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Created On: 2017-08-30 05:28:33
Members: 67
  • Larry Schneider
    United States
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Description Edit | History

The place to come with questions, answers, ideas, bug reports, enhancements, and a lot of good cheer. Learn the ins and the outs of the program directly from the developer, Larry Schneider.

More Information Edit | History

Too Many Bones for Windows was officially released on August 3, 2017. You can use this program to play Too Many Bones on your Windows PC, completely free of charge, with the approval and support of Chip Theory Games.

The program continues to be supported and maintained to this day by its developer, Larry Schneider. You can reach out to me here via this guild, contact me via BGG geekmail at my username schnel, or contact me via email at If you're a user of Too Many Bones for Windows, please pledge $1 per month to support my effort to maintain and improve this program:
Click here:

Here is a list of resources you can tap regarding this program:

Click this link to learn how to download and install the program:

Go here to download the latest version of the program:

A YouTube playlist describing in detail how to use the various features of the program:

A solo single-Gearloc playthrough and tutorial:

A solo 2-Gearloc playthrough:

An advanced 4-Gearloc playthrough (part 1/3):

An advanced 4-Gearloc playthrough (part 2/3):

An advanced 4-Gearloc playthrough (part 3/3):

A link to this guild 3023:

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