warfare and make our own terrain. Subscribe to the YouTube channel TheDustyCave to se...
The Esoteric Order of Dagon
58 members
This cult, err, guild is for players, Keepers, and general admirers of Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu role playing game. Discuss adventures (warn of spoilers!), rules, eras, BRP vs d2...
The Geek Garrison
8 members
A Geekdo guild for troopers, costumers, LARPers and re-enactors:- All genres welcomed: BUT no pets, Elder Gods, or unattended Halfling thieves to be left in the forums... A Geekd...
The GM's Bag of Holding
25 members
This guild is for all those GMs out there that like to bling up their games by making their own maps, handouts etc. regardless of game genre or edition.
The Guild of BGG Bloggers
67 members
In an era where the written word is a rapidly-declining medium, this is a guild dedicated to the stubborn few who persist in writing board gaming blogs. Is it a social space, a sup...
The Kitty's in the Box
91 members
A guild for lovers of the greatest animal in existence, the Cat! Meow's the word!
The Pitch Club
10 members
Welcome to The Pitch Club! We welcome all forms of the game including its cousins throughout the All Fours family. Organized play for the club takes place on The Card Haus Discor...
The Pythagorean Society of Math Geeks
67 members
Pythagoras of Samos was a philosopher and mathematician. Today, he is well-known for a theorem that bears his name, a^2 + b^2 = c^2. In his life, he founded a type of cult based o...
The Review Corner
15 members
A professional review wing of e-commerce giant Miniature Market, The Review Corner is dedicated to providing well-written critical analysis on a wide range of releases. Featuring ...
4 members
The Rules Forge
33 members
The Rules Forge is about the intersection of board games and language. Expect discussion about rulebooks — including best practices, interpretation issues, and pedagogy &mdas...
The Sea of Claws - Man O War Fantasy Battles
27 members
This is the companion site to our Yahoo Group - The Sea of Claws. Here you will be able to post session reports, modeling "How-To's", and add other items not available o...
The Social Deduction Guild
73 members
A guild to discuss social deduction games, given an award to the best social deduction game each year, and find camaraderie among the genre's fans.
The Spirit of Games and Gamers Magazine
14 members
Welcome to Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine Guild. The Tabletop SPIRIT is a quarterly electronic magazine devoted to board and card games. Each issue contains...
The Tacticians (Controlled Chaos)
14 members
A group for people who love tactical games. Here we discuss games that lean more towards being tactical than towards strategic or luck based. Current Definitions: Tactical games...
The Trick-Taking Guild
1081 members
A guild to discuss trick-taking games, give an annual award to the best trick taking games, and enjoy the camaraderie of enthusiasts of the genre. The guild's annual award is call...
The Wood Whisperers
4 members
A guild to discuss games that utilize wooden boards and pieces and enjoy the camaraderie of enthusiasts of the genre.
Tile Games Enthusiasts
31 members
A discussion board for those who love talking, playing, and designing tile games that use Western dominoes, Chinese dominoes, Mah Jong tiles, Rummy tiles, or other plastic (or wood...
Too Many Bones for Windows
69 members
The place to come with questions, answers, ideas, bug reports, enhancements, and a lot of good cheer. Learn the ins and the outs of the program directly from the developer, Larry S...
31 members
This guild is for those who are involved in Scouting (Boy, Girl, Cub, etc.) in the hopes that we can share our knowledge and experience about games, Scouting aged kids, the outdoor...
Tube Tables
373 members
Welcome to Tube Tables! This is a guild that is a collection of uTubers who make videos focusing on Board Games. The idea is to give our viewers a place to chat with us and each...
Ukulele Players Guild
39 members
For those who are interested in all things ukulele.
Unpub Network
12 members
Founded in 2010, The Unpublished Games Network, called Unpub, is a growing community of game designers, publishers, players, retailers and artists working towards the creation of n...
Vegetable Gardening
28 members
To cover all aspects of growing our own food - problem solving, hints and tips, plain old showing off how big your beans got this year. For the biggest plots, and the littlest pot...
Vegetarian/Vegan Guild
150 members
I put hobby/interest as the closest that applies. The guild is for any BGG user who is a vegetarian/vegan and is intended for discussions or questions that are most conveniently de...
Veterans Who Game
3 members
This group is intended for current military service members, veterans, and their family members. However anyone is welcome to join! I've been searching for a place here on BGG to c...
183 members
VideoGameGeeks, or VGG for short, is a guild dedicated to all things Video Games. Have a question about Video Game recomendations? Having problems with a certain level? Want to mee...
30 members
A group for people who love wine and games. Often both at the same time.
Vintage Game Room
17 members
A place for people that are fans of games that are vintage or no longer in print. Related guild: 3M Game Collectors Relevant microbadge: Cult of the Old
Watching Weight
57 members
This guild is for people who are interested in losing weight to gather with other like-minded people, for inspiration, advice, and support. Report progress, post exercise regiment...
We Heart Nerds
6 members
Official BGG guild of A forum for all WeHeartNerds fans. Let your comments be heard here. Or at least show people that you like our events and podcast!
153 members
This is a group for owners of the Nintendo Wii. This is the place to come to register your Wii codes for various games, to discuss upcoming releases, and to post dates and times w...
Woodworkers of the Geek
93 members
A place where fellow geeks can discuss their woodworking projects. Find tips, techniques, advice and general discussion of this noble craft.
Words, words, words.
36 members
This is a guild for anyone who loves playing with words. Word games. I'm hoping that maybe we can have some play-by-forum fun and maybe also some online play off-site. Yes, I st...
World Building Games and Tools Guild
22 members
World building underlies most RPGs and even most games that go a step beyond abstract mechanics. It can be a satisfying and fun activity in its own right, but it is also something ...
World of Women
30 members
Once upon a time, the stars aligned and the love of board games, cats, knitting, painting minis, RPGs, travel, and potatoes cause...
Xbox Users
46 members
 Missing Image Discuss all of your Xbox/360/One/Live stuff here. Post user names, suggest games and connect with your fellow Xbox gamers! November 15th, 2001 - North A...
XNA Indie Developers
0 members
The purpose of this group is to share information, feedback, and Q&A all things related to developing games for the Xbox 360 and/or Windows phone. Developing for these platform...
You Said This Would Be Fun
30 members
A group for discussion about principles of game design as explored in the book "You Said This Would Be Fun", published by Belltower Press. Announcement thread for the bo...
Zoom Watch Guild
64 members
This is the guild for all the chatters and followers of all BGG's livestream events. Which could also have been called Dork Love Connection?