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S4E3: Casino Royale with Cheese
Episode Date
2021-01-05 01:16:00
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Team Slate get dressed up and go stakeout a target at a Casino. Team Valiant join up with Remy's old ally, Kass, and head back into the desert to find a relic. 

Featuring Jeff Frank as the DM, Zach Stones as Jerik and Igneous, Jen Crespo as Sarsa and Dierdre, Chris Daily as Biscuit and Carver, Carlos Guzman as Yenni and Deleth, Matt Messerman as Branch and Aryx. Featuring Matt Acevedo as Kass.  

* * * * * * * * *

more KotRT on the web. All the links! 

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If you enjoy the show, please consider taking a minute to leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or whatever platform you listen on. We'd sure appreciate it and it helps more people find the show! 

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Knights of the Rolled Table stands in unity with #BlackLivesMatter. Please find a way to support or donate in your own way.

Consider donating to the ACLU, or a local organization in your state. Be safe everyone. It's Chaos, be Kind. 

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We have joined forces with the Geekly Grind to form, a webpage! Several in fact. Check out info about each season's characters, the cast, and now featuring an exclusive interview we did with @RogueSymbiote from the Geekly Grind! 

* * * * * *

Chris (aka Gravely) is co-hosting a new podcast with Lance Watkins (from the Geekly Grind) called Comic Bookkeepers. They talk about comic book characters each episode. Check it out! 

* * * * * *

We have a discord server now! It’s like a big message board. Join up so we can chat with you about the show, ask DM questions and get help developing characters, see art from the show, join in text campaigns, and much more. Join Knights of the Rolled Table Discord. 

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Follow us on Twitter for updates, questions, How to D&D tips, and ask the cast questions about tabletop RPGs and everything Dungeons and Dragons!  https://www.twitter.com/rolledtable

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Knights on Instagram: @RolledTable featuring original art, character info, how to D&D tips and more Dungeons and Dragons, RPG, and tabletop goodness. 

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Email us for a quote for a personally customized, audio advertisement as part of the episode. Seriously! We’ll make it funny. 

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Have feedback, fan-art or D&D questions? Please send them to  knightsoftherolledtable@gmail.com

Theme music by Weston Gardner @arcaneanthems

Check out ARCANE ANTHEMS: Weston’s Patreon to get original music for your RPG campaign


Original Character Art by Chris Daily @dungeonheads  You can see all the art on our discord or instagram. 

Check out DUNGEONHEADS: Chris's Patreon to get free character art for your RPG campaign


Zach on Twitter @mftZach 

Weston on Twitter @arcaneanthems

Jen on Twitter @Jstops185

Matt on Twitter @HapDrastic

Jeff on Twitter @FrankJeff

Chris on Twitter @DailyToonsRPG

Now, go out (but, Stay in) and make life an Adventure!

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