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Vol. VI No. 11 of Dragon Magazine.

Cover Art by Susan Collins.

This issue contained Quest for the Midas Orb - Third Prize winner in the AD&D division of the International Dungeon Design Contest II, and the fourth in a series on nonhumans - Gnomes.

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Dragon Rumbles

TSR\'s purchasing of SPI, Dragon Publishing\'s distribution of AMAZING science fiction stories, and the upcoming

Pg. 3
Cover to Cover

The editor-in-chief\'s summary of this issue (see More Information for complete text).

Pg. 4
Out on a Limb
Reader/Fan Mail

From the \'titles\' to the letter: Binders revisited, \'Quite a shock\', Bows and errors, \'All levels\', \'What

Pg. 6
From The Sorceror's Scroll

Now you see them: Cantrips for the aspiring illusionist in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons; Third in a three-part

Pg. 10
Giants in the Earth

Classic Heroes From Fiction & Literature: C.J. Cutliffe Hyne\'s DEUCALION, John Norman\'s TARL CABOT, and

Pg. 14
Without Any Weapons...: Suggested new rules for using your bare hands

An alternate system for grappling, pummeling, and overbearing for both humanoids and monsters in Advanced Dungeons

Pg. 16
Or with a...''weird'' one

A list of more than 30 obscure and/or unusual weapons for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 28
The Gnomish Point of View

The background and society of Gnomes in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 31
The Gods of the Gnomes

4 deities for Gnomes in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Baervan Wildwanderer, Segojan Earthcaller, Urdlen, and

Pg. 35
Quest for the Midas Orb

An adventure for a party of experienced adventurers (a magic-user at or close to 9th level would be of great help)

Pg. 47
Convention schedule

A list of conventions held from May to June \'82.

Pg. 48
Dragon's Bestiary

All about the Firetail, the Umbrae, the Light Worm, and the Tybor for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 51
New AD&D Aid: Monster Cards

A good look at the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons monster cards with full-color pictures of all four sets, and

Pg. 54
The Winnah and Still Champeen - Father Time!

Adding aging, disability, and retirement rules to the Ringside game from Dragon (Issue 38 - Jun 1980).

Pg. 57
Jo-Ga-Oh: Little People of the Iroquois

The elf-like nature spirits from Iroquois mythology for your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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From the editor-in-chief's description of the issue:

Don't let the guy on the cover give you too much heat - he just does this sort of thing on weekends to pick up a little extra money. The real wizards are the writers and artists who filled up the inside of this magazine, from EGG to Tramp and everyone in between. The cover painting is the creation of Susan Collins, whose work also appeared on the outside of issue #51.

The center 12 pages of this month's issue is taken up by Quest for the Midas Orb, an adventure created by Jennie Good which was, ahem, good enough to win third place in the AD&D section of International Dungeon Design Contest II.

In the leadoff position, following two pages of "Out on a Limb" letters, is the third and last installment of cantrips, brought to you From the Sorceror's Scroll by E. Gary Gygax. These morsels of magic for illusionists are, like the magic-user cantrips that preceded them, slated for inclusion in an upcoming official volume of new AD&D rules. And, as the Sorceror himself is wont to say, you Gentle Readers saw it here first.

We've looked at combat from one extreme to the other, in the form of a couple of "related" articles by Phil Meyers and Rory Bowman. The former describes a suggested new system for conducting weaponless combat in an AD&D adventure. Notice we said "new," not necessarily "simpler." If there's a way to beat somebody up and keep it simple, we'd like to know about it. The second piece is something a lot of you have asked for, and we hope it fills the bill: statistics and descriptions for about three dozen "weird" weapons, an unofficial expansion of the list in the AD&D Players Handbook.

Gnomes are the next object of scrutiny in Contributing Editor Roger Moore's series of articles on the humanoid races and their deities. "The Gnomish Point of View" draws some clear distinctions between gnomes and their "cousins" the dwarves, and "The Gods of the Gnomes" drives the point home even more firmly.

The next time your group wants to play "Cowboys and Indians," send in the "Little People of the Iroquois," portrayed in Condrad Froehlich's article. These legendary elf-like creatures should fit especially well in a campaign one using an American Indian mythos. If you feel the same way, fine. If you don't then you can Sioux us.

For the second issue in a row, we're able to give guidance to TOP SECRET agents direct from E. Gary Gygax. New rules for areas of Special Knowledge, plus a completely detailed new bureau for infiltrators, are featured in the column that starts on page 60.

The latest edition of "Giants in the Earth" brings forth three more characters from the pages of fantasy literature, including everybody's favorite chauvinist, Tarl Cabot. A quartet of new critters are featured in "Dragon's Bestiary" but that's nothing compared to the eighty monsters portrayed in living (in most cases) color on pages 52 and 53. That's our way of giving you a sneak preview of TSR's new AD&D Monster Cards, which should be on the shelf of your favorite store by the time this magazine gets there.

The "Dragon's Augury" review section this month showcases two games that, at first glance, seem to have nothing in common - Call of Cthulhu and Hitler's War. But on second thought, wouldn't Der Fuhrer have made a terrific Lovecraft monster? Following the game reviews is a two-page section Off the Shelf, wherein Chris Henderson takes a critical look at some of the newest fantasy and sf book releases.

Last but never least, our comic section is a whopping five pages long this time around - designed to make your month of May as merry as can be. - KM

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Issue: Dragon (Issue 61 - May 1982)
Vol. VI, No. 11
Year: 1982
Soft Cover
80 pages
Size: Letter
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