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Games (Dimension Demons (Metagaming); King of the Mountain (Dimension Six); Land of the Rising Sun (FGU); Quirks (Eon); Tau Ceti 2015 AD (Swedish Game Production)), Supplements (Duck Pond (Judges Guild); Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (TSR); The Iron Wind (ICE); Ley Sector (Judges Guild); Port Xanatath (Group One); 76 Patrons (GDW)), Play Aids (D&D Monster and Treasure Assortment Levels 1-9 (TSR); Traveller Record Sheets (Paranoia Press); Traveller Referee Screen (Judges Guild)), Computer Games (Airmail Pilot; Invasion Force; Pinball; Pirate\'s Cove; Simutek Package I; Star Trek III.4; Super Nova), Historical Games (Raid on Iran (SJG)).