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Created On: 2015-12-27 15:01:13
Members: 13
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Description Edit | History

This guild is the central exchange place for those involved in a large-scale PBE/PBF Kingdom Death: Monster campaign. The rules for the game have been modified to allow for large group to participate asynchronously. The game will take place through a combination of here, face to face plays, the campaign manager at Vibrant Lantern, a character generation process, and emails.

Anyone curious about this guild or our system is welcome to post or send an email to the manager, however you can only participate in the campaign activities if you have a legacy character in the system.

More Information Edit | History

Current Players

Emily Lauren II
Whisper IV
Christian (Retired 7/24)
Elswort Blane
Eagle II
Torkath II
Greg (Retired 7/24)
Adam, The First Speaker
Octavian II
Mark (Retired 7/24)
Flame Hair II
Baeden Gruf
Jay (Retired 7/24)
Chrys Anthemum

Population: 9

Survival Limit: 4


2 Founding Stones
2 King Spear
1 Scrap Sword
1 Counterweighted Axe
1 Round Leather Shield
1 Bone Sickle
1 Bone Pickaxe
1 Whisker Harp
1 Reverberating Lantern
1 Dying Lantern
1 Vibrant Lantern
1 Monster Tooth Necklace
1 Cat Eye Circlet
2 Bandages
1 Dried Acanthus
1 Frenzy Drink
5 Loin clothes
3 Rawhide Headbands
3 Rawhide Vests
3 Rawhide Gloves
3 Rawhide Pants
3 Rawhide Boots
1 White Lion Helm
1 White Lion Gauntlet
1 White Lion Coat


1 ???
2 Broken Lantern
1 Skull
3 Red Vial
3 Lion Claw
1 Lion Testes
2 Great Cat Bones
1 Tail Feather
1 Monster Organ
1 Monster Bone


Language - +1 Survival Limit; Survivors can now Encourage
Ammonia - +1 Survival for Departing Survivors
Painting - Survivors gain the Dash survival ability
Inner Lantern - Survivors gain the Surge survival ability
Lantern Oven - +1 Survival Limit; Heat
Cooking - +1 Survival Limit; Access to recipes
Settlement Watch - Weak or untrained survivors can spend endeavor to train.
Pictography - Any survivor can use "Run Away" during the hunt and showdown phase


Death Principle: Cannibalize - When a survivor dies, a random basic resource is added to the settlement's storage.
New Life Principle: Protect the Yong - When rolling on the Intimacy chart, make two rolls and keep the one you want.
Society Principle: Collective Toil - During 'Gain Endeavor', gain +1 endeavor point per 10 population.

Passed Survivors:

Keiger I (RIP LY3) - Ran screaming from an Antelope.
Octavian (RIP LY5) - Decapitated by The Butcher
Emily Lauren (RIP LY5) - Died of blood loss to The Butcher
Eagle (RIP LY5) - Died of blood loss to The Butcher
Keiger II (RIP LY5) - Died alone in the dark to The Butcher
Whisper III (RIP LY7) - Slaughtered by the White Lion (blood lose)
Gerg (RIP LY7) - Chest crushed by the White Lion
Flame Hair I (RIP LY8) - Run through by the Flower Knight
Octavian II (RIP LY8) - Eviscerated by the Flower Knight
Chrys Anthemum (RIP LY8) - Turned into a real flower
St. Valentine (RIP LY8) - Tried for murder. Found Guilty.
Joleane (RIP LY9) - Hung by the Manhunter.
Candy (RIP LY9) - Mauled by the White Lion
Nellinochehuatl (RIP LY9) - Ripped limb from limb by the White Lion
Elswort Blane (RIP LY10) - Cut down by the Twilight Knight
Torkath (RIP LY10) - Run through by the Twilight Knight

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