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Publisher: Micro RPG
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
15 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher's blurb:

Mild-mannered school teacher Ichabod Crane loves ghost stories and occult tales. So much so that he reads them to his classroom each morning during the witching autumn months. Upon receiving a mysterious package one day, Ichabod finds a book inside. Its pages contain frightening yarns about Horseman Hollow just outside of town, and he can’t resist the urge to read it out loud to his students. Unfortunately for Ichabod, this is no mere book and the words--read aloud--awaken the devilish specter known as The Headless Horseman from his slumber. Now, every night of October, the Horseman rides from the hollow and into town, terrorizing the residents. Unhappy with this stupid mistake, but also unwilling to face the problem themselves, the town council assigns Ichabod the duty of tracking down the Horseman’s secret lair and putting a stop to the horrors once and for all. However, Ichabod isn’t as foolish as he appears. He knows that one of the council members is the person who unearthed the book and sent it to Ichabod. Someone is working with the Horseman to bring doom on Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow: The Hunt for the Headless Horseman is a game of mystery and horror set in 1700s New England. It uses a “point-to-point” map system as its primary form of gameplay. You also have a list of 6 statistics that measure your abilities and equipment as Ichabod Crane. The map and player sheet include useful tables for tracking damage, weather, terror levels, and more. The game can be played as a board game or as a roll+write. Before playing the first time, print off the Map, Player Sheet, and Tokens (unless playing roll+write style) and mount them on cardboard or cardstock.

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