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Created On: 2010-06-11 15:29:18
Members: 259
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  • City: Minneapolis and St.Paul
  • State/Province: Minnesota
  • Country: United States
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  • David Dockter
    United States
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The Twin Cities' premier wargame and boardgame group since 1982 (Frick saw an ad in Avalon Hill's The General by local wargamer legend Frank...said, let's meet and form a club). We play every Friday at The Source, located at the northwest corner of Skillman Avenue and West Snelling Drive in Roseville (just south of Highway 36, across from HarMar Mall, next to Erik’s Bike Shop): 2057 Snelling Avenue, 55113, (651) 645-0386.

What we play: Anything with a board – econ, trains, ameritrash, heavy euros and light euros -- but we LOVE wargames! What we are currently hot about: First Minnesota's Favorite Wargame

New to wargaming? Start here Wargame/Wargaming Grasshopper, Noob, Rookie, Padawan List

Do I have to be a member to show up?
Absolutely not. Anyone is welcome, anytime. If you decide to join, cool: cost is under a $1/month.

Alright, I’ll check it out. What time?
Every Friday, folks are setting up games as early as 11:00 a.m. but many filter in and out throughout the afternoon and on into the evening. Average attendance is 30 to 40. Some are planned games, but many are pickups springing up throughout the day/night. Just check out our weekly I WANT TO PLAY thread -- post what you want to play and you'll get a game. Guaranteed!

What's an average Friday night look like?
Check out one of our GAAR recaps (Gordy's After Action Report) below. They're posted pretty much every Saturday, first thing in the morning.

1st Minn Game Collections
Collectively, we own many games. A lot. Tons. See who owns what, and what they're looking to play:


1st Minn Member Profiles:
1st Minn Blog: Volley Fire:
History of our Namesake: and
We're famous! Games containing a 1st MN counter:
Toys for Tots 2015
Recent Club History

More Information Edit | History
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