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Games reviews include Necromunda, Dragon Dice, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Chronomancer, Lost Trinity, Dungeon Master Options: High-level Campaigns (D&D), Complete Ninja's Handbook (D&D), Banemaster, Sword and Crown (Birthright), Changeling, Coming Full Circle (Cthulhu), Birthright: Player Secrets, Apocrypha Now, Thunderscape, Cybertechnology (Shadowrun), Heroes of Might and Magic (PC Game), The Cairo Guidebook (Cthulhu), Wyrms Footprints (Gloranthan Runequest), Quest for the Grail, Faeries (Ars Magica), Skypoint and Vivane (Earthdawn), Giantcraft (D&D), Dungeon Designer (Software), and Campaign Cartographer.