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18XX Live
10 members
We're a group of gamers who are experimenting with ways of connecting players from across the globe to play 18xx board games in real time with the aids of modern technology. To ma...
124 members
This guild allows BGG members that are fans of 18XX games to form, organize, and participate in PBeM sessions of their favorite titles. You can post announcements of games being c...
Acquire Chapter - Secret Order of the GamesByEmail Templars
11 members
We are a group of gamers that started playing Acquire on the GamesByEmail site. Since then we've expanded to other games, Empires on GamesByEmail, The Downfall of Pompeii on Yucat...
118 members
A gathering place and player finder for BGG users of ACTS, the "Automated Card Tracking System". ACTS handles card draws and die rolls for several popular games and incl...
Alice is Missing
2 members
Due to the sensitive nature of thia indie RPG, I feel the play by forum nature will require self-moderation to enforce each game session's veils and lines. This guild will provide...
Among Us
13 members
Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game, developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space-t...
21 members
Guild to group players who PBeM the game Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). Guild forum should center on finding PBeM opponents and discussion of PBeM techniques. Also to discuss which ...
2 members
Band of Brothers Vassal Players
22 members
A group for people who want to play Band of Brothers on vassal. A great place to post meetup times and get games going
Board Game Arena Players
70 members
Group of BGG members that play many of the games on This guild will strive to bring BGA players together, organize games, and be an additional place for boardga...
224 members
All about boardgamecore !
BURPS KD:M Campaign
13 members
This guild is the central exchange place for those involved in a large-scale PBE/PBF Kingdom Death: Monster campaign. The rules for the game have been modified to allow for large ...
Circus Maximus - Pathfinder League
30 members
Table of Contents PATHFINDER LEAGUE Rules of the Game Tournament Cycles Tournament Matchups Tournament Elimination Exhibition Cycle Exhibition Fight Exhibit...
Diplomacy on Dipbounced
63 members
Guild for organizing and scheduling online games of Diplomacy. (Any online Diplomacy site, not just Dipbounced.) Join if you are interested in playing Diplomacy online with other...
Dominant Species Online
56 members
The purpose of this guild is to bring together people who want to play Dominant Species online via the Vassal module -- either live/real-time or PBEM (play by e-mail). The Vassal ...
Exile Guild
1 member
Play by Email and Play by Post BGG group for Exile Guild.
Food Chain Magnate Online Play
107 members
All about Food Chain Magnate games in File with all tournaments data Championship 1. Standard 2p - 1 March 2016 Championship 2. Standard 4p - 15 M...
FTL PBF SuperHappyFunClub
19 members
Arising out of an interest in the Feel the Love thread to organize PBF rpg among members of the thread this guild serves the purpose of a dedicated spot for those members to play t...
Gathering of Gamers
7 members
A guild designed for the purpose of bringing old friends together to play a variety of RPG games through the play-by-forum format.
Guild of the Sacred Sand
10 members
This Guild is used for managing of Cirus Maximus, a RPGGeek PvP program played on the forums. This Guild was created so moderators may discuss and tweak the program in relative pri...
Here I Stand PBEM
39 members
This is a guild to facilitate PBEM games of Here I Stand. This is place for current players to gather and discuss diplomacy as well as for players looking for a PBEM game to find ...
Liga Brasileira de Powerboats
1 member
Bem vindos à Liga Brasileira de Powerboats!
Lords and Ladies of Yucata de BGG
334 members
Group of BGG members that play many of the PBE games on This guild will strive to bring Yucata BGG players together and provide tips on how t...
Mad City PBEMers
4 members
Special guild for members of the Mad City Gamers game group guild to do PBEM games.
Nomic PBF
12 members
A guild for online games of and the promotion of the game of Nomic, a loosely structured game centered on the creation and manipulation of game rules. Microbadges Nomic fan Act...
PBF - Pathfinder
4 members
Play By Forum - Pathfinder Forum for IC/OOC general discussions. News - IC discussions only (OCC: prefix is not reasonable to put OOC in other forum) General - OCC discussions on...
Play By Forum - Image Storage Guild
65 members
To be used by anyone running a Play-By-Forum game here on RPG Geek to store maps or images, characters, etc. for linking in the rest of the Geek (so as not to clutter up personal g...
Play-By-Forum: RPG Playtesting
37 members
Welcome! This is the place for playtesting new RPGs that are not yet listed in the RPGG database. Are you designing a game? Need a place to test it? Set up a PbF ...
Realm Speak
57 members
Guild for Organizing and Scheduling Games of Realm Speak. All are welcome whether you are a Veteran Magic Realm Player or New comer wanting to learn.
RPGG Adventurer's League (D&D 5e)
104 members
Combining the story-forward and mechanically-rich world of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, the streamlined organized play of Adventurer's League, a...
Sacred Grove Britannia
17 members
2022 update: Online group for PBEM of Britannia, Hispania, Italia, Maharaja and other Britannia-like games since 2005. Currently active in playing games, and introducing new playe...
SotC Skype
18 members
This guild is for players who are interested in playing Spirit of the Century over Skype.This is the place for GMs and players to...
Stranger Seas
1 member
Our place to pillage and plunder for our PBeM
1 member
Gaming guild to help facilitate the actions of a PBEM game.
T&E League
92 members
A guild for people who are playing in the Tigris and Euphrates tournaments here on BGG.
T.I.M.E Stories Fan-made Play-by-Forum Image Vault
1 member
WELCOME! This guild is to store images to be used in playing fan-made T.I.M.E Stories by forum (so not to clog personal galleries, or spoil games through notifications). You shoul...
Terra Mystica Tournament [TMTour]
22 members
Supplemental communication tool for those involved in the Play By Email Tournament of Terra Mystica being played on snellman.
Test Guild
1 member
The 1PG RPG PBF Guild
5 members
This is a place where five friends from the 1 Player Guild can come together for a play-by-forum RPG. If this experiment works out, we will advertise it up to the rest of the 1 Pl...
The Burning Island
4 members
This is a general area for those participating in the Burning Wheel Gold campaign "the Island" run by MasterGeek via iTabletop. Feel free to post discussions, thoughts, ...
The Last Defenders of Barsaive
1 member
This group is dedicated to keep the Earthdawn role-playing game alive. Earthdawn laid the building blocks for a lot of the dynamics we see in today's games. Let's keep this great...
The Last Hundred Yards Vassal Tournament Ladder
34 members
Guild for Vassal competitive play of GMT Games' The Last Hundred Yards
The Secret Council of High Programmers
2 members
The High Programmers meet to discuss multi-GM games of Paranoia. Security Clearance - Ultraviolet Unauthorized Access is treason and you will turn yourself in and report for term...
Through the Ages
79 members
A group to facilitate online or pbem play of Through the Ages. Available modules include: Boardgaming Online Vassal Cyberboard (2 versions with recreated ...
Tiamat Battle Grounds
6 members
The last stand to save the world!
VASSAL Dreadball League
10 members
This guild is for players interested in participating in an online league of Dreadball using VASSAL to play out the matches. Dreadball VASSAL Module can be found here: http://www....
45 members
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WW- Master of Orion
4 members
This guild is used to hold chats for the WW- Master of Orion game being run in the WW forum.