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RPG Item: FOR7: Giantcraft
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From publisher blurb:

As Kiruna reached the mouth of the cavern, she realized the heat was emanating from two towering braziers, one on either side of the entrance. Deep gouges - now she could see they were runes, of ancient origin - ringed their bases and rims, their lines and curves carved by instruments far larger than any she could wield.

Her eyes adjusted slowly to the darkness within the stone giants' home. On the walls, she could make out stunning friezes and portraits, all carved in bas-relief with artistry like none she had seen back home is in Shadowdale. Kiruna stood for a moment, gazing upon these immense figures and faces, her reverie broken only by the realization that she was shivering; no, not shivering, but being shaken. The floor was quivering, and, echoing in the depths of the darkness, footsteps approached.

Enter the world of Faerun's giants as first revealed in Troy Denning's "Twilight Giants" trilogy of novels. Giantcraft presents game material based on those characters and events, including the following:

  • Statistics for Princess Brianna, Tavis Burdun, and others
  • A section on player-character giants and giant-kin
  • A chapter on giant religion
  • A new magic-using class, the runecaster
  • Details on giant rune magic
  • Detailed lairs for the main giant types found in the Ice Spires and their environs.
  • Read about the levendhule, the forbidden "living cave"; uncover the secrets of the Ordning; learn the history of the sons and daughters of Annam. Dungeon Masters and players alike are certain to find invaluable information in this latest Realms sourcebook.

Familiarity with the novels is not necessary to use this accessory.