Assassin (2019)

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From publisher blurb:

I couldn’t help but mentally compare our visitor with Vajra. Chandri and Vajra both had flowing dark hair and flashing eyes, and both favored silken scarves and sashes. Both also had no problem ending opponents, but that’s where they differed. Vajra preferred the messy, warning-to-others type of kill. Chandri was a quiet knife in the shadows followed by an equally quiet disappearance into same. I wasn’t sure who I was more afraid of.

However, Vajra sat stoically at the Colonel’s side as he discussed the particulars of the proposed mission with Chandri, a professional assassin.

“We’re on kind of a tight time frame, but we’ve already kicked in a bonus for that,” The Colonel was asking. “Think you can handle it?”

A lupine glance took in the figure on the credreader. Chandri returned her gaze to the Colonel, slowly nodding as a slight smile played across her lips. “Give me three days,” she said simply.

No doubt about it. Chandri scared me more.

Throughout human history, there have existed those dedicated to ending the lives of others, either for mere money or for loftier pursuits such as status or the promise of reward in the afterlife. Now, Cepheus Engine and Original Science Fiction Roleplaying Gamers can take on the persona of one of these deadly individuals. Career: Assassins offers a brief overview of assassins in history, three different kinds of assassin ready for generation using the now-familiar CE/OSFRPG lifepath system, news skills, a new mustering-out bonus, and a new ability unique to these deadliest of hunters.

Career: Assassin. You’ll never see it coming.

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