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RPG Item: Das Schwarze Auge: Abenteuer Basis-Spiel (1st edition)
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First printing (black cover with circular art)
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Year Published
Box Set
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100 pages
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ObjectID: 84248
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Description Edit | History

User summary

The first printing of this box has a black cover with a circular cover artwork in the center (bowman, female warrior holding another female person, wizard with a torch, scaled monster (orc?) and dragon).

Das Buch der Regeln shows a map on page six that was removed in later versions. There are also other pieces of art that have been replaced in subsequent printings.

Das Buch der Abenteuer is uncensored in this first printing. Censored images include:
  • Page 11: a goblin ripping at the neckline of a scared woman tied to a wooden post. It has been replaced in later editions by an image of a goblin and a man opening a door.
  • Page 12: The same goblin in a vandalized room, tying the woman to the post, while a man holds a knife at the throat of another old man or woman. The replacement image in later versions shows the same room. The old and young women stand in the middle of the room while the thief and the goblin rummage through the furniture.
  • Page 21: An adventurer with a cudgel stands over a slain goblin while the thief from the former pictures attacks him with a dagger. Later printings no longer show the dead goblin.