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RPG Item: Art of the Sea King's Malice
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From the back of the book:

From the docks of Bridgeport to the watery depths of the Fang, Sea King's Malice is an adventure dripping with stunning visuals of the Sinnar Ocean and Crescent Sea. Art of the Sea King's Malice seeks to captures this fantastic imagery so that it can be readily enjoyed either on the coffee table or around the gaming table.

Within this pages are portraits of King Bachzarissa, cruel ruler of Tsar'Grandula, his horrid Queen Enzu, and his dreaded bodyguard. Here too are the faces of the puckish Captain Timothy, the sad giant Uder Conbar, the sultry Petruska, and the wise Jyrcyx. Their images are ready to share with player and casual art fan alike.

Art of the Sea King's Malice details the fantastic landscapes of an epic adventure. Here the viewer can see the desperate battles fought on the decks of the Bounty as it is drawn ever closer to the jungle environment of the volcanic Crocodile Island. There they see the Temple of the Sea Mother and the Fane of Djobus imagined by some of the greatest illustrators working in the RPG field.

Art of Sea King's Malice features gorgeous illustrations from: Santa Norvaisite, Adrian Landeros, Michael Syrigos, Hector Rodriguez, C.J. Marsh, Julio De Carvahlo, and Josh Stewart.