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RPG Item: Citizens of the Imperium
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iOS Version 1.1
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Release Notes:

• Incorporated changes corrected or clarified in the T5.10 core rules.
• Added a text export option for completed characters.
• Dark Mode support.

• Good candidate for: Enhanced recommendations on Characteristics view and added to Choices view.
• Scholar and Entertainer careers: If Begin fails, no Retry allowed.
• Entertainer career: Optional flux rolls to increase Fame now display current Fame change in the dialog.
• Citizen career: if Major or Minor exists, may check Edu to select one as Job or Hobby instead of random assignment.
• Scout career: Roll vs the maximum of Str or C2 or C3 to Begin, not vs 6.
• Scout, Merchant, Spacer, Soldier, Agent, Rogue, Marine, and Functionary careers: Begin Failure does not allow career to be attempted again when Retry is not attempted.
• Scout career: Risk and Reward failures can now be retried by rolling vs C5.
• Spacer career: Roll vs Str to Continue, not vs 7.
• Spacer, Soldier, and Marine careers: Risk & Reward successes award XS Medal, not Campaign Ribbon.
• Soldier career: Roll vs C3 to Continue, not vs 7.
• Rogue career: Risk, Reward, and Continue rolls of 12 are automatic failure.
• Rogue career: Failure to Continue ends character generation, not continue in Marine career.
• Marine career: Officer Promotion is roll vs Int, not Soc.
• Functionary career: Roll to Begin vs Total Terms x3, not Auto.
• Functionary career: Rank F6 titles for functionary careers of Scholar, Entertainer, Merchant, and Rogue now set to specific titles.
• Fame: Fame points for MCG, SEH, and SEH with Diamonds medals changed.
• Skill acquisition: Instead of following the pattern Knowledge-Knowledge-Skill forever, once Skill-1 is achieved, the Skill Level is increased upon each receipt.
• Character Creation Log: If a Major or Minor skill is awarded and the Major or Minor has not been defined, the log now indicates that no skill was awarded.
• Muster Out: Knighthood benefit can be received only once.
• Muster Out: Knighthood benefit cannot be received by Nobles.
• Muster Out: Knighthood benefit does not increase Soc if Soc is B or greater.

• Merchant, Spacer, Soldier, Agent, Rogue, Marine, and Functionary careers: The rules don’t clearly specify if a Retry is allowed if Begin fails. The app allows Retry but you can always decline the Retry attempt.
• Functionary career: The rules don’t specify career Fame for functionaries, so it is set to Fame = functionary rank.
• The Character Card is now reloaded far less frequently, in an effort to avoid an app crash.