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A year-long monthly podcast about Friedemann Friese's game 504. Your hosts are James Nathan (xitoliv) and Chris (Chris Schreiber). We'll discuss the game, interview interesting p...
A Gateway Gamer Runsthrough
6 members
Hello and welcome to the A Gateway Gamer Runsthrough Guild. I have created this guild as a hub on the Geek to discuss my Youtube channel, A Gateway Gamer Runsthrough, and aspects ...
A Tale of Two Gamers
3 members
Coming soon.
62 members
The Role Playing offshoot of the Advance After Combat wargaming podcast.
Abstract Gamer
25 members
Abstract Gamer listeners can discuss the podcast.
Across the Board
230 members
Welcome to Across the Board - "Return To The Table". Dan and Ryan are kicking off a comeback tour in 2022. We will be focused o...
Advance After Combat
568 members
An explicit, occasional podcast about wargames and wargaming. Obscenity (from the Latin obscenus, meaning "foul, repulsive, detestable") generally covers sexual or sca...
All The Bits
6 members
Welcome to All The Bits, a podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits! Really, soooooo many bits!
All Things Fun!
13 members
All Things Fun! is a podcast hosted by store owner Ed Evans and co-hosted by Wes Hitchens with special guest host including Glen Walker and Allison Eckel. All Things Fun! podcast ...
All Us Geeks
39 members
A podcast dedicated to giving voice to your inner geek.
An Asteroid, streaking from galaxies unknown carrying with it two men, men of destiny.
3 members
Podcast about games, video and board in general, with special features about the intersection of games and various pet topics. Also Asteroids? Actually, hopefully not.
Arcade Castle
4 members
Welcome! You've reached the home of the Arcade Castle, a podcast that looks a little at video games, a little at board games, and those things that got a little bit of both. While ...
Arch Gaming Network
2 members
Arch Gaming Network which is home of The Cardboard Addicts podcast.
Back of the Shelf
17 members
Back of the Shelf is a podcast focusing on the lesser known and under rated games on our shelves. Have a game you think deserves more love? Let us know!
Bender's Tabletop Gaming Guild
2 members
The Guild for listeners to The Bender Show podcast.
Best With 2 Boardgames
3 members
A BGG about two player boardgames and people who play them!
Between Turns
27 members
A podcast about the best part of gaming, which is not what happens on the table…but rather the conversations that happen above it, between turns.
Beyond The Beard
2 members
A biweekly podcast from two bearded gamers about their bearded exploits. Features a review each podcast and developer commentary on games being worked on.
Bezzy Beats & Boardgame Blethers
5 members
The BBBB show is currently streaming every day at 10am UK-time (in summer, that makes it 5am EST, 5pm Perth Australia). Most days, Bez will chat to a guest. Sometimes, Bez will '...
BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance
5 members
BJ Shea's Geek Nation has allied with Thing 12 Games and The Omega Gamers, to roll out a board and card gaming-focused podcast. This podcast adds to their network line up of all th...
Blue Peg, Pink Peg
1589 members
Blue Peg, Pink Peg is biweekly podcast discussing gaming, game reviews, game news and relationship advice for boardgamers. Whether you are a long time gamer, new to the hobby, inte...
Board Dads
2 members
A couple board dads playing board games. We focus on older games. We specialize in hard to find/grail games.
Board Everyday
12 members
Board Everyday is a website and podcast for anyone interested in learning more about the newest board games and topics related to the hobby. Our bi-weekly podcast will feature a r...
Board Game Barrage
800 members
Your hosts: Red Tank (aboardgamebarrage) United StatesCalifornia Chec...
Board Game Battles
9 members
The Guild for the Board Game Battles podcast. The podcast where we take 2 board games with a similar trait, compare them and declare one the winner.
Board Game BBQ
26 members
We are a group of dedicated Australians who love board games. We found each other through this wonderful hobby and connected because of our desire to share our passion with others....
Board Game Blitz
350 members
Board Game Blitz is a bi-weekly podcast and video series about modern board games and card games hosted by: ambierona and CrysP
Board Game Buffet
23 members
This is a place for us to interact with you and for you to interact with fellow listeners. Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and to have general hobby conversati...
Board Game Business
57 members
Welcome to the Board Game Business Podcast on The Forbidden Limb! Each week, we release a YouTube video and audio podcast on a topic regarding the business side of the tabletop ind...
Board Game Chats Podcast
3 members
The Board Game Chats podcast is where Chris and Myron chat with board gamers of all types and industry people about board games, what makes board gaming special, why we game and ho...
Board Game Closet
6 members
This guild is for anyone who loves the videos we create with Board Game Closet. We will talk more about the videos we create and get feedback from our viewers. Thanks for joining o...
Board Game Coffee #BeSocial
6 members
Board Game Coffee is a new weekly web series dedicated to board games with a focus on how to play, review and unboxing videos. We feature new kickstarte...
Board Game Faith
2 members
A podcast on the intersection of board gaming, religion, and spirituality.
Board Game Gateway
1 member
This is the guild for the Board Game Gateway Podcast. This is a place where we may ask for your opinions and discussions about anything Board Game content.
Board Game Hot Takes
15 members
A weekly podcast where we tell you how a board game experience felt - just minutes after we finish playing. Reviews in about an hour. Three unique points of view. No nonsense.
Board Game Hour Podcast
8 members
This is the official guild for the Board Game Hour Podcast. Foul language will be dealt with by a hearty pat on the back and a request for the perpetrator to buy me a pint.
Board Game Overload
2 members
This is a podcast where three avid board gamers discuss how to make your choice in board games among the myriad of choices out there.
Board Game Point of View
3 members
Join our young team of college aged, tabletop, super heroes (plus a slightly older moderator) as they manage the mean streets of the board game industry...
Board Game Replay
56 members
Board Game Replay is a video series designed to capture the excitement and experience of playing games with friends. As a viewer you'll join us as we just finish playing a game for...
Board Game Thumbs Podcast
1 member
This guild is for the fans and hosts of the Board Game Thumbs Podcast to discuss the episodes.
Board Gamers Anonymous
251 members
Board Games Anonymous is about gamers and the insane fun we have at the table together. Every week we get together and talk about the new games hitting our table, the hot upcoming ...
Board Games are for Losers
15 members
Board Games are for Losers is a podcast where we seek to bust the myth that board gaming is for losers. The idea was born after a co-worker made fun of us relentlessly for playing...
Board Games Insider
1232 members
Board Games Insider is a weekly podcast hosted by industry veterans: - Ignacy Trzewiczek, President of Portal Games - Stephen M. Buonocore, the Podfather of Gaming and former Pres...
Board Games with Panda
23 members
A board game podcast where we talk about the games that we love and the community around them. We will be releasing podcasts bi-weekly going over what we've played, our various pla...
Board Games with Scott
941 members
This is a guild for the discussion of things related to Board Games with Scott, which is a video series where Scott Nicholson teaches various board game...
Board Librarians
0 members
Join Brian and Elizabeth as we discuss new games!
Board Together Games
5 members
If you're bored together, Board Together! BTG provides entertaining, engaging, fun content for gamers... from a Christian perspective. Check out our podcast on your favorite list...
Board Wars
7 members
A website and podcast about the boardgame Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games. Listen to Stephan, Herwig and Matti talk about news directly from FFG. We also do car...
Boardgame Babylon
251 members
This guild is both for listeners of the show and also local SoCal friends of the podcast that attend either events at BGB HQ or other local events frequented by the BGB host and co...
BoardGame Burnout
2 members
Welcome to BoardGame Burnout. I'll start off with the warning that we are not super positive. Some of us are jaded. Some of us are burnt out. Some of us rely on gaming as an escap...
Boardgame Opinions
5 members
Boardgame Opinions is a video podcast series with an emphasis on sharing people's opinions of games.
Boardgame Piratecast
268 members
The Pirate Podcast all started at Origins 2011 when three mischievous Dice Tower contributors decided to record an episode and usurp the regular cast. With a little (very, very li...
