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Issue: Fenix (Kickstarter Edition,  2018 - English only)
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Fenix (Kickstarter Edition, 2018 - English only)
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From publisher blurb:

The Lost Treasures Issue

Mummies – A New Approach

Although it is an iconic monster in the history of horror movies, most fantasy and horror games do not give the mummy the respect it deserves. A flaming torch or some holy water, and it’s all over. Whether you are a roleplayer or a miniatures gamer, here are some options you can use to restore the bandaged dead to their rightful place among the creatures of the night.

While systemless, the notes in this article can help GMs and wargamers to develop game statistics and rules for any game system. Seven mummy classes of increasing power are presented – or seven stages in the complete resurrection of a mummy, as seen in the classic Boris Karloff movie The Mummy or Anne Rice’s novel The Mummy: Or, Ramses the Damned.

While based on the ancient Egyptian mummies of antiquity, pulp, and modern horror, the mummies and amulets described in this article can also be used in Egyptian-themed fantasy settings, such as the nation of Stygia in Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age or the land of Khemri, home of Warhammer’s dreaded Tomb Kings..

Text: Graeme Davis, Art: Lukas Thelin

The Carter Conspiracy – A Runequest Scenario for Luther Arkwright

It is November the 3rd, 1922. You are all seated about a dining table under the spread of canvas, enjoying an aperitif as the day’s incessant heat finally gives way to the chill of the desert night. Howard, your host, gives a toast to Lord Carnarvon, in thanks for his generosity sponsoring this final year of exploration in the Valley of the Kings. As the genteel company raises fluted glasses a tall, imposing figure sweeps in as if from nowhere.

One moment the majestic vista of the dusk-lit Nile was empty, the next stands a man dressed in Bedouin robes his face covered by the tail of his turban. A heavily accented voice rasps, ”If any one of you truly loves Thebes and wishes to sit a million years, your eyes beholding happiness, then follow me now, to seek the greatest treasure ever lost to mankind ...”.

This adventure takes place on Parallel 00-09-17 Britain Dominant, ostensibly similar to the geopolitical period shortly after World War I save that King Edward VII still rules. Using his modernised military he pre-empted the Great War, ruthlessly crushing Germany so that the Empire emerged strongest of the Triple Entente. Peace now rules under British gunboat diplomacy, its might unmatched by the other nations.

The characters are guests of Howard Carter just prior to his discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen. But what is the true treasure being sought after, who exactly is hunting it, and what is the curse – if any – that protects it?

Text: Pete Nash, Art: Magnus Fallgren

Bernard the Barbarian Back to the Olden Times (Redux)

A Comic Strip

Text & Art: Åke Rosenius

Dirty Deeds – A Treatise on Treasure Hunting

Many adventures can and have been built around the concept of hunting for lost artifacts and digging up treasure in exotic locales far away from civilization and the Known World. While these scenarios can be exciting, they often overlook the truly dirty side of excavating treasures – the hard labour of actually excavating treasure and the grave dangers of doing so.

Text: August Hahn, Art: Magnus Fallgren

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Issue: Fenix (Kickstarter Edition,  2018 - English only)
PDF version
Publisher: Åskfågeln
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
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