Northern Lights (2006)

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Year: 2006
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From the introduction:

You've been travelling through hilly, forested domains for many days now with barely a few outposts of industrious beavers working in mills and some backwoods pig and cowtowns to ease the monotony. You've stopped for drinks at many a small pub and over toasts of the local moonshine you've heard tall tales of a modern human city that still survives and is at the peak of its glory. The further north you went the more the locals insisted that such a place exists, and they all pointed you in one direction: Buffalotown. You were always skeptical of such claims, since many of them were traps laid by bandits for naïve merchants and travellers, but you've finally arrived in Buffalotown, and you're stunned.

Looking down from a hilly spot you can see Buffalotown quite clearly perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking a vast lake and river. The town itself looks fairly normal, with salvaged construction and belching smokestacks from crude smithies and machine shops. Various mutant animals, mainly rodents, crows, beavers and deer, trudge through the mud to make a living. But it's not Buffalotown that stuns you; it's the gleaming, clean metropolis that sits directly opposite on the far bank of the river. This must be the fabled human city of Anthrotopia, the only city to survive unscathed through the Great Death! To top it off, a glowing field of energy surrounds the city and you can see some sort of encampment farther into the distance. A slender but solid-looking bridge connects the human paradise with the grungy mutant animal town on your side, though you don't see any traffic on it. Giant glowing insects flit with pallets of cargo to the north, and numerous clouds of black birds gyre over a large island to the northwest.

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