Boardgames in Bed
26 members
Board games in bed is a weekly podcast about board and card games hosted by Becky and Kelly Rolfe. The podcast is recorded on a Sunday morning from their bed, where they recap what...
Boardgames To Go
306 members
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Boardgames with Niramas
29 members
Kickstarter is LIVE! Support the channel and get fun rewards! ____________________________________________________ Welcome to Boardgames with Niramas! Here ...
64 members
This guild is for the BoardGameSpeak (formerly GeekSpeak) podcast.
Boardinary Gamers
4 members
UK-based thing. Ordinary fans of extraordinary solo and multiplayer board games. Three friends talk about their board game adventures and favourite titles old and new. They also c...
Boardroomers Guild
31 members
A place for fans, participants, and the general masses to visit and talk about the Boardroomers show, games, or life in general.
Boards & Swords
25 members
Boards & Swords is a biweekly podcast exploring the world of tabletop gaming. From board games to miniature games to rol...
Boards Alive Podcast
255 members
Boards Alive is a podcast about tabletop gaming where we focus on using theme to immerse players in gaming. It's DATENIGHT is a podcast where two partners talk about playing games...
Boardside Podcast
2 members
Welcome to the Boardside Podcast! The purpose of this podcast is to discuss board games, relevant board game related topics, and provide reviews of a wide variety of games for indi...
Bock's Games
10 members
My name is David and I'm the host of Bock's Games. Bock's Games is a youtube show (coming soon) and social media presence dedicated to helping people find their next favorite game....
Bonding With Board Games
35 members
A YouTube channel right now, maybe a podcast at some point.
Boomer Radio Network
2 members
Boomer Radio Network is a group of podcasts all dealing with different aspects of the Board Game industry. We deal with education, inspiration and entertainment. We currently hav...
Bored Online? Board Offline!
155 members
We give you the full experience of owning a game so you can determine if it's right for you. Unboxing and component quality, learning the rules, gameplay, and overall impressions ...
Botch Games Podcast
25 members
The official BGG Guild for the Botch Games podcast
73 members
This is a Swedish Podcast about board games where we discuss games played and anything and everything regarding board games and board gamers. Welcome to join our discussions here a...
Brawling Brothers
880 members
The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast is a biweekly podcast that focuses on board games, ...
Breaking into Board Games Podcast
50 members
Breaking into Board Games is a podcast about breaking into the hobby game industry. Every week, we interview a person of note, and give tips and tricks to make your way into the bu...
Bretter Late Than Never
1 member
Zwei spätberufene Brettspiel-Fans spielen sich ganz nach dem Motto des Podcasts durch alle Spiel des Jahres Gewinner von 1979 bis heute und erzählen euch von den Spielen ... Videorezensionen
2 members
Der Boardgamegeekeintrag zu meinem Videoblog
Bridge City Boardgamers
22 members
We are Norm and Ryan (and now Ian) and our podcast is about the bridge that exists between boardgames and the human experience. Norm and Ryan are high school teachers and use &quo...
Building the Game
22 members
Join Rob Couch and Jason Slingerland as they take the journey to become first time game designers. On each episode we talk about games we play, game mechanics that we love and pi...
Burky & Badgers Board Game Babble
50 members
It was the dawn of the third age of podcasts – ten years after the Dice Tower started. The Burky & Badger Project was a dream, given form. Its goal: to make people laugh,...
C&C Board Game Factory
2 members
Chris (From the Meeple Overboard podcast) and Cam (from The Board Boys Podcast) are going to make a game. The C&C Board Game Factory is a podcast where we are going to pitch ga...
Cardboard Addiction Podcast
0 members
This page does not exist. You can edit this page to create it.
Cardboard and Wine
28 members
We (Mamie and Josh) are a wife and husband duo who podcast about life and the board games we love. Grab a glass, pull up a chair, and let's talk about some games!
Cardboard Carnage
29 members
Cardboard Carnage is a group of gamers from the Wichita, Kansas area. We are involved in the local community with doing demos, hosting game day events, and chari...
Cardboard Cave
2 members
This guild is for discussing games reviewed on Cardboard Cave podcast, games you think we should review, and just any questions or comments about anything even remotely Cardboard C...
Cardboard Commanders
3 members
Welcome the Cardboard Commanders BoardGameGeek Guild! Launched in 2017, Combat Commanders is a bi-monthly podcast (6 episodes a year) that covers the world of wargaming. What sep...
Cardboard Conjecture (Podcast / YouTube)
1 member
A podcast about board games where I have opinions and conclusions formed on the basis of incomplete information! The main show has a variety of topics and segments : The Designers...
Cardboard Insanity - The Asylum
23 members
Welcome, friends. Cardboard Insanity is a podcast which spotlights new designers, small publishers, and the unsung games of our hobby. We do reviews and interviews of games, desi...
Cardboard Maze
1 member
Welcome to the Cardboard Maze, a website about the stories games tell and the amazing worlds they create and show.
Cardboard Reality
158 members
Welcome to Cardboard Reality! A podcast about 4 friends who seek to escape the monotony of everyday life by discussing the board games they play. We discuss and review designer boa...
Cardboard Republic
114 members
A group of dedicated gamers with decades of experience across all manners of gaming. From reviews to podcasts to videos, we focus on small and indie publishers. Sometimes there'...
Chance of Gaming
7 members
A guild for fans? of our podcast.
Charlas lúdicas argentinas
13 members
Somos un colectivo de jugadores y jugadoras de juegos de mesa que desde Argentina queremos compartir nuestras impresiones sobre nuestra afición. Escuchanos en Stereo en viv...
Chibli's Playground
3 members
Charlie, Jason, Matt and Wil discuss the lighter side of heavy board games!
Co-op for Two
33 members
Guild for the "Co-op for Two" YouTube board game channel.
Contact with the Enemy
83 members
The BGG home of Contact with the Enemy, a podcast about wargaming with Paul Glenn and Jon Grantham, plus frequent guests.
Corax & Coffee
1 member
We strive to provide quality tabletop game reviews, articles, and associated products and services with sincerity and humor. Our focus is on games that are well-suited for small gr...
Counter Magazine
57 members
Welcome to the Counter Magazine Guild. Counter magazine is a quarterly electronic magazine devoted to board and card games. Each issue contains dozens...
cubelove podcast
48 members
Another boardgame podcast... [explicit]
4 members
CubePushers is a weekly podcast all about designer board and card games. Join Bill and Chris as they bring you the latest board game news, as well as th...
Cult of the New
6 members
A bi-weekly podcast focused towards the latest releases within the board gaming world. Featuring regular Releases, News and Kickstater segments along with random stuff episode to ...
D6 Desperados
14 members
Every two weeks, a group of gamers gather together to discuss what they have been playing or moderate Throwback Theater, a walkthrough of an 80's movie. ...
D6 Pack
4 members
D6 Pack is a monthly podcast scheduled to premier on December 29. The show hosts regularly discuss beer, board games, movies, technology, and whatever other nerdy stuff comes to mi...
Dads on a Map
106 members
Welcome to Dads on a Map, a board game podcast from two ordinary dads with an extraordinary love for family, gaming, and everything in between. Host James G...
David's Board Shorts
11 members
Some games are 'light.' This might mean that they are short, simple or light-hearted, but they are just as deserving of love as the denser, more strategic games that we play. Boar...
Dear Nameless Evil Overlord,
2 members
Dear Nameless Evil Overlord is what you get when you mix Dear Abby with a Dracolich. Every so often my panel of experts and I get together on the internet to answer your tabletop R...
Definitely A Board Game Podcast
11 members
Definitely A Board Game Podcast is definitely a podcast about board games, except when it isn't. Two friends, one who is just beginning his exploration of this amazing hobby, and ...
Después del Curro
1 member
Después del curro, es un programa de podcast sobre juegos de mesa que se emite desde septiembre de este 2020 cada semana. Pretendemos contribuir a la difusión de cont...
Devon Dice
13 members
Is a new blog site and Podcast about board games. We're doing quite well I'd say. Have a listen.
4 members
This is the Guild for the show about Tabletop Gaming through the eyes of 30 & 40-something gamer parents who juggle their work, family, and responsibilities with their boardgam...
Ding & Dent
241 members
Ding & Dent is a podcast hosted by Rafael Cordero and Charlie Theel. We discuss board games mostly, but sprinkle in a tiny amount of miniature and RPGs as well. Episodes typi...
Dog and Thimble
59 members
Dog and Thimble is an independent podcast about board games, the friends who play them, and the dirty, awful things we say to one another. Dice suck, but friends a...
Dorky PJs
1 member
The Dorky PJs is an upcoming podcast taking on a couple's view of boardgaming. P and J are complete film, music and book nerds, as well as bleeding-heart liberals and feminists, so...
Dos Robots Locos
2 members
A hobby tabletop game podcast hosted, produced, and edited by two crazy robots: Gimo Barrera and me, Adam Thibault. Here we discuss, analyize, and review games, mechanisms, theme, ...
Draft Mechanic
146 members
A lovely little local on the web for fans and friends of the Draft Mechanic podcasts. Join us here to discuss episodes, talk about great beer pairings and choices, and connect with...
Dragon's Demize
2 members
Welcome to the guild about what happens on, around, and behind the tabletop. We are Dragon's Demize and we run a podcast where we review board games and discuss other topics relate...
Dragon's Demize
1 member
Dragon's Demize is the Podcast about what happens on, around, and behind the tabletop! Join us for weekly board gaming fun as well as on YouTube and Twitch for live streams and vid...
Drive Thru Guild
641 members
A guild dedicated to all things Drive Thru. Reviews, vlogs, games, etc...
Drop The Dice
2 members
Five guys explore the hobby and discuss their hilarious journey through the genre, and use Google Hangouts
Dual Gauge Podcast
186 members
Our mission is to encourage people to examine the deep and swift game space that surrounds the 18XX genre of games. Each month, Kyle, Tyler and Tony (for a while) will discuss wha...
Dual Win Games
36 members
Dual Win Games is a bi-weekly podcast about the board gaming hobby. We discuss topics within the hobby, review games, and give top 10 lists. Join us as we share our passion for the...
Duelality Gamecast
3 members
A guild for watchers, curators and all other participants in the Duelality Gamecast.
Dżentelmeni Przy Stole
1 member
Kręcimy wąsem na dobre gry.
Earth Banana Podcast
2 members
A weekly podcast where Alex and Daniel discuss game creation. They talk about board games, video games, and document the process of creating a game from scratch. Give them feedback...
Effectively Wild
19 members
For fans of the Effectively Wild Baseball Podcast - turns out there is quite the overlap of passion between baseball and board games.
Epic Gaming Night
89 members
Epic gaming night is a podcast about tabletop games but mostly board games and the amazing stories & relationships they create! Join Roy, Mat, & Rob as they talk about Th...
1 member
EpicTurn is a podcast about the Hobby gaming industry, what we love or hate about it, how it's evolving and changing, and other things that as gamers we're passionate about. It is...
Escape Into Board Games
3 members
The Escape Into Board Games Podcast is where Chris Cormier and Matt McKenzie escape reality and talk about the board games they are playing, the games they are excited about and al...
Exploring Games with GamerChris
75 members
Exploring Games is all about the modern boardgame hobby. Each episode is chock-full of my thoughts about specific games, trends in the hobby, metagame ...
Five Games for Doomsday Guild
200 members
This is the main discussion hub for Five Games for Doomsday. You can discuss people's choices, guests you'd like to see or anything that takes your fancy.
Flip Floreys Super Saturday Board Game Guild
185 members
Welcome to the Super Secret online guild for listeners of Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial! This is a place to discuss episodes, segments, guests, or pretty much anyt...
Flip the Table
996 members
Welcome! You've reached the guild of "Flip the Table," a podcast about The Other Side of Board Games. Most board game shows focus on the latest-and-greatest, or time-test...
Four Corners of the Board
24 members
4 friends, 3 age demographics, 2 genders, 1 argument. Join the RPGer, number cruncher, neophyte, and the alpha gamer biweekly as we analyze one board game at a time.
Freunde der analogen Unterhaltung
437 members
Dies ist die BGG-Gilde von Hunter & Cron - für alle Freunde der analogen Unterhaltung! Wir würden uns freuen, hier Brettspielfreunde aus d...
Fried Dice
1 member
A twitch stream once a month on the Nizzareth Gaming channel where we talk about boardgames.
Fun Problems
3 members
Board game design is a deep and often challenging pursuit. We explore all aspects of game design and the fun problems (and solutions) that come with it. We specialize in looking at...
Funding the Dream - A Kickstarter Podcast for Gamers
10 members
Join the guild to discuss the impact Kickstarter is having on the gaming industry. The podcast is only 20 minutes because you're in a hurry and we would all rather be playing games...
Fustella Rotante
1 member
This guild is related to the Fustella Rotante podcast to help people to track our activities and discuss about our topics.
Game All Nite
20 members
What happens when you mix Jimmy Fallon, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, SNL, and Board Games? We asked that very question and that was the birth of the show. We want to bring the perso...
Game And Party
18 members
We are PodCasters and YouTubers. Making great content sharing our love of gaming. Visit us at Watch us on Youtube here:
Game Brain Podcast
175 members
The Official BGG Guild for the Game Brain Podcast. Game Brain is a weekly podcast, hosted by Matthew Robinson, focusing on board gaming, but through the lens of his board gaming g...
Game Designers of North Carolina podcast
75 members
This guild is for discussing the episodes of the Game Designers of North Carolina podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast via one of these ways: RSS:
Game Life
9 members
The Game Life Guild, where you can keep up to date with the latest Game Life episodes, and all Game Life related news!
Game Night with Geekshow
13 members
Game Night with Geekshow is a VideoCast detailing one game per new episode. We target our site's user base in an attempt to introduce new people to the gaming hobby. However, we ar...
Game On
1 member
Game On is a Podcast dedicated to everything gaming. Originally started back in 2012 and focusing mainly on video games, it has evolved over the years to be much more focused on B...
Game On! with Cody and John
562 members
This guild is for listeners of "Game On! with Cody and John", a podcast about tabletop gaming from Cody Jones and John Richard! Post your comments, questions, and disc...
Game Rant Repeat
0 members
Welcome to our passion and pain! This is a show about all things "geek" culture related. Covering anything and everything that is of interest to us at the moment. Broug...
Game Vine Community
1 member
Come along with us on our board game journey. You can find reviews on games kids, adults alike and more. This Guild as for the fans to share their opinions and thoughts all about t...
18 members
A podcast about the cross-talk between table top games and other pieces of cultural media, viewed in the tradition of comparative analysis. Hosted by Brett (via Chicago), Mike (fro...
2 members
GameBreak is a Video Podcast about fun and games with friends! This guild is our special presence on BGG, and we invite you to become a member and check out our official site as w...
GameBurst Unplugged
10 members
GameBurst Unplugged is the monthly show in the GameBurst line-up dedicated to all things cardboard. Each month we will feature the card and board games we've been playing and have ...
GameLore Podcast
2 members
Hosted by Mike and a rotating band of gamers, the GameLore Podcast is an eclectic mix of reviews, interviews and insightful commentary about games. We look at a wide mix of games, ...
2 members
This is a guild for The GamerNode Show Podcast,, and GamerNode's video reviews found on our YouTube channel. We do high-quality video reviews of great...and not so g...
Games from the Cellar
6 members
We play board games. We talk. You listen. The core panel for Games from the Cellar has been gaming together since 2009. In that time, we’ve played hundreds of games. Sometim...
Games in Schools and Libraries
112 members
Games in Schools and Libraries (GSL) is a podcast and blog dedicated to exploring how games are used in a wide variety of school and library related act...
Games On Tables
1 member
Games On Tables is a podcast on the Boomer Radio Network that discusses topics of interest on the board game industry. We talk to designers, publishers and board game media from Au...
Games on Tap
1 member
Games on Tap is a podcast where 4 friends across two cities from the Midwest discuss their love of everything gaming. From big box miniature laden games to the driest of euros and ...
Gaming Cadre
11 members
A guild for the Tabletop Gaming Cadre podcast community. Tabletop Gaming Cadre is a podcast about the tabletop gaming hobby. Join Brad, Aaron, Gabriel, Wayne, and Nick as we discu...
Gaming Moguls
94 members
Mark and Jake are the Gaming Moguls. We discuss aspirational board gaming topics for those board gamers that want to get deeper into the hobby. We discuss a variety of topics and o...
Gaming Nonsense Uncensored
2 members
A podcast and gaming group for adults! While we may enjoy family games this podcasts is intended for adults as we discuss board games, video games and RPGs. We focus on the fun a...
Gaming with a Purpose
1 member
  Our podcast "Gaming with a Purpose" is a part of We explore how tabletop games can be used to enhance social and academic learning. We also interview ...
Garrett's Games and Geekiness
516 members
Join the guild for the weekly gaming podcast from Doug and his wife Shelley. Every week on the show we discuss the latest games we've played, have a few contests, and banter with ...
Geek No Evil Podcast
0 members
The Geek No Evil Podcast is a biweekly podcast a board games hosted by Barb, Matt, Jason, and Bubba
GeekCroft Board Gamers
4 members
Does the world need another board gaming podcast? Probably not, but here is ours anyway (available on iTunes & Spotify). GeekCroft Board Gamers is a Sydney-based board gaming...
Get on Board
5 members
This is a guild for fans of Get on Board, a podcast about games worth playing. Get on Board is hosted by Tim Hange and Andrew Joyce
GloryHoundd Presents
3 members
GloryHoundd Presents is a female-led Video Production that focuses on Kickstarters, live plays, box openings and other geeky things that we love. While featuring many different typ...
Great Big Table
27 members
Great Big Table is a late-night conversation between two Midwestern geeks with dreams of world domination through board games. It's not a great plan, but it's our plan and we're st...
Guns, Dice, Butter
129 members
Guns, Dice, Butter is a podcast of a series of conversations with members of the wargaming tribe. As of NOV 2020: 64 guests have appeared on the show, 5,280 minutes of content (88...
Happy Happy Board Game Love-In
56 members
A wondrous place for all those listeners, fans and hecklers of the HHBGLI, presented by the distinguished Sir Luke Morris OBE MBE RAC RSPCA for your pleasure. Come in, chill and en...
Harold on Games
86 members
Welcome to the guild for Harold on Games, a podcast I will use to share my thoughts about the games I play and the people I meet. We will experiment with a few things and work to f...
Have Games, Will Travel
102 members
A guild for fans of Have Games, Will Travel
Heavy Cardboard Guild
3143 members
The guild for folks that enjoy the heavier end of board gaming spectrum! Elephanti Exercituum (current host) Edward Uhler (eapeas) United StatesCommerc...
Het Ludieke Gezelschap
14 members
De Nederlandstalige podcast over kaart- en bordspellen. Meer details op onze Facebook pagina: Reageren? Mail ons op hetludiekegezels...
Hex Encounter Wargame Podcast
86 members
Join Adam, Brian and Chad as we discuss the wonderful world of wargaming in all its styles and platforms. All 3 hosts come from different wargaming backgrounds so you are guaran...
Hidden Gems: A Board Game Podcast
254 members
The popularity of modern hobby board gaming is on the rise. Over the last 15 years, board games have seen a surge in popularity like they’ve neve...
High Shelf Gaming Podcast
8 members
Welcome! We are a weekly podcast about tabletop gaming (Board games and RPGs). Dave and Rich provide in-depth guides and reviews of some of the biggest gaming conventions in the US...
House Rules
6 members
Check in here to discuss the House Rules podcast at Giant Fire Breathing Robot! Post suggestions, requests, and maybe - just maybe - get featured in a podcast.
How to Play
1175 members
This guild is for discussion of episodes of the Podcast, "How to Play" a podcast which is focused on teaching and learning games. We all know that the best way to lear...
I Heart Board Games
2 members
A Twitch and YouTube channel all about streaming game content!
I'm having my one
3 members
Three chaps playing and endless talking about board games. Board game etiquette 101, everyone gets their one.
InnRoads Ministries
81 members
We are InnRoads Ministries, a group of folks committed to bringing people together around the gaming table, training churches to harness gaming to influence their communities, an...
Into The Gamescape
309 members
Welcome to the evershifting gamescape. It’s a place where civilisations rise and fall (often in less than two hours). Where fortunes are gained and lost (but where everyone w...
Into The Meepleverse
5 members
Billy and Maggie are two board game enthusiasts. Into the Meepleverse is a space for them to discuss this wonderful hobby with you. Listen if you’re looking to get into the h...
18 members
Feeling anxious about your board game collection? Not quite sure why you bought yet another new game (okay, five new games...) when you already have an unplayed stack taller than y...
JBs Total Gaming
1 member
A video series for all types of gamers be they board, card, role playing, video, or any combination of those. While board gaming is my primary love I also cover video games (often ...
Jogos, Café e Cerveja - podcast
22 members
Guilda do podcast! Participe com sugestões, críticas, curiosidades ou simplesmente bate papo! Sobre nosso podcast: Iremos falar de coisa...
La voz de su juego
3 members
«La voz de su juego» es un podcast en español sobre juegos de mesa. Realizado por Bascu de Charlas desde Mecatol Rex y Fran F G de Te toca jugar. «La vo...
Lay It On the Table
2 members
Every two weeks, Geek and Southern's James Engelhardt and Joe Mahaffey discuss the golden age of tabletop games from a Southern perspective. It’s the tabletop gaming podcast...
Le Comboteur Fou
48 members
Bienvenue à la Guilde du Comboteur Fou ! Le Comboteur Fou est un blog de chroniques et d'actualités principalement orienté sur les jeux de cartes, dont l'obje...
Lead and Cardboard
8 members
This podcast will be devoted to strategy board games and miniature wargames.
Let Them Eat Cardboard
1 member
A place for serious discussion about silly games and the people that play them
Let's Talk Board Games
2 members
Group based around the Rochester, NY area who produce the Let's Talk Board Games podcast.
Let's Talk Games
0 members
Hello gamers and welcome to Let’s Talk Games!, the podcast where we sit down and have an in-depth conversation with friends about a game that we just played. We hope that yo...
Lets Boardgame
1 member
Willkommen in der BGG-Gilde zu meinem YouTube-Kanal Lets Boardgame Mein Name ist Daniel Wandrei ich bin 31 Jahre alt und ...
Little Wooden Cubist
287 members
A place of refuge for fans and followers of Charley Eastman, the Little Wooden Cubist...
Low Player Count
1013 members
Low Player Count is a mostly-weekly podcast devoted to thinking about, sometimes reviewing, but mostly discussing solo and two player boardgames and their place in the current bo...
2 members
Guilda do podcast LudoCast: LudoCast é um podcast informal e divertido, criado por amantes da mídia dos jogos eletrônicos, com o objetivo de discutir assuntos ...
2191 members
Welcome to the guild for Ludology, a podcast featuring analytical discussions of the how’s and why’s of the world of board games. Rather tha...
Mantic Radio
29 members
This podcast is Hosted by Andrew Sherman, Mark Zielinski, and Rob Phaneuf. The guys talk about all things Mantic Games: Kings of War Warpath Dreadball Deadzone Dwarf Kings Hold P...
Mara Reads Rules
9 members
There is a youtube series called Mara Reads Rules. This is its guild. A Noel Spenis Production https://noelspenisp...
Mariachi Meeple
7 members
Un foro para los oyentes y seguidores del podcast, para que nos soliciten cualquier tipo de cosa relacionada a los juegos de mesa y el show. A forum for ...
Mariachi Meeple
1 member
Mariachi Meeple es un podcast mexicano que habla exclusivamente de juegos de mesa modernos. Intentamos hablar de los juegos de mesa que jugamos y cómo nos hemos sentido jug&...
1 member
Masterminds is a podcast hosted by Dino and Ben where they talk about all their nerdy endeavors. These are usually contained within the world of board games, but sometimes diverts ...
Meeple Leaf Reviews
26 members
A Canadian board game media provider covering the heavier side of gaming. The host Jeffrey brings you reviews, Before & Afters, and live How to Play + Playthroughs of games.
Meeple Nation
74 members
This guild is for all the friends and fans of the Meeple Nation Boardgame Podcast. Join us in conversation! There will be a 30 minute episode released each Tuesday. Guild/Podcast...
Meeple Overboard!
30 members
Meeple Overboard! is a podcast about board games, the gaming community, and our little slice of heaven that plays them. We're Chris and Wendy, and we love board games. Each Satur...
Meeple Syrup
30 members
The Meeple Syrup Show is hosted every Wednesday @11pm (EST). The show is a LIVE video panel conversation about board games, but always from the designer perspective. Watch or liste...
Meeple, Myself, and I
3 members
An auditory journey through the mind of an anxious solo board gamer.
Meeples & Miniatures
186 members
A guild to discuss the podcast 'Meeples & Miniatures' - a podcast about Boardgames and Miniatures Games
161 members
MeepleTown is a family friendly podcast for people new to boardgaming or already fans of the hobby.
Memoir '44 Podcast
48 members
A guild for listeners of the Memoir '44 Podcast. The podcasts home page : iTunes Feed
Men on Board
41 members
Men on Board is a bi-weekly board game podcast where each episode will focus on a particular category within the hobby. The categories will be anything from a mechanic, to a theme,...
11 members
A guild for the MFGCast! Please join us as we ask fun questions you answer and we talk about on the podcast! Also, we invite you to discuss anything about gaming in this friendly g...
Mile High Game Guys
189 members
A podcast about boardgaming in the Mile High city. Hosts: Adrian Richardson (akrichar) United StatesDenverColorado ...
Mitä Pelataan?
15 members
Mitä Pelataan? is a board game podcast in Finnish and in English. 'Babblecast' on boardgames and things related to them. You can find the podcast in BGG here: https://boardgam...
Nerd Fountain
2 members
Nerd Fountain is not a first look-driven outlet. We are a podcast and blog that delivers reviews and interviews with designers, developers, and publishers from multiple industries ...
Nerdbloggers Guild
6 members
This is the guild for readers of Nerdbloggers and listeners of the soon-to-arrive Nerdbloggers Nerdcast.
Night Cap!
5 members
Night Cap is a 30-minute video podcast by Boardgames and Bourbon that focuses on one create per episode and asks the question "Whered That Come From?" Along the way we d...
Nights Around a Table
42 members
Hi! My name is Ryan. i make How to Play videos, unboxings, and Find the Fun reviews of board games for you to enjoy. And i very seldom wear pants while doing it.
Nights at the Game Table
38 members
A podcast that takes a journalistic approach to the questions we ask and the stories we tell about board gaming.
Ninja Vs Pirates Podcast
7 members
On the Ninja Vs Pirates Podcast we discuss game design with game designers. Each episode we interview a designer of Card Games, Board Games, RPGs or Video Games. We have both main ...
NOT Just Another Gaming Guild!
152 members
NOT Just Another Gaming Podcast is a variety show that spans all areas of the gaming hobby. We discuss boardgames and card games, role playing games, war games, video games, and mo...
NSFWP Podcast
10 members
Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast: We're married & we talk $#!+ about board games! Uncensored podcast about board games and RPGs from the perspective of a married couple th...
Octothorpe Board Games
50 members
A biweekly podcast which is all encompassing about board games. The show features a past/present/future segment in which Kenny and Josh (the two hosts) grapple with particular gam...
Of Dice And Men
55 members
Hi there! This is our attempt to be more interactive with the listeners of our podcast. So pull up a chair, jump into a thread, and say hi! Hosts: Chad McC...
Omega Fourteen
2 members
This is our official Board Game Geek guild. This is the hub where I will be talking about our podcast and video content, game design & development, and the things I'm learning ...
On Board Games
1082 members
Please check out our Patreon account. ...
On Minis Games
2 members
On Minis Games is a part of the Inverse Genius stable of podcasts. All about miniatures games, and covering game and hobby news, On Minis Games is hosted by Giles Pritchard and Qui...
30 members
The RPG Geek home for the On RPGs podcast.
Once Upon A Die
21 members
Once Upon A Die is a podcast about solitaire board games, thematic or otherwise. It is created, presented and edited by D.A. Xavier. Once Upon A Die began with a single episode in...
One Chit Wonder
2 members
A podcast about board games and board game accessories.
Our Turn! Women on Gaming Podcast
130 members
Our Turn! Gaming for Everyone! Podcast is made up of a group of women who are pulling out the chairs around the table and inviting everyone to sit down and join the game and the co...
Out of Game
229 members
Out of Game is a monthly podcast about tabletop gaming, focused on unique discussion topics related to board games, card games, RPG’s, gamers, and gamer cult...
Out of Space Games
2 members
A podcast from guys who play games for fun, get excited by Kickstarters, enjoy good theme and finding niche games and lesser appreciated titles. We've also designed a game so you c...
Out of the Dust Board Games Podcast
19 members
A podcast focused on re-exploring out of the dust board games - the games we play that we hadn't previously played in a year or more. Join the conversation and post your own Out o...
Painted Meeple
2 members
This page does not exist. You can edit this page to create it.
Pair of Dice Paradise
422 members
Does every board game have a silver lining? Pair of Dice Paradise attempts to answer this question with commentary, reviews and previews of board games -- both new and old. Wheth...
Pick Up and Deliver
30 members
A guild for conversation about the Pick Up and Deliver podcast.
Pip Modern
3 members
Board game media site delivering critical analysis, commentary, and industry news, all while exploring the intellectual aspects of the modern board gaming industry
Players Wanted
6 members
The Players Wanted Podcast is dedicated entirely to the fun and rewarding world of modern board gaming. Hosted by Barb, her husba...
2 members
پادساعتگرد، یک پادکست فارسی زبان درباره بازیهای رومیزی است.
Point 2 Point
107 members
Point 2 Point is a podcast about wargaming.
Polyhedron Collider
90 members
The Polyhedron Collider blog and Polyhedron Collider Cast podcast bring you a whole host of board game and tabletop gaming news, reviews and interviews, as well as three blokes tal...
Power to the Meeple
5 members
We hold this truth to be self-evident: Not all games are created equal! Power to the Meeple is Jeffrey Norman Borbeau and JM Gariepy's latest podcast foray. They advocates for t...
Power to the Meeple
9 members
We hold this truth to be self-evident: Not all games are created equal! Power to the Meeple was created Jeffrey Norman Borbeau and co-host John-Michael Gariepy, both former found...
Print and Play
2844 members
The "Print and Play" podcast focuses on those free to download-and-make games that you can find all over the web. ( Also the odd game that costs money to buy ) Web Site...
Print It and Ship It
3 members
A place to discuss podcast topics, or ask questions to the hosts!
Punchboard Paradise
261 members
Punchboard Paradise a board game podcast about the games we play, the games we want to play, the people we play them with and how we rank them. Join our Slack group Microbadge: ...
Punched and Played Podcast
4 members
The Punched and Played Podcast is the sometimes funny, sometimes analytical podcast all about the world of board games and the unique experiences they create. We believe in the man...
Punching Cardboard
616 members
The Last of the Independents. The Punching Cardboard ...
Push Your Luck Podcast
74 members
A fortnightly podcast started by 2 friends from Singapore who have so much fun boardgaming that they decided to talk about it! subscribe to our podcast...
Que rico el mambo podcast
167 members
A podcast about boardgames in general. Made by four pasisonate gamers.
Race for the Fallacy
1 member
Welcome to Race for the Fallacy. A NSFW podcast where the audio quality sometimes surpasses the content quality! If you have a penchant for medium to heavy games mixed with unhealt...
Rahdo Runs Through
5275 members
A video series devoted to demonstrating what it *feels* like to play the latest and greatest board and card games on the market.
Rat Tale
2 members
This is Rat Tale, a podcast about tabletop games and the stories they tell. Join your buddies Adam Thibault and Gimo Barrera where we’ll discuss everything, but also nothing....
Right Brain Rollers
9 members
Discussion group for the Right Brain Rollers Podcast with Brandt Sanderson and Eric Summerer.
Robot Game Squad
1 member
We play board games and video games and stream them. And there's a webcomic…with robots.
Roll to Hit Gaming
2 members
Roll to Hit Gaming produces videos about board games, card games, and role-playing games. You can visit our YouTube channel at:
Rolling Dice & Taking Names
1732 members
LATEST EPISODE Click To Listen Since 2012, a podcast involving a 30+ year friendship where we sit down with our listeners to discuss ou...
Rolling Doubles Podcast
3 members
Welcome to the Rolling Doubles Podcast! A internet radio show of two board game enthusiasts that have never met and rolled the dice...on friendship.
Rolling for Change
6 members
Rolling for Change is a podcast about the social, psychological, and educational aspects of tabletop board gaming. Is gaming really good for you? If so...
Rolling for Change
1 member
A podcast discussing games and gamification in therapeutic and educational settings.
Rolling Solo
2037 members
Welcome to the Rolling Solo Guild! Here you'll gain insight into the growing popularity of playing board games solo! This includes true solo ga...
Rowdy with a Chance of Meeples
3 members
Videocast/Podcast from the Myrtle Beach, SC area. Join Sean and Deanne every week as we discuss new games we've played, review a full game and have a variety of other topics like d...
Rulebreaker Boardgames
4 members
Rulebreaker makes a game teaching series and video podcast!
rusted dice
9 members
playing strategy and conflict simulation games
Salt and Sass Games
84 members
Mandi and Suzanne podcast every other week about board games, invite industry experts to share their knowledge, and serve up a "game pie" full of games around a different...
Seven Questions Guild
16 members
This is a guild for those who enjoy Seven Questions, the board gaming and trivia podcast from Jason White.
Shadow Board Gaming
3 members
We are a diverse group of gamers who love boardgames and present our live plays and content over youtube gaming.
Shared Victory
1 member
A podcast for board game news, reviews and entertainment. The most thematic podcast in board gaming!
Shuffle Buddies Podcast
5 members
Shuffle Buddies is a podcast all about boardgames and good times. Join Chris Hajny and Casie Siekman as they discuss games from the perspective of a grizzled board game veteran and...
Shut Up & Sit Down
2318 members
When the Shut Up & Sit Down Guild arrived, we had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Five years later, it sits here, quietly hosting occasional discussions about things. Mo...
Simon plays solo
1 member
The official guild for Simon plays solo! This is the Youtube channel where you can see complete gameplay sessions of solitaire board games. I simply want to help you see how games...
So Into Games
1 member
A German-language podcast about both analog and digital games. Hosted by Sune & Georgios. Visit us at So Into Games More information coming soon... (hopefully) Ein deutsch-...
so very Wrong about Games
1604 members
A podcast about all manner of hobby games by Michael Walker and Mark Bigney. Bad games don't go easy on you, so we don't go easy on them. Thorough analysis via reviews, news, and d...
So you wanna go to Germany...?
5 members
Discussion Guild for everything regarding the Podcast "So you wanna go to Germany...?"
Space Cats Peace Turtles
715 members
An unofficial podcast for fans of Twilight Imperium. Each episode, Matt Martens and Hunter Donaldson discuss mechanics and strategies, as well as break down individual games. Join ...
17 members
Spielcast is the official podcast of Spielbound Board Game Cafe in Omaha, NE. Hosts Scott, Jeff, and Cody get together every other week to discuss new games, old games, and more o...
Spooning Meeples
63 members
Spooning Meeples is a board game vlog hosted by INVALID OBJECT ID=rhiochs, type=user. The guild is here to connect us with our viewers and our viewers with each other. Whether you'...
Start Space Podcast
199 members
Welcome to the Start Space Podcast Guild! This podcast aims to help those new gamers who have just found the hobby while giving a new perspective to those that have been in tableto...
Super Board Bros
18 members
Another place to meet and interact with our listeners!
Super Board Sunday
1 member
Super Board Sunday Podcast and Live Playthroughs coming soon! Check us out on Instagram at @SuperBoardSunday.
Sweethearts or Rivals
25 members
Introducing Charla and Justin, a husband and wife team that love to play board games together. We are delighted to introduce you to our new obsession: DESIGNER BOARD GAMES!! It's...
Syracuse Tabletop
1 member
The spot for tabletop gaming in Syracuse!
TableHops Podcast
1 member
The channel where we pair boardgames & beer!
Tabletop Assassins Podcast
1 member
A new podcast focusing on games with direct player interaction mechanics. Whether these are: negotiation, hidden role, take that, dudes on a map, 4X or any games where you must ac...
Tabletop Bellhop
10 members
Welcome to the Tabletop Bellhop BGG Guild. This is a place for fans and followers of the Tabletop Bellhop blog, vlog and/or Podcast to hangout and interact. You can watch here to...
Tabletop Flix
12 members
UPDATE - this podcast is no longer active and back episodes are, unfortunately, not available. ** We are a podcast where movie night and game night collide. Where ...
Tabletop Game Talk
91 members
Tabletop Game Talk is a podcast hosted by Chris, Josh & Kitty where we talk about tabletop game topics of all kinds. We primarily focus on topics around board games, card game...
Tabletop Hour
2 members
Tabletop Hour is a fast-paced podcast about board and card games hosted by Trent Hamm.
Tabletop Inquisition
3 members
Tabletop Inquisition is a podcast collaboration of Boardgame Inquisition and Tabletop Games Blog. In each episode we tackle a different issue facing board games, the people who pla...
Tabletop Meta
1 member
Tabletop Meta is a board game podcast and blog where we talk about all the things that relate to board games: why we play them, how we play them, what they mean and what all of it ...
Tabletop Sessions
14 members
A podcast with your monthly dose of tabletop gaming stories and shenanigans from an international group of friends. Communicate with other listeners, as well as the podcast hosts ...
Take Your Turn
2 members
A guild for the Take Your Turn series. Discussion, ideas, complaints, you name it!
Talk About Board Games Podcast
47 members
The official guild for Talk About Board Games podcast. This is the place to ask Fred and Nicole questions about the podcast. Also, this is where you can weigh in on upcoming game...
Tech Geek Gamers
1 member
Tech Geek Gamers is a podcast about gaming (both board and video)
Terrible Game Reviews
1 member
We are a podcast about board game reviews, covering everything from Puerto Rico to Mall World. Our reviews tend to be more laid back and informal than others’ reviews. We a...
Tesla Volta Games
1 member
A youtube channel dedicated to spark your interest into better games with vlogs, in-depth game tutorials, and strategy videos. Produced by Ross Gustafson.
That Board Game Show
1 member
A podcast / YouTube channel dedicated to spreading the joy of tabletop gaming through playthroughs, overviews, and general conversation about this amazing hobby.
The "Chit" Chat
1 member
A YouTube series and Podcast that will feature a monthly discussion of all things board games. We will talk about various topics from dice/luck in games to the industry as a whole....
The Albino and the Bear
7 members
The Albino and the Bear is a podcast where two friends try to get down to the roots of boardgames - what makes them tick, what makes us, as gamers, tick, and how we can enjoy them ...
The Aldie Show
55 members
This is the guild for the Podcast - "The Aldie Show"
The Bender Show
1 member
The guild for listeners to The Bender Show podcast.
The Board Boys
134 members
We play board games. We hope you like board games. New episodes every other Thursday on your favorite podcast platforms.
the board game guys
1 member
the board game guys is part of a youtube channel ran by nick gilbert. it is one of 3 diffrent podcasts that appear on the channel. We are just getting started, and look forward to ...
The Board Game Knights
10 members
A Guild for discussions of all things Board Game Knights related. :) YouTube FaceBook Pod...
The Cardboard Console
2 members
Welcome to the The Cardboard Console, a podcast where each week we discuss what has impacted us in the world of video games, board games and other media. We will also do special e...
The Cardboard Jungle
67 members
The Cardboard Jungle is a podcast all about tabletop gaming hosted by gaming friends, Anthony Racano, Paul Leoncavallo and Matthew Soares. We hope to give our own spin on board and...
The CardBoard Stash
1 member
A podcast for people who enjoy board and card games, movies and pop culture. Join us as we discuss our gaming interests and other things that we find ourselves exploring. Please al...
The Chalk - Board Game Reviews
44 members
The Chalk - Board Game Reviews Is a YouTube channel dedicated to doing previews and reviews of games using our chalkboard.
The Cubist
18 members
A weekly YouTube show/podcast with hosts: Bill Corey Jr. (BeeCeeJay) United StatesSheboyganWisconsin ...
The Deep End Gaming Podcast
158 members
A board game podcast about the deeper end of gaming. A heavy gaming show for heavy gamers. Round table discussions about heavy gaming. Youtube:
The Dice Men Cometh
33 members
Tabletop gaming culture live on the radio from Hobart’s Edge Radio 99.3 FM, every Thursday evening from 7 pm, on demand for up to 3 weeks after the show, or as a podcast, ava...
The Dice Steeple
457 members
A podcast on tabletop gaming from a Christian perspective, with an interest in bridging the gaps between differing world-views.
The Dice Tower
11439 members
A forum for all Dice Tower fans. Let your comments be heard here. Or at least, show people that you like the podcast! Future contests may involve peo...
The Dicey Review
10 members
Hello fellow gamer! My name is Paul and I am in love with all things gaming, particularly tabletop games. This website and podcast is dedicated to board games, card games, adventur...
The Die Is Podcast
3 members
Your place on the internet for discussion and feedback about The Die Is Podcast, a show about board games, video games, and role-playing games... basically, anything you can play w...
The Docking Bay 94 The Board Game Reviewers Podcast
14 members
TDB94TBGR Podcast focuses on the content creators, designers, publishers, artists, and anyone else that is a shaker and mover in the tabletop industry. My co-host, Jason Washburn ...
The Drinking Meeples
42 members
Brewing a Love for Board Games The Drinking Meeples is a bi-weekly board gaming podcast that launched in November 2017. The Meeples typically do an in-depth revi...
The Dukes of Dice
843 members
The Dukes of Dice... a Podcast and Community for board, card and role playing games. Latest Episode: Click here to go to episode page!
The Dungeon Dive
277 members
The Dungeon Dive Youtube channel presents, the Dungeon Dive Guild! That's about it. If you like dungeon crawls and adventure games, this is the place.
The Fighting Dirty Podcast
1 member
Two friends embark on a journey to play the best games that the tabletop and digital world has to offer. Download the newest podcast at our website for radical gaming pictures for...
The Five By
85 members
A new podcast bringing you a bi-weekly dose of rapid-fire board game reviews. Every other Wednesday our five contributors will talk about a game on their radar that week. ...
The Full 42
20 members
This is a videocast centered around geeky pop culture, shows, movies, comics, but most of all, board games. We have special guests join us occasionally,...
The G*M*S Magazine Guild
15 members
This is the guild for the G*M*S Magazine and G*M*S Magazine Podcast. Here you'll have all the headlines of our reviews and a space to discuss gaming, games and gamers at your leis...
The Game Pit
105 members
A podcast about board and card games from gamers in London, UK. We talk about the games we have played, classics who earn a place in The Vault, throw games against each other in Pi...
The Gamecasters Guild!
40 members
Welcome to The Gamecasters Guild! We wanted a place for discussion to breakout from our rabid listener! We encourage dialogue around our episodal topics and would love to hear YOUR...
The Games We Play
6 members
A new weekly podcast by two dads about boardgames, tabletop, miniatures and the games we play. Our mission is to create entertaining and engaging content where you can learn more a...
The Gaming Gang
51 members
Launched in late August of 2010, The Gaming Gang (or TGG for short) features news, reviews, sneak peeks, our thoughts on gaming, looks at classic games from the past, as well as ...
The Geek Allstars
467 members
A Guild for listeners and fans of The Geek Allstars Podcast. Or those who just feel like talking about all things GEEK! We are a podcast about Board gaming, video gaming, MMO's, m...
The Geeks vs Games
1 member
A new podcast/mini-review site from the Boise area.
The Giant Brain & Brainwaves
3 members
The Giant Brain is a games journalism site full of reviews, industry comment and game critique. We are also the home of the Brainwaves podcast! Brainwaves brings you the best in T...
The Good, The Board, and The Ugly
167 members
"I used to encourage everyone I met to make [board game podcasts], I used to think everyone should do it. I don't do that so much anymore." -Banksy. This is The Guild ...
The Guild of Perfect Information
186 members
This is the official guild for the Perfect Information Podcast, hosted by Ben Maddox (benisace) and Georgios Panagiotidis (Joe Dizzy) with regular segments by Nick Mariner (TheGood...
The Harlan Board Trotters
3 members
We are a fledgling podcast about all things gaming, but mostly of the tabletop sort. We are inexperienced and learning as we go! Every episode a new lesson is learned. Join us as w...
The Healthy Meeple
1 member
Follow us on twitch and watch our youtube videos.
The Hungry Meeple
2 members
The Hungry Meeple is all about making connections with friends and family through food, drinks and games. Every month we pick a game and host a dinner party themed around this game...
The Incorrigible Party
20 members
The Incorrigible Party is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast exploring the homebrew world of Aspara. Join players Emily and Jon Detmer, Bill and Alana Atyeo, and game mas...
The Level Up Board Game Podcast
49 members
The Level Up Board Game Podcast is a community focused show that discusses various topics in the board gaming hobby. We incorporate polls and community topics into each episode an...
The Little Metal Dog Show
158 members
A guild for The Little Metal Dog Show - the podcast that looks to speak with the people behind the games we play! Hosted by Michael Fox, each episode ha...
The Long View
484 members
The Long View is a podcast designed to take a closer, more critical look at the games we play. Each episode will focus on a single game. The game will be one that the podcasters wi...
The Longest Turn Board Gaming Podcast
27 members
The Longest Turn Board Gaming Podcast is a podcast about table top board games. We're just a group of guys who love games and enjoy talking about the hobby we love! For each epis...
The Mad Meeple
6 members
The Mad Meeple is a semi-monthly podcast about the Board Gaming hobby. Your hosts, Cory and Andrew, will tickle your inner meeple as they discuss the world of board and card gaming...
The Meeple Society
11 members
We are a podcast about board games, hosted by four long-time roleplayers turned avid board games.
The Mega Meeple
2 members
What is a Mega Meeple? A Mega Meeple has an insatiable appetite for all things board games and the social interaction that results from such things. The Mega Meeple is a show all ...
The Messy Game Room Guild
213 members
A kinda-monthly podcast which delves into whatever we feel like. It's mostly about wargaming, or whatever we feel like. You will occasionally get some shit about some crappy books ...
The Metagamers
210 members
Mark and Jim discuss games in a loose, conversational format with a little more depth than the typical podcast. We also have occasional episodes about o...
The Mixed Six
18 members
The Mixed Six is a variety podcast fueled by delicious beer. Caleb and Spencer drink 6 beers and have 6 conversations, covering topics from board games to philosophy. http://www.t...
The Mobile Tabletop
1 member
A brand spankin' new podcast about board games on your mobile device. First episode will debut sometime in the fall of 2015.
The No Cube Zone
7 members
A podcast about the less cubed side of board games
The Noise Before Defeat
155 members
The Noise Before Defeat is a podcast dedicated to wargames of all kinds. We strive to provide commentary and reviews of wargames, but we also hope to provide some insight into gami...
The Outpost Podcast with Orange Nebula
1 member
A look behind the scenes of Orange Nebula, creators of Vindication® and other pop-culurey type things.
The Painted Mini
1 member
The Painted Mini is a Youtube channel based out of San Antonio, Texas that focuses on tabletop gaming. We are enthusiastic hobbyists and dabble in painting miniatures, playing tab...
The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast
288 members
This is a guild for listeners of The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast, a podcast about party games, and games you take to parties.
The Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers
211 members
Join in on the nonsensical ramblings of The League of Nonsensical Gamers! PONG is a segment-based podcast that alternates weekly between the flagship sh...
The Podcasters Guide to the Gameroom
2 members
A podcast about classic arcade, board games, pinball machines, and all things gameroom. Join us for fun and engaging gameroom discussions.
The Quackalope Podcast
92 members
The worlds most aviary focused board game review show. Indigenous to the eastern shore of the United States, the horned Quackalope can be spotted where board games are played. The ...
The Reserve Pool
191 members
A forum for fans of Dice Masters and The Reserve Pool! Dave, Katie, occasionally Evan, and perhaps other guests discuss all of the strategy and fun behind Dice Masters! Released...
The Royal Society of Gamers
39 members
The Royal Society of Gamers is a podcast about board games and card games. Produced by an Englishman, an American and a German and recorded in London our show includes reviews and ...
The Secret Cabal
5428 members
The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is a weekly talk show about board games, card games, miniatures and role playing games. In our fl...
The Spiel
688 members
A guild where fans of the podcast The Spiel can gather together and discuss the show. Microbadge:
The Spoken Token Podcast
10 members
Our home on BGG, please come in and lets discuss all things show related, which is all things related to life with Board Games! Ending year 4, soon to be five years strong! Come ...
The State of Games
193 members
A board game podcast with a little something different. Sure, we talk about games we've played and games you should play, but we also chat about offbeat...
The Tabletop for Two Podcast
45 members
The Tabletop for Two Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Brad and Emily vanVugt featuring reviews, impressions, and discussion of primarily two-player gaming. This guild is f...
The Tattered Board
36 members
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The Thoughtful Gamer
58 members
Welcome to The Thoughtful Gamer's Guild! We aim for consistently high-quality board game reviews, strategy, and commentary. We also release a podcast weekly: the main podcast bi-w...
The Train Rush
182 members
The Train Rush is a short form podcast, typically running 30-45 minutes in length, where your hosts discuss a single ‘train game’ they have played in the preceding f...
The Vintage Gamer
70 members
This guild is for fans of The Vintage Gamer podcast, or older games in general.
The War College
49 members
The Weekly Alaboom
22 members
Join Undead Viking and various board game media, designers, publishers, and hangers on as we discuss board games and anything else that the mood strikes. This live videocast is br...
This Board Game Life
83 members
This guild and forum is for listeners of "This Board Game Life", a podcast covering all types of boardgames including Eurogames, Ameritrash, Family, Children's and even s...
This Game is Broken
207 members
A guild for the This Game is Broken podcast - a comedy board game panel show with Matthew Jude, Paula Deming, Dave Luza, Nick Murphy and Mike Murphy
Three Bored Gamers Podcast
2 members
Three board gamers in the UK sit around drink beer and talk about board games.
Through Gamer Goggles
1 member
Through Gamer Goggles is all about. The short answer is this: balancing gaming life with real life. The short answer doesn’t delve into what this is really about though. T...
Train Shuffling
70 members
Train Shuffling is a podcast focused on 18xx games - train themed economic simulation games where players act as investors in railway corporations with ...
1 member
Playing board games without reading rulebooks. It has never been easier to start playing a new board game immediately, without reading through tons of rules.
Twenty Minutes with Gaming Trent
12 members
A twenty minute twice-weekly podcast covering tabletop games of all varieties. Topics include top ten lists, interviews, how-tos, and audio essays. If you'd like to subscribe usi...
TWIST Gaming
43 members
We are TWIST Gaming, your dedicated channel for interactive board gaming on Twitch! Join us in each of our board gaming streams as you help your fellow viewers determine the outcom...
Two Geeks and a Game
8 members
Two Geeks and a Game is a video log dedicated to reviewing board gaming products for use in education. It started in 2014 and features the talents of Mr. Thompson and Mr. Dunn, bo...
Two Wood for a Wheat
5 members
Two Wood for Wheat is a board game podcast. We review and criticize board games, diving deep into the strategies and mechanisms that make them great or make them forgettable.
UK Gaming Media Network
175 members
Check out the new site with news, videos, podcasts, clubs, stores and more The UK Gaming Media Network A central hub for all UK based Blogs and Podcasts to post links to new art...
9 members
A guild for the UK Gamers podcast,for all things gaming with a UK bent. Covering Board games, Wargames, Role playing games and Computer games on a very Irregular basis
Unlucky Frog Gaming
11 members
The guild for those who listen to/read/watch(delete as appropriate) Unlucky Frog Gaming Media!
Until Dice Do Us Part Podcast
1 member
Seth and Jessie talk board games!
Vis Ludica
7 members
Guild de los miembros del podcast para organizar sus preparados guiones y secciones del podcast.
Wargames To Go
115 members
Guild for Mark Johnson's irregular podcast about smaller wargames
Watch It Played
1787 members
The Watch It Played video series is designed to show you how a game is played, by teaching the rules and then inviting online viewers to participate in a turn-by-turn play through ...
We The Meeples
2 members
A Google Hangout and Podcast that focuses on the boarding gaming community.
We're Not Wizards
11 members
A podcast all about chatting and tabletop. We take the best people from the hobby and we sit them down for a chat about how the world of cardboard influences their lives. Sometime...
Weaponsgrade Tabletop
3 members
Hey guys, welcome to the Weaponsgrade Tabletop guild! I wanted a space on BGG where I could link new videos and post upcoming stuff as well, so if you're interested in new reviews...
Welcome Stranger Gaming
3 members
An Australian built gaming group that has now branched out into streaming live plays and more! We formed in the late months in 2017, and from there we have had a name change and a...
What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thingy!
233 members
A guild for the folks who follow the WDYPTW geeklist and podcast! Come on in, pull up a chair and let's talk some games. This podcast was created after hosting the WDYPTW geeklist...
What I'm Playing Now
6 members
A place for all gamer's to discuss the games they are currently playing. Feel free to discuss both new and old games as I talk about everything I play on the podcast.
Where Do The Meeples Go?
2 members
A gathering for fans of the podcast "Where Do The Meeples Go?" Here you can ask the hosts any questions, post discussions, talk about your recent games played, and post p...
Who Dares Rolls
27 members
Who Dares Rolls is a website dedicated to board games and sharing our love for them. The podcast is a random event when we can all get together and invo...
Who Shuffled?
5 members
This guild is for fans of Who Shuffled?Who Shuffled? is a weekly podcast about board games. Tom & Ryan talk about gaming news, games...
Whose Turn Is It Anyway
26 members
Official BGG guild page for the Whose Turn Is It Anyway podcast and website. Feel free to join up, and post comments about the podcast and website topics. Thanks for looking arou...
4 members
Your source for board gaming, miniature gaming, hobby tips, and more! Welcome to WiscoDice!!!! Located out of Madison, Wisconsin our hosts play a wide va...
Wooden Cubes & Iron Gamers
4 members
This guild should be deleted. Please go to the following Guild page for the new Guild....
Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers
149 members
A forum for fans of the Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers Podcast to discuss recent episodes, interact with Lance and Joel, and make suggestions for future episodes!
Würfel Reviews
84 members
Welcome to Würfel Reviews guild! Here you can discuss all sorts of things regarding board games, our channel, reviews etc. Ask questions, write su...
2 members
Ihr interessiert euch für Brett-, Karten oder Würfelspiele? Vielleicht seid ihr auch auf der Suche nach eurem neuen Lieblingsspiel? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig. Uns...
Yet Another Boardgame
1 member
A comprehensive list of all the new boardgames to hit the market.
You're Wrong About
1 member
A place for people who enjoy the YWA podcast to hang out and discuss it. The podcast looks with empathy at events that were misrepresented, misunderstood, or misremembered. https...