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Created On: 2008-07-31 19:58:31
Members: 61
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  • City: Salt Lake City
  • State/Province: Utah
  • Country: United States
  • Postal Code: 84115
  • Board Game Designers Guild of Utah
    United States
    Salt Lake City
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The Board Game Designers Guild of Utah (BGDG) is a group of game designers, and board game enthusiasts in Utah who meet regularly for prototype play testing and discussion concerning various topics in board game design.

At our meetings, we not only play test each other’s board game designs, but we participate in workshops where we learn the different parts of board game design, from conception through publication. Although we predominantly design Euro games, we welcome all game designs.

We follow a charter that details all of our guiding principles, along with the guild’s organization and rules, including the following:

Members must attend three BGDG meetings before being eligible to present a game of their own for play testing.

All members shall play test other members games more than their own. As such, you cannot submit your game for play testing during the scheduled play test session two meetings, at the same location, in a row, unless there are no other games from other members who did not play test at the previous meeting at that location.

Before submitting a game for play testing, it is expected that members understand the principles of board game design and present games that have reached the “play testing with outer circle of friends” phase of game design.

Members are expected to continually strive to be effective play testers, including learning how to offer and receive productive criticism.

If you have any questions, please ask a guild officer. Guild officers are listed in the New Member’s Packet, along with the BGDG Charter and articles and handouts on game design and play testing, available at all BGDG meetings and on the BGDG Google Drive.

All of our in-group online discussion takes place via a private Facebook group. Admission to the Facebook group is conditional with respect to meetings attended. For more information on the guild visit our website at:

More Information Edit | History

The Board Game Designer’s Guild of Utah meets each month at the following locations:

The 2nd & 4th Tuesday each Month @ 7:00PM
at the Demolition Games in Salt Lake City, UT

The 1st & 3rd Tuesday each Month @ 7:00PM
at the Blakfrye Games in Pleasant Grove, UT

The 1st & 3rd Tuesday each Month @ 7:00PM
at the Game Grid in Layton, UT

The 1st Thursday each Month @ 7:00PM
at the Paragon City Games in Draper, UT

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