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A rulebook for every language
19 members
Introduction Everyone of us loves board games. Most of us understand English. But reading more complex rulesets in your native language is much more comfortable. Th...
Achtung Sauerkraut!
264 members
Purpose A group for all German-speaking folks on the 'Geek. Feel free to join as well if you are about to learn German. Microbadge Buy It
Arab Boardgames
31 members
BGG Chinese
2 members
歡迎中文語系玩家 加入討論、翻譯、交流
BGG Czech and Slovak
55 members
Guilda pro Cechy a Slovaky..
BGG Eesti keeles
4 members
Kõigile Eesti lauamängude fännidele ja sõpradele. Mõtlesin, et teeks ikka asju ka eesti keeles ja kusagilt peab ju alustama.
BGG in Romana
7 members
Pentru toti membrii BGG care vorbesc limba romana./For the BGG users that speak Romanian.
BGG lietuviškai
37 members
Lietuviškai kalbantiems BGG nariams. For the Lithuanian speaking BGG members.
BGG Suomi
43 members
A guild for Finnish speaking BGG members. Tervetuloa!
BGG Sweden
102 members
Här pratar vi svenska - A guild for Swedish speaking members of BoardGameGeek.
35 members
BGG in Japanese - Nihongo dekiru hito no tame ni
121 members
Per tutti i membri di BGG che che parlano italiano / For all italian speaking BGG members
BoardGameGeek på dansk
44 members
En gruppe for dansktalende medlemmer af BoardGameGeek (a group for Danish-speaking members of BoardGameGeek).
32 members
Bordspelforum used to be one of the most active board game fora for Dutch speaking board game enthusiasts. More than 300 Flemish (Belgium) and Dutch (Holland) members could be fou...
0 members
We will close this guild, since Bordspelplaza no longer exists. Deze guild wordt gesloten aangezien Bordspelplaza niet meer bestaat. Pieter
British Sign Language (BSL) Gamers
3 members
Sign language users in the UK. Talk about: Meet ups Deaf friendly events Deaf issues Which games are good for d/Deaf players, and which games are rubbish!
Diseño de Juegos en Argentina
84 members
Este guild esta pensado para que todos los que desarrollamos juegos en Argentina o tenemos intención de aprender a hacerlo podamos encontrar un lugar donde compartir info y ...
English as a Second Language
15 members
For practicing English as a Second Language.
57 members
Gildo por diskutado en Esperanto. Jam estas insigneto por Esperantistoj ĉe boardgamegeek; bonvolu aĉeti! Ekzistas Esperantaj tradukoj d...
Francophone autour du monde.
4 members
Une guilde où les francophones de partout dans le monde peuvent parler ensemble de leur passion pour les jeux de société.
Gremio Hispanohablante
106 members
Lugar para las personas hispanohablantes de la comunidad BGG (place for Spanish-speaking people of the BGG community)
Guilde Francophone
5 members
Bienvenue à tous! La Guilde Francophone se veut un lieu de partage pour les amoureux de boardgaming en français. Que ce soit pour des questions, une geek list, du s...
Hebrew - עברית
17 members
Welcome to the holy language guild.
Imprimir y Jugar .com
9 members
IMPRIMIRYJUGAR.COM Portal de Juegos de Mesa Gratuitos en Español. Web: Blog:
Jämshögs Brädspelsförening
1 member
A small scale board game group consisting of friends and family.
Juegos de Mesa Ecuador
5 members
Guild para reunir a los jugadores de habla hispana que residen en ecuador. Guild for spanish speaking player residing in ecuador.
La BGG en català
176 members
Per a tots els (i les) catalanoparlants de la BGG. For all Catalan-speaking BGG members.
105 members
French Speaking BGG/ Le BGG en français et principalement composé de québécois.
Lusófonos no BGG
72 members
A group for portuguese-speaking gamers! Um grupo para integrar a comunidade Lusófona no BGG.
Magyarul beszélő játékosok céhe/Gulid of gamers who speak hungarian
40 members
Minden magyarul beszélő játékosnak, a Föld nevű planétán :) Találjunk egymásra az országhatáron túl is...
Nederlandstalige gilde
138 members
Regionale Gildes Amsterdam Den Haag Doetinchem Eindhoven Enschede Maastricht Tilburg Utrecht West-Brabant en Zeeland
Polska Gildia BGG
8 members
Polska Gildia BGG
Polyglots and multilingual boardgaming
5 members
This is a guild for polyglots (both reading and speaking polyglots) who play board games in and through multiple languages. Discussion can relate to board games and multilingual is...
Russian Boardgamer Guild
314 members
Russian speaking Guild / Гильдия русскоговорящего сообщества
Sign Language Games & Adaptations
3 members
I teach ASL and often play games with groups of Deaf friends, ASL students, and hearing signers. In addition to having to translate the rules into ASL we also have to adapt some of...
The fans of Japanese TRPGs
13 members
This is a guild created at the start of RPGGeek, as a venue to discuss the somewhat hard-to-track Japanese Tabletalk Role Playing Game scene. Hints, tips, translation projects and...
tlhIngan maH!
2 members
Klingon Language Guild tlhIngon hol wIjatlh ghom
Turkish Speaking Gaming Geeks
8 members
For Turkish speakers to relay information.
Ukrainian community
4 members
Ukrainian speaking Guild / Україномовне ком'юніті
uteslängda karar
3 members
vi karar som inte vill sticka
اللغة العربية - Arabic Language
6 members
.هذا النادي لإبناء اللغة العربية و طلاب اللغة العربية االذين يمهتمون بالألعب و بترجمة الألعب A forum f...
4 members
For Game designers in Kansai, Japan. 関西圏のデザイナーさんを中心にしたグループです